Tomorrow: Liveblogging From The WKKF America Healing Convening

For the rest of this week, I will be in New Orleans liveblogging the 2nd Annual W.K.Kellogg Foundation’s America Healing convening.

In their own words:

In 2010, we launched the America Healing initiative, to support programs that promote racial healing and address racial inequity, with the goal to ensure that all children in America have an equitable and promising future.

Why is this critical to improving the health, well-being, education and financial security of vulnerable children and families? Children of color are over-represented among the 29 million low-income children and families in this country, particularly among families living in areas of concentrated poverty. They are less likely to attend high-quality schools, live healthy lives, and eat nutritious food. This five-year, $75 million initiative called America Healing is focused on bringing healing to divided communities and bridging racial gaps in the areas of education, health, juvenile justice, economic success, the media, and other areas. This work focuses on issues at the core of structural racism—those policies and practices that continue to create barriers for children of color—while at the same time is aligned with the foundation’s primary program areas of Education and Learning; Food, Health and Well-being; and Family Economic Security.

“Our goal is to breathe life back into the effort to abolish structural racism, and to help America achieve strength and prosperity through racial equity.”

Sterling K. Speirn President and CEO, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

You can find a list of programs and grantees here. I’ll be there covering panels on Global Racism, documentaries like “Slavery by Another Name”, and the Plenary Panels featuring people like Harry Belafonte, Charles Ogletree, and Melissa Harris-Perry. Look for the America Healing logo to check out coverage and to submit your questions, comments, and feedback.