Claudia Kishi In Comic Retrospective

Yumi Sakugawa for Sadie Magazine

This one is for the BSC loving 90s kids in the house. Over at Sadie Magazine, Yumi Sakugawa wrote a visual love note to Claudia Kishi, all around badass and one of the unlucky kids of color stranded in Stoneybrook. Sakugawa expounds on why Claudia was so major in the pop cultural landscape, and imagines who Claudia would be now, in her early 30s. The style is endearing, and really made me wish for one for Jessie Ramsey. Overall, well worth the read.

(H/T Angry Asian Man)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this, I’m one of those BSC loving 90’s kids! One of my favorite characters was Claudia Kishi and that’s interesting to hear that later on in the series they actually provide an important history lesson from WW2. And while that racist family that rejected Claudia was a bit over the top, it’s good that the books did try to tackle one particular form of racism, instead of turning Stoneybrooke into a colorblind community.

  • spinflux

    Oh man, I loved Claudia. The book where she thought she was adopted was one of the funnier ones in the BSC series. I loved that she was an artist who never listened to what her art teachers wanted, and would end up making better art for it.