The Friday Mixtape–5.4.12 Edition

So today, we’ve got two occasions to commemorate.

The first, of course, is Cinco de Mayo, which will ring in Saturday. As ever, we remind you to remind your friends that this is not Mexican Independence Day. But it is a good time to hear from some Mexican artists.

Leading off today is Mexico City’s La Gusana Ciega, a veteran band–LGC formed in 1996–that continues to tour, on the heels of releasing the greatest-hits collection Conejo en el Sombrero last year. Here’s the title cut:

We last checked in on Ximena Sariñana last September–on, you know, the actual Día De La Independencia–when she was just starting to break into the U.S. market. Well, so far so good: last month she was part of the festivities at the Coachella Music Festival. Here she is with “Love Again” from her set at the show:

Finally, the folks at the great Sala De Espera podcast recently shared the news that Los Romanticos de Zacatecas have returned with a new album, with the same pogo-rock sensibilities that won them some buzz since they arrived on the scene four years ago. You can check out Ya Lo Dijo Rufis Taylor right here via Soundcloud:

BONUS: Our geekier readers might be seeing their Twitter feeds inundated with the phrase “May The Fourth Be With You,” a reference to Star Wars Day. In light of that, here’s a little mash-up ditty from Party Ben having some fun with the Imperial March: