The Friday MiniTape – 3.30.12 Edition

This week, we step outside of genre boundaries to have some fun with something that, personally, has helped revitalize my music fandom: mashups.

For a lot of folks, the term might be synonymous with Girl Talk. But actually, there’s a phalanx of DJs and producers specializing in the art of the mash – and rest asssured, it’s as much an art as it is a matter of lining up beats. After all, one wouldn’t think that hearing Bob Marley’s vocals for “Is This Love?” would mesh with Daft Punk’s “Digital Love,” but MadMixMustang, to borrow a phrase from the fashion industry, made it work.

Next up, Rihanna goes back to the ’80s thanks to Party Ben in “Tender Umbrella”:

With a title like “Stop! Mashup Time,” it’s obvious which track is the foundation for this track by DJ FAROFF. But the other cameos are pretty fun, once they pop up.

Finally, because everything’s better with some Janelle Monáe, one more shot of Party Ben, who pairs her with Nancy Sinatra on “This Tightrope’s Made For Walking”: