Musical Interlude: Quinn DeVeaux and Meklit Hadero cover Arcade Fire [Culturelicious]

By Arturo R. García

Before we wade back into regular programming for the rest of the week, I wanted to give some shine to this collaboration between two musicians our readers in the Bay Area may already know, Quinn DeVeaux and Meklit Hadero, on their cover of the Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels).”

Hadero, who was born in Ethiopia but raised in Iowa, Florida and New York, gathered critical attention in the wake of her debut album, on a day like this … last year. Since basing herself in San Francisco, she’s completed work for the San Francisco Foundation and Brava! For Women In The Arts. She also founded an Ethiopian artist collaborative group, the Arba Minch Collective.

For his part, DeVeaux is best known for leading the Blue Beat Review, a New Orleans-style band he contributes both lead vocals and guitar. This cover is a bit of a departure for DeVeaux in particular; while the Review focuses on jump-blues numbers like “Come And Go,” the interplay between him and Hadero is decidedly more relaxed in nature. As Cover Me’s Caroline Lees wrote in her review, “DeVeaux and Hadero strip the track down to impeccable harmonies and acoustic guitar, infusing it with a gentle poignancy that gives the lyrics new depth. Hadero’s ethereal vocals are particularly striking, the clear centerpiece of this introspective cover.”