Reminder: Asian American Writers Workshop, Monday @ 7 PM in NYC

The line-up for the Asian American Writers Workshop sponsored event is up, and it looks amazing!

AFTER 1989: What do we talk about when we talk about race?: The Canon, PC and Racist Show-and-Tell
Monday, March 5, 2012, 7PM
Featuring: HAROLD AUGENBRAUM (National Book Foundation), ROBERTO BEDOYA (Tucson Pima Arts Council), SACHA JENKINS (Ego Trip Magazine), ASHOK KONDABOLU (Das Racist), JEFFERSON MAO (Ego Trip Magazine), LATOYA PETERSON (Racialicious), HIMANSHU SURI (Das Racist), THUY LINH TU (NYU), VICTOR VAZQUEZ (Das Racist)

Exhibits: The Canon, NEA Litigation

Much of ‘90s multiculturalism was less about race than inventing polite ways to talk about racial taboos. Terms like “diversity” and “political correctness” blunted the unsavory aspects of dealing with racism, even as the right struggled to make English the national language and tamp down transgressive art, multicultural threats to the canon, and Ebonics. To kick off AFTER 1989, Ego Trip Magazine, the folks who gave us The Big Book of Racism, curates a slideshow of racialized advertisements–with call and response by hip hop trio Das Racist, who will judges the caliber of the images from quirky, race-conscious to downright, “Yo, that’s racist!” National Book Foundation Executive Director Harold Augenbraum, early proponent of Latino and Asian American literature, discusses the canon. Roberto Bedoya will discuss the litigation between artist Karen Finley and the National Endowment for the Arts at the height of the Culture Wars–for which he was co-plaintiff. NYU Professor Thuy Linh Tu interviews Latoya Peterson, editor of Racialicious–the preeminent blog at the intersection of race and pop culture–to break down how the Internet has unleashed the Pandora’s Box of racial discourse.

A project of The Asian American Writers’ Workshop, where we’re inventing the future of Asian American intellectual culture.

@ powerHouse Arena
37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Free and open to the public

And as amazing as this event is going to be, AAWW is not done – the After 1989 series rolls on, with “White Noise: Vanilla Ice, Grunge, and Stuff White People Like,” “Why can’t we all just get along?: Integration, Assimilation, and Fantasies of American Society,” “Are Asians Black?: LA Riots, Model Minorities, and Affirmative Action,” and “I LOVE THE 90S” with all of these awesome people (Racialicious faves and friends in bold):

KAZEMBE BALAGUN (Brecht Forum), ELIZABETH MENDEZ BERRY (The Nation), JEFF CHANG (Can’t Stop Won’t Stop), HUA HSU (Grantland), HIRAM PEREZ (Vassar College), JAY SMOOTH (Ill Doctrine), SALAMISHAH TILLET (A Long Walk Home), DAN CHARNAS (The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip Hop), CHRISTIAN LANDER (Stuff White People Like), DAVID ROEDIGER (Wages of Whiteness: Race and the Making of the American Working Class), REIHAN SALAM (Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream), LISA ARRASTIA (principal at United Nations International School), PAUL BEATTY (White Boy Shuffle, Tuff), ANNE CHENG (African American Studies, Princeton University), EDDIE HUANG (Cooking Channel), NICHOLAS LEMANN (The Big Test), WESLEY YANG (New York Magazine), SOPHIA CHANG (B-Hive Management), CAROLINA GONZÁLEZ (WNYC), DREAM HAMPTON (Jay-Z’s Decoded), VIJAY PRASHAD (Trinity), RINKU SEN (Applied Research Center), JOHN KUO-WEI TCHEN (NYU)

Please come out and support!

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