2-10-12 Links Roundup

Josefina Vazquez Mota, a 51-year-old economist, became the first female presidential candidate from any of Mexico’s major parties late Sunday when she convincingly won the National Action Party’s primary.

Her victory marks a milestone for women in Mexico, a country where they were not allowed to vote until 1953. The first female governor did not take office until 1989. Only a handful have been elected since.

National Action hopes Mexico is ready to follow in the footsteps of Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile and other Latin American countries that have elected female leaders recently.

Many of the slaves had been forgotten to the world until the Virginia Historical Society received a $100,000 grant to pore over some of its 8 million unpublished manuscripts — letters, diaries, ledgers, books and farm documents from Virginians dating to the 1600s — and began discovering the long-lost identities of the slaves, said society president and CEO Paul Levengood.

The private, nonprofit historical society, the fourth-oldest in the nation, is assembling a growing roster of slaves’ names and other information, such as the slaves’ occupations, locations and plantation owners’ names, said Levengood.

The free, public website also provides a high-resolution copy of the antique documents that identify the slave.

The database, which went online last September with 1,500 names, sets itself apart from the few other existing slave databases — which limit themselves to specific plantations or to ship manifests that list the captives by their native African names, society officials said.

In a show that aired Monday night, the BBC showed how his postings to various Facebook RIP pages were brutal, bigoted, and sometimes racist.

Burton looks like so many large, smoking men whom you’d see in a British pub. He didn’t deny the reporter’s accusations that he posted vile material.

But what about the unknown (to him) people whose pages he trolls? “Do you think about the effect it has on them?” asked the BBC’s Declan Lawn. Burton’s response: “Yeah.” What does he think about them? “F*** ’em,” Burton said.

Burton then asked Lawn to consider whether he was, in fact, breaking the law.

It’s expected that California’s ruling will be appealed. If a higher court upholds the unconstitutionality of Prop. 8, then same-sex marriage would be legal in California. In that event, would undocumented partners in a same-sex marriage with a U.S. citizen be protected from deportation?

Gill: It doesn’t change the status of undocumented immigrants – partners of gay couples cannot become citizens by marriage.

The bigger problem with respect to undocumented immigrant partners of gay and lesbian couples in the U.S. is that it is a federal law, which actually prohibits their recognition as a citizen. State laws don’t govern immigration.

So even in a state where gay marriage is legal, protections are not afforded to undocumented immigrants?

Gill: Even in states like Massachusetts where gay marriage is legal, it’s still the case that immigration discrimination happens. That’s because of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, enacted in 1996. That prevents the federal government from recognizing any marriage that’s not between a man and a woman.

The outrage is tiresome and deeply hypocritical, in all the tiresome ways you’ve been tired out by before. M.I.A. was illustrating her line, acting out the attitude of the words: performing. Fine, it may not be legal to flip the bird on television, but that’s simply a remnant of the fifties we haven’t shaken. Unless somebody was handing out Xanax with the foam fingers, Lucas Oil Stadium was ringing with the music of profanities last night. More to the point, television viewers were submitted to ad after ad that likened women—negatively—to sofas, cars, and candy. Mr. Winter didn’t have anything to say about that, so I’d like to raise both of my middle fingers to him and anyone who thinks profanity is somehow more harmful to our children than images of violence and misogyny. (My two sons, fourteen and eleven, thought the Fiat ad was corny, so I guess they will be safe without Mr. Winter’s intervention.) I say we get out of The Pretending To Be Moral game altogether and use the Internet for important things like posting pictures of cats looking at croissants and PDFs of sensitive government documents.

Ferguson says nothing of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who died, and the hundreds of thousands more who suffer, who were expelled, maimed, forced into prostitution, and otherwise traumatized. To Ferguson, humans are second-order policy considerations, though he might ask: Would you rather Saddam was still in power?

I would counter: Would you rather hundreds of thousands dead in an ongoing sectarian war? For all the alleged ability inside that man’s mind, surely he can come up with some other means by which we can promote good governance or counter dictatorship. Allow me to offer a bracing scenario.

Let’s say we bomb Iran’s nuclear sites with sufficient force to provoke a crisis in its regime, which then begins to collapse. Just because a government falls doesn’t mean another will rise in its place. What will we have accomplished then? Creating an open front, so to speak, a giant security vacuum from Pakistan’s frontier with Kashmir to southern Lebanon. Fantastic.

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  • http://twitter.com/TheSuperAmanda Super Amanda

    Great links.  Of
    course Madonna (who drooped the mofo bomb at The Turner Prize on British TV and who was cursing a blue streak at Live 8) threw M.I.A.  under the bus-no surprise. M.I.A.  and Minaj
    are the only reasons Madonna will chart with that crude bubblegum Nicola
    Roberts/Dandy Warhols mash up. Madonna must feel unhappy being on such
    a short teen demographic leash now.  Calling Lady Gaga “reductive”,  insulting her body eg: “she’s
    not built like a brick shit house, like Britney Spears” and claiming all and sundry who have called The Duke and Duchess of Windsors Nazi
    sympathizers and collaborators (which they were) are “liars and libellous” just seems so sad and sick.  Where is the outrage about THAT?

     I say no more coddling or “ah, that’s just how madonna is”.  If Florence and her machine can get a very justified breakdown of the tired and dangerous stereotypes in her videos, it is high time that anti-racism finally started having the bravery to really look at Madonna’s gross mis-appropriation and exploitation of people of color that has gone on WAY too long unchecked.