The Racialicious True Blood Season Preview Roundtable


Welcome back to another year of picking apart Everybody Loves Sookeh True Blood!

With the season premiere looming on Sunday, we’ve gathered together EIC Latoya Peterson, longtime friend of the R Tami Winfrey Harris and Guest Contributor Kendra James to get the ball rolling on the analysis–including their wishes, predictions, and issues with the trailers heading into this season.

Tami: Real talk. If Tara doesn’t come back as a ghost or zombie or some shit, Alan Ball is dead to me!

Latoya: Ball is out anyway–he must have lost interest when we did, and has spent some time developing ill-fated side projects. I really don’t want to see zombie Tara, but ghost Tara would be dope.  Like a pissed off Jiminy Cricket.  “Damn it Sookie, why you always running the wrong way?”  But she’s back, for a bit.  Maybe she and Jesus can haunt stupid people together.

Kendra: Ball’s absence probably explains why Sookie is suddenly repurposing Buffy lines. “Must be Thursday” indeed…

Latoya: Also, can we talk about the Sookie-centric trailers?  No shade to Anna Paquin’s acting, but we are officially in “zero fucks were given” zone about her damn vampire soap opera.  No, I am not impressed with you sticking Sookie in front of a fucking fan. Do better, marketing team. Can we please just get the threesome over with? Can we make Sookie’s dreams come true?  (Because we know she can’t quit them.) This is one of those times when fan service would be worthwhile.  If we aren’t going to flesh out the plot, I’m going to need to see some more flesh.  A scene with Alcide chopping wood, perhaps?

Arturo: Hate to cut in, but you’re referring to this, right?

Latoya: Nah, I was watching one pre-Game of Thrones that was just Sookie for 10 seconds.  I hate that one, too.  And there is still nothing as awesome as the greatest fan vid of all time:

Tami: At least it looks like folks are gonna start calling Sooks on her shit. Example: the parts in trailer #2 when Laffy calls her “the angel of death” and Alcide says “I know you’re strong, but do you have to be stupid, too?” Of course, the same trailer leads me to believe that Sookie and Alcide get it on, so stupidity and dangerousness aside, it still seems like she’s still catnip to every man and supe in town. Meanwhile, my girl Tara is dead. *sucks teeth and issues sigh heavy with righteous indignance over the treatment of black, female characters*

Latoya:  And what happened to the Faerie wars?  Is that just over? We came, we saw, we blew things up? On the good news thing, Russell is back.  But still sans Talbot.  I miss Jar-Talbot. Church of Light rides again, though Jason has come too far to be caught in that again. (So we hope). I never thought I’d say this, but he needs another love interest.  Yes, I know, they’re just going to kill her, but I like his development when he’s with someone.  If he’s not in a relationship, it seems like his only cues are “run and look perplexed.”

Tami: Do not speak of the Faerie wars. I encourage True Blood‘s new showrunner to leave that where Ball left it. Having read all of Charlaine Harris’ dreadful Southern Vampire Series, I assure you this is a plotline that viewers are lucky to miss.

I’m much more excited by the return of King Russell and I have my fingers crossed that Denis O’Hare gets lots more scenery-chewing monologues like this one:

We want to eat you … after we eat your children.

Oh, your royal highness, we have missed you so.

Looks like the show is indulging in a wee bit of fan service by teaming Eric and Bill again to stalk the night in black leather on some mission or another.


Tami: Any guesses as to what they’re going to do with Lafayette now? Mild spoiler: In the books, one of the secondary characters (not Jason) gets enmeshed in the Fellowship of the Sun and meets a bad end. Now, True Blood could go another way with their narrative, as they have many times before. But they had better not head that way with Lafayette, crafting him as a reactionary bigot because of the loss of Jesus and Tara. ‘Cause I’m over this show using people of color as the faces of bigotry, while erasing racism in favor of anti-vampire sentiment.

Kendra: Lafayette calling Sookie “the angel of death” leads me to believe that reactionary is probably the route they’re going. Possibly encouraged in some way by Jesus from beyond the grave, since he does pop up in trailer #1. Granted, Trailer #2 has Sookie screaming out Lafayette’s name and it looks like she needs saving, so could be that he–like every other male in town–gets over it right quick.

Tami: So, no squees for Christopher Meloni? Whatever character he plays, you know some serious badassery is coming down.

Kendra: At this point I have trouble getting excited for any new character or plotline that gives the writing team the chance to once again drop the ball on something. There’s consistently so much going on in a season that just doesn’t get the attention it either deserves or even just needs to be a coherent storyline. The faerie thing is probably the best example from last season, but I’d also cite Luna and her Misfit Band of Shifters and the shaft given to Lafayette and Jesus’ trip to Mexico. I’d really rather them work with the characters they have (bringing back King Russell? An excellent choice.) rather than keep giving me more.

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  • A H

    i;m looking forward to the Kibwe role also.

    mostly want to  know whether this show is ever going to show any love to Black women.  They have white women of every ilk and hair color with every available storyline. 

  • A H

    I’m excited to see Kibwe also.  ditto re: Sookie.

  • Anonymous

    I find myself looking forward to this show less and less every year. Which I didn’t think was even possible after Season 2 ended. But I imagine I’ll watch it again since I have 4 seasons under my belt. Looking forward to the roundtables though.

  • Anonymous

    I find myself looking forward to this show less and less every year. Which I didn’t think was even possible after Season 2 ended. But I imagine I’ll watch it again since I have 4 seasons under my belt. Looking forward to the roundtables though.

  • Africameleon

    Two things… if Tara goes, I go. Or I’ll at least stick around until they kill Lala, and you know they will eventually. And lastly, do you notice how the black folks are flanking the white folks in the lead photo for this post? Yes, it’s been obvious all along that people of color are on the periphery of this shows key plot and character. They could have placed Nellson Ellis between the pretty blond and the red head and made the dog man scoot over, but nope – he’s over on the far left looking all chocolate and what not.

    Oh well, let’s hope that when Rutina Wesley and Ellis get the ax, that they find a good gig on network tv. Maybe something written/created by Shonda Rhimes. IDK, just wishful thinking. Thanks for the post!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t Nelson and Rutina look like Negro bookends in that photo, though? ::direct side-eyes photographer, shakes head::

      • Cleo Hines

         Thank god I’m not the only one that noticed that!

    • A H

      i’m am there with you on everything Leon. 

      “They could have placed Nellson Ellis between the pretty blond and the red head and made the dog man scoot over,…”    Why are you trying to get Lafayette shot in the head during a fairy drive-by?  LOL.  You know it could happen.

  • Space Crip

    I will be PISSED if they have Lafayette join up with the Fellowship of the Sun. He’s a gay medium with brujo powers. Somehow I don’t think he’s going to fit in with the congregation. Having Lafayette join a new, different anti-vamp extremist group wouldn’t make sense either given that an anti-vamp extremist hijacked his body and murdered the man he loved.

    • A H

      Lafayette,  a black man who happens to be gay, is one of my favorites.  Love that tough, smart, stand up brother.  He can survive just about anything.