Meanwhile, On TumblR: Seriously Cute Kids, The Glamourbaby Diaries, And Taylor Townsend

By Andrea Plaid

I finally figured out that I change my hairstyle every decade or so. In my fourth decade, I decided to forego the bald and grow out my hair without going to locs, like I did in my 30s. This little child is my seriously cute inspiration:


Quite a few of you Tunblizens were feeling the little one’s cuteness, too.

And quite a few of you may have felt frequent guest contributor David Leonard’s outrage at how the US Tennis Association tried to punish junior tennis star Taylor Townsend, a Black woman, for being “too big” for the sport.

Is it just a coincidence that the two girls/women who have been chastised, ridiculed and demonized for their weight, for their body, for their appearance, are both African-American? Did that even cross your mind? It is hard to look at this as anything but racism and sexism, as yet another African-American tennis phenomenon dominating the White world of tennis only to face unfair criticism. Yet another Black female tennis player being reduced to her body parts, prodded, and examine as if her worth and value could be measured by your hands. To get back on the court, will you examine her, checking to see if she meets your expectations? Disgusting.

Finally, Facebook hipped me to this really superb, honest short film by artist/teacher/activist Ruby Verdiano, who was inspired to create the organization Glamourbaby Diaries to nurture young women of color, especially young Asian American women, on how to be fabulous activists. She says she was inspired to make the film from reading First Lady Michelle Obama’s letter to young girls.

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