Announcements: Racialicious Gets Tumblr’d

By Andrea (AJ) Plaid

I know that headline sounds a bit naughtier than it really is…or my imagination just works that way. Either way–yes, the R has its own Tumblr.

We’re looking at the tumbleblog as a bit more chilled-out space than this main blog, catching our thoughts about race and pop culture that may not quite need the total R treatment, but we just wanted to say a word or few about what we’re seeing. Of course, we’ll connect to the posts here, but you’ll may catch us posting a photo and comment on, say, a Disney animator or an all-Black Shakespeare production or a piece of interior design that makes us smile or frown.

And I said in the first post, Tumblr–like this blog–is a living document and will change moods and timbre over time. And we’re looking forward to hanging out with you through it all as you’ve been hanging out with us here at the R.


  • Shona

    Nice – you’ve been followed!