Racialicious Crush Of The Week: Kevin Clash

By Andrea Plaid

The under seven-year-old set and I may not agree on some things, but we agree on Kevin Clash. Kevin Clash is, to me, that Black guy that you want to go up to and hug because you know his embrace is enveloping with love for humanity.

And he has hugged and played and chatted with several generations of seven-unders and the adults taking care of them, though you may not recognize him. You may recognize his creation:

Kevin Clash and Elmo
Courtesy: Muppet.Wikia

According to the documentary, Being Elmo, Clash’s vocation to work as a Muppeteer developed when he first watched Sesame Street in his tween years; he made his first puppet from his dad’s dress coat. (When he saw what his son did, Dad Clash simply asked what the puppet’s name was. His parents supported Clash’s calling ever since then. In fact, he started doing puppet shows for the kids in his mom’s daycare).

Clash eventually fulfilled his dream of officially working as a Muppeteer–after his stints on Captain Kangaroo and Great Space Coaster–when his work on GSC attracted puppet-builder Kermit Love. Love, who worked with Jim Henson introduced the two at a party. Clash debuted as the Cookie Monster on the Sesame Street float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day in 1979. He officially joined the Sesame Street staff in 1984.

Since then, Clash worked on Labyrinth, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles (I and II), and several Sesame Street movie production, such as Follow That Bird. However, he is most famous for the character of Elmo, which he took over from another Muppeteer who, according to Being Elmo, just couldn’t make the creature “work.” Clash’s work created one of the most memorable–and beloved–Muppets to live on the Street.

And Clash has stayed on the Street: he not only serves as Muppet Captain and co-executive producer on the show, he’s served as either co-executive producer, assistant puppet coordinator, or puppet coordinator on various Sesame Street productions. Elmo and he have trained Muppeteers around the world and have made appearances worldwide, bringing that tireless, boundless love to children and children-at-heart. In the documentary, Clash takes another young Black boy–wide-eyed and his own homemade puppet in hand–under his tutelage.

Clash is both the quintessential nerdy dude (his puppetry, for which he was teased when he was younger) and caring uncle in a society that doesn’t allow Black men to imagine themselves beyond hyperviolence or Magical Negroes. Clash is simply human (you can see his profound hurt when his about-to-graduate-from-high-school daughter tells him that he’s missed her growing up and he’d better show up to the graduation party before she leaves home) who, through his vocation, brings magic to millions.

For this, for Elmo…I just <3 Kevin Clash back.

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  • Mrs. Clash

    We are getting married….I need to tell him that :)  LOVE him.  Seriously.

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  • Anonymous

    LOVE.  Being Elmo was such a lovely heartfelt documentary.  And I’ll admit to crying when he did the Make a Wish moment for that young girl and her family.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cocojams-Jambalayah/100000590546331 Cocojams Jambalayah

    Thanks Andrea for alerting us to this documentary.  Before reading your article I had no knowledge of  Kevin Clash’s puppeteer work and his executive role on Sesame Street. Inspired by your  article,  I published a compilation post that includes information about Kevin Clash, and showcases four videos about the “Being  Elmo” documentary.  I also wrote a comment in that post about whether Kevin Clash’s race influences his depiction of the Elmo character and/or other Sesame Street characters he created. I think the answer is not so much with Elmo, but much more with such characters as Hoots The Owl and Clifford the musician.  I also gave you a hat tip in that post & linked to this article. My blog post is found at  http://pancocojams.blogspot.com/2012/05/videos-of-kevin-clash-being-elmo_27.html  Videos of Kevin Clash & The “Being Elmo” Documentary

    Thanks again!

  • http://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com/ Val

    I saw the doc about him on PBS. I loved it. I really loved how he found an interest and not only stuck with it but became one of the best ever. I was also really impressed with how his mother and father were so supportive of him considering his off the beaten path interest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rogerowengreen Roger Green

    righteous choice!

  • BlackLizLemon

    Kevin Clash is my baby fauva in an alternate universe.  I love he!