Take Back America Conference Open Thread

Most of our bandwidth is consumed with Occupy Wall Street this week – but there’s a second major conference happening.

The Take Back America Conference is currently happening at the Hilton in DC, having started yesterday. Livestream and tweeting is up – yesterday boasted everyone from the progressive rockstars (Van Jones, Congressional Representatives Donna Edwards, Barbara Lee, and Keith Ellison Ai-Jen Poo, Keith Ellison) to people we know (Baratunde, Elon James White, Rinku Sen.)

Free Speech TV asked if I could help with the reporting, along with friends of the blog like Adele Stan of Alternet and Chris Rabb of Afronetizen and Demos. I’ll be on tomorrow from 10 – 12, interviewing Saru Jayaraman, Tracy Van Slyke, Raven Brooks, Jim Miller, Robert (Biko) Baker, Mike Lux, and Ai-Jen Poo.

You can check the livestream here, or follow the twitter hashtag #takeback11.

Watch live streaming video from freespeechtv at livestream.com

Also, Wednesday, I’ll be covering the Jobs Not Cuts Rally, also with Free Speech TV.