Meanwhile, On TumblR: Octavia Spencer Snubbed At The Newsstands

By Andrea Plaid

I have to admit it: as much as I loved seeing Octavia Spencer giving some serious 60s retro sexiness on the cover of Elle,

I would’ve loved to see Elle give more women of color some love for their “Women In Hollywood” issue.

But then, from what I gather, Spencer isn’t getting total cover girl respect: this gorgeous cover is only available to subscribers. If you pick up the November Elle from your local supermarket or newsstands, you’ll see Sarah Jessica Parker, not Spencer.

Quite a few Tumblizens aren’t even having it.

andreaisace said

yoyomar responded:

And the last two Tumblizens speak for themselves:

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  • ashley

    This was the best cover at of ALL of them!!! Seriously, I love this cover. They missed a great opportunity here.

  • Shirley

    Elle is ridiculous.She’s beautiful, but she’s black. That’s the reason.

  • Lmanning

    This is complete and utter bullshit. Yet another example of institutionalized racism in the Magazine industry. When you have a woman of colour on a magazine that isn’t Beyonce or Rihanna only subscribers can see it, but when it’s on the new stands where many people passing by can see it’s yet another white woman. This is so annoying. It’s obvious that these secretly racist advertisers call the shots when it comes to these magazines. When they say jump the magazine editors say “how high”. This is so aggravating. Octavia looks beautiful on the cover. She deserves to be on the new stands where everyone can see, not only subscribers. Grow a Back bone ELLE MAGAZINE!!!!