• Sam Clamsdisco

    Love love loved it!! The Sikh photo chart especially. I can’t believe the comments here. Really? Put you to sleep? Compared to what? All the other super smart, egalitarian, snark-free comedy shows out there? The person-on-the-street segment was brilliant.

  • Anonymouseketeer

    C’mon, Chris Rock… A strip club? Why is it that we always have to choose between tackling racism and tackling sexism? I want an acknowledgment of both!

  • http://twitter.com/do_gooder do gooder

    i’m not a fan…ehh. do we just give points for saying things but not being funny?

  • Anonymous

    it kind of put me to sleep despite my anticipation and desire to like it. :/ the points he made were real but then the energy of the show felt forced. maybe he needs a few more episodes to hit his stride.

    • Mulch

      I suspect the transition from one-man shows and stand-up to to television is challenging in a lot of ways. You have to stay mindful of the camera (and the right camera, because there are several), but not look too mindful of it to look unnatural. If you haven’t yet, check out his stand-up, like this clip:


  • happyappa

    I liked this. It’s great when comedians address politics, racism, prejudice, etc in a smart way. Really sick of seeing comedians who think they can get away with actually being racist just because they’re “joking”.

    “(The review here says Kamau looks like Seth Rogen. Uh…)”
    What the heck

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been looking and looking, and I just don’t see it. Seth Rogen, he says!

      • Keith

        His hair and Physical appearance, is somewhat similar to Seth Rogen. I mean that is actually a non racist comparison when you think about it.

        • dersk

          It’s a little bit in the hair and a whole lot in the semi-schlumpy set of the shoulders.