Race + Comics: A Good Conversation With A Creator

Courtesy: DC Comics.

By Arturo R. García

Longtime readers will remember the infamous Twitter discussion between Son of Baldwin and Marvel Comics editor Tom Breevort, where Breevort proceeded to demonstrate how limited the comics industry’s thinking can be when it comes to race.

Not that things have gotten markedly better all of a sudden, but it was pleasant to have a good conversation on the subject vis-a-vis DC Comics’ Superman last night with one of the more notable writers in the industry, Mark Waid, who tackled the character in the Superman: Birthright miniseries, and more recently has earned praise for his work on titles like Irredeemable, Insufferable and Marvel’s Daredevil.

I put together a Storify for the chat, which can be seen under the cut. One note, however: the discussion centers around the representations of the character prior to DC’s reboot last year. So, no short cape and jeans talk here.

I wanted to show the talk not as some sort of Magic Sunshiny moment, but because I wanted to show that, if content creators are willing to listen, it is possible to have a good interaction with fans–and, ultimately, a better solution than the blanket dismissal of online critiques.

UPDATE: This morning I had trouble seeing the Storify on at least two browsers, so here is a link to the conversation if it’s not showing up.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X6VBM6TFKYFKPT5U4ZHMYFPUQM Simon

    I wish this had happened with my conversation with Dan Slott on Twitter last month. I expressed my concern over an upcoming story that will introduce another white, male character. All he would say at first is “wait and read the story first” with a smile face.

  • http://twitter.com/SonofBaldwin Son of Baldwin

    Shout out to my homie Arturo for the shout out. :)