Turkey Day Mini-Links Roundup

Thanks to the mighty Jessica Yee for pointing us toward that vid. While it’s always good to have a chance to catch up with the people in our lives, it’s important to remember that “Thanks-taking,” as Jessica once called it, is problematic for many reasons. But however you’re spending the weekend – celebrating or not – be safe, and we’ll have new content this coming Monday.

Oh, and while we’re here, thanks to our contributors, our co-conspirators and our readers, for sticking with us. In the meantime, a few links for you.

Documentary Shows Language Saved From Extinction

MARTIN: But, you know, isn’t this part of everyone’s history now, though? This is part of the foundational story of this country. I guess what I’m really curious about is, Troy Currence, I read that the Wampanoag classes are only open to Wampanoag. Is that still true? And why is that? I mean, one does not have to be Jewish to study Hebrew.


CURRENCE: Right now, it is. It’s based on household, so you could be Wampanoag and you could have someone who’s not Wampanoag living in your household and it is open to the household. The idea behind that is we’re trying to get as many native speakers who are Wampanoag or are in a Wampanoag household speaking that language because some people don’t want to feel embarrassed, like, well, hey, this person knows my language and I don’t.

So I think, once we get a better grasp of that as Wampanoag people, then who knows what the future holds?

MARTIN: Well, I mean, really, I’m pressing the question because now – couldn’t one argue that that’s kind of racist?


5 Ways to Face Race at the Thanksgiving Table—and Not Choke