Ain’t No Sunshine: True Blood Season Finale

Brown Folks Cain’t Never Have Nothin’! Especially not in the season finale! We’ve been waiting for the shoe to drop all season, but they ended up dropping a crate from Zappos on us. Kendra, Joe, Alea, Amber, and Jordan joined me to parse out our feelings – and you may want to grab a snack and clear out some time. Just when you thought they couldn’t top the fleeing from the plantation scene…

Kendra: oh sweet, we get some nudity this ep.
Joseph: I got my hot chocolate, my Luray Caverns fudge and I’m ready to bitch!
Latoya: You know, this cut to Marnie!Laffy was a bit anticlimatic for the season ender.
Alea: Yes. Too many damn storylines this season. Andy and the Faerie; Sam and Luna playing house–the writers are all over the place.
Jordan: They could do a whole season on the stuff from this season on
Latoya: We aren’t gonna finish everyone
Kendra: Oh, can we take bets now on whether the Were Panthers will be back? Because… where on earth did that thread even go?
Latoya: Hmm. That’s tough to call. Next season?
Amber: Right. I think Ball is hoping we forgot about HotShot and is waiting to hit us over the head with something next season. After all that build up, that storyline can’t just be over…right?
Alea: Probably, but I feel like its expiration date will have passed by then. There’s way more interesting stuff going on.
Latoya: You know? there’s the Pam-Eric split; the Alcide fall out; the BilEkie drama, Jason-Jessica.


Kendra: Tara’s an Atheist!
Alea: Score one for non-Christian black folks.
Kendra: Tara’s… back? well, for once she might be safer with Sook than Laffy.
Latoya: Look Ball, I would have appreciated this nice touching coffee scene about three seasons ago.
Jordan: The loyal black sidekick…always there to talk to you about your problems over coffee.
Amber: Loyalty is an understatement. We’re right back where we started with these two, as if no serious drama just went down.
Latoya: “[Gran] did have all the sense in the family.” Damn Tara, burn.
Alea: She speaks the truth.
Kendra: “Be good to each other.” Advice more for Sookie than Tara…
Jordan: Ummmm… and just like that we’re all good
Alea: Tara’s magical, so she has the ability to fix any problem through humor, down home wisdom, and self-sacrifice.
Latoya: Never thought I’d say this, but I miss attitude Tara.

Amber: @ Alea @Jordan Mammy anyone?
Latoya: This is the stangest friendship ever.

Sam & Luna

Kendra: Sam does clean up nice. (But his dress shirt has pockets on both sides >.>)
Alea: [Totally. I love that his idea of formal funeral wear is adding a black tie and sport coat to the type of shirt he wears every single day.]
Amber: Complete with cowboys boots and a gold plated belt buckle. He pulled out the big guns for this special occasion. Lol.
Latoya: I love watching Sam trying to process Ms. Thortenberry’s confessions
Alea: “Nobody taught Tommy how to love somebody without hurting them” — combined with Thortenberry’s litany of shit-Tommy-stole, that’s a pretty apposite eulogy, right there.
Jordan: I think all Sam does are strange friendships
Alea: Absolutely, Jordan.
Joseph: thats probably cause its a western shirt (fashion correspondent strikes again!)
Latoya: Pork Rind Casserole just sounds all kinda nasty.
Amber: Agreed–like a crunchy soggy mess. * shudder *
Alea: I do not imagine her to be a very good cook.
Alea: Dear god. Which is worse — no family or Mama T?
Joseph: all her dishes sound (and look) unpleasantly mushy
Alea: That’s a casserole for you, a genre of food around which I still have difficulty wrapping my mind.
Latoya: So the Skinwalker moment for Luna and Sam has passed I suppose.
Kendra: Oooh, I like the end of that scene. I think Sam may have a new family, Mama Thortenberry.

Jason is In Turmoil

Latoya: I love how Jason talks back to himself.
Alea: Totally reminds me of me.
Kendra: Is Jason about to confess his sins to a man with a chainsaw?
Alea: Yes.
Amber: Jason, boo…how about we wait on it…?
Jordan: I forgot they worked on this whole crew – another throwback from a couple seasons ago
Kendra: No one in this town really keeps to a real work schedule, you know.
Amber: Truth. The only place that stays open regularly is Merlotte’s and Arlene is the only one who seems to make it to work on time everyday.
Alea: Yeah, most of the main characters seem to have flexible schedules, if they work at all.
Kendra: Really makes me wonder how the schools are run. Just sayin’.
Joseph: you would think jason would learn how to dodge a hit by now
Kendra: Well, I like that someone in this town is finally talking about choices and consequences, because most people just run off half cocked without thinking about anything.
Amber: You know, I think Hoyt took that very well. Things could’ve been way worse for Jason–including that beating.
Jordan: Yeah… i feel like angry exes have been coming after him for years… you think he would be a little wiser
Alea: I think his love for Hoyt makes this a little bit different. Hurting one’s bff when ze’s already down is different from pissing off some stranger.

Jesus Needs More People

Joseph: this appears like its going to be UNPLEASANT
Alea: Agreed. Poor Jesus.
Kendra: I want that robe.
Latoya: Yuck…OMG OMG OMG
Kendra: Can we not cut out any eyeballs?
Amber: Yes, Marnie has lost her mind.
Latoya: I heart Laffy coming back for that hot sec
Kendra: Well if you want [Jesus’s] magic, honey, possess him and let Laffy go.
Alea: Totally not going to be that easy.
Kendra: lol, pokemon reference.
Latoya: “You can’t trade magic like fucking Pokemon cards!”
Alea: Brilliant.
Amber: Best.line.ever.

Arlene and Terry

Joseph: and of course its halloween
Alea: Seems a little too easy, no? To make it Samhain in BT?
Latoya: You would think Bon Temps would pass on Halloween, considering…
Joseph: truth
Jordan: Yeah… if I was this town… i would stay away from anything embracing the strange
Amber: Right? I’d totally go on vacation at the end of October.
Joseph: someone might mistake that god fearing woman for an actual zombie and shoot her with a shotgun
Alea: Lol. Terry is just darling.
Kendra: Why would anyone give [Sookie] a job? even when she has shifts, she doesn’t show up for them.
Latoya: Right?!? In all the urban fantasy novels, everyone is a cop, detective, or independent contractor. Suppose it’s a life style thing.
Kendra: Yep, you have to be working for yourself in a world like this one. Dresden has it right.
Latoya: Well, as we see in Bon Temps, magic kills punctuality and reliability. You’d better be a wizard for hire. Even Cullen in the World of the Lupi is billed as an unemployed stripper turned FBI consultant. Making lemons out of supernatural lemonade…
Joseph: i think this is the first time ive seen sookie not in a sundress
Kendra: Leather jacket… she’s been looking at Bill, I suppose.
Amber: Perhaps it’s getting chilly in Bon Temps, you know with it randomly, all of a sudden being autumn and all.
Alea: Good point. The pattern of her shirt is very Sundress Sookie, but the pants and leather jacket are totally something/someone else.
Jordan: Yeah… i wasn’t aware the fairy blood charmed shifters but i guess it does
Amber: @ Jordan UGH.

Marnie is a Hot Mess

Alea: Is Marnie blaming the demonization/commodification of Samhain on vampires? That makes little sense to me, even given their role in the Inquisition.
Jordan: At least one person has the proper respect for the spirits
Latoya: Marnie is so fucking beyond at this point.
Kendra: She is, and I still can’t muster any sympathy for her.
Alea: Has she been a sympathetic character at any point in the season? I don’t think so.
Kendra: That’s been my main issue with her. Mary Anne and Russell weren’t necessarily sympathetic, and neither were the Newlans, but at least they were fun to watch. Marnie just whines about power, and with a very thin back-story to justify it all.
Amber: It’s true. She did seem a little desperate about possession in the beginning but they didn’t give us any context for it until last episode. It was a little too late to muster up some sympathy at that point.
Latoya: Release the brujo!
Jordan: Damn Marnie is really crazy
Joseph: if theres a way for vampires to drain ghosts, i would like to see them do it to her
Kendra: She was lonely… she could have joined a class or something and prevented all this foolishness.
Amber: Lol right? She totally should have just joined a book club.
Alea: Lol at “joined a class.” Like pottery or some glassblowing could have helped her.
Latoya: This, I can’t wait to see. MORTAL KOMBAT!!! Brujo vs. Marnie!
30 seconds later…
Kendra: that was a river of blood.
Jordan: What the hell is this
Latoya: Oh snap. Is Jesus dead?
Alea: Alan Ball won’t let colored people have anything. I had my doubts about Jesus, but, damn. Marnie couldn’t have just pricked his finger or something?
Amber: Wow. So we can now cross one POC off of Ball’s hit-list.
Jordan: SO now Laffy has Marnie and a Demon chilling in there?
Latoya: My vote is for the demon. Because…uh yeah, there are no other options.

In which we get our 90s wires crossed…

Joseph: jason. fucking. priestly. lol
Jordan: What the hell
Joseph: wait that’s him right?
Alea: No. He was one of the Scotts from Felicity.
Kendra: I think I’m too young to be excited by this, haha
Amber: @ Kendra…cosign. Haha.
Joseph: LOL Kendra/Amber. Showing our ages…
Jordan: Oh my goodness… It’s like the 90s are back again for a shining moment
Latoya: 90210 mash up! 90210: Bon Temps would be badass – fuck Pride and Prejudice with Zombies!
Alea: Who the fuck just “passes through” Bon Temps? And I think that guy is actually dead. Look at Terry’s face.
Joseph: Oh, interesting theory. Time has been nice to the 90210 cast.
Jordan: that is not Jason Priestly that is the guy from felicity. scott something I think…
Latoya: Speedman? No, wait, Scott Foley! We really need a hollywood shuffle for the generic 90s blandsome dudes.

No Alcide! Turn Away from the Fairy Light!

Latoya: OMG – Alcide is officially on that wheat beer.
Alea: Put it down, Alcide! Find a stout or a porter or even an IPA or something.
Latoya: We should send him a variety pack. You know, for finding alternatives.
Amber: Alcide, Sookie is NOT the answer to your problems. Please jump off the bandwagon.
Joseph: hes not even a vampire
Latoya: I’m vomiting in my throat as we speak.
Jordan: I would settle for Alcide
Joseph: HA. Thats like saying you’d settle for a million dollars
Jordan: You know it’s hard but someone has to do it
Kendra: LOL– does this series lead into a threesome or foursome for Sookie, or is that just Anita Blake?
Alea: Shit is getting more like Anita Blake all the time [read: placing decent content with cheap sex]. That fantasy she had with both of them was so LKH.
Latoya: BilEkieCide?
Joseph: alcide and i have the same ringtone. swoon
Kendra: I like how he’s saying he’s done with the drama… as he’s trying to attach himself to Sookie.
Amber: It makes no sense. How is no one in Bon Temps making the connection between Sookie and drama?? They are all mesmerized by the wheat and blinded by the sunshine.
Alea: Totally. He’s absolutely right that people in this series who follow their hearts get into some deep shit. Characters keep getting themselves and others into trouble because they’re acting on gut reactions without thinking things through.
Latoya: AlBilEkie?
Alea: I like BilKieCide.
Amber: BilKieCide…it sounds like a drug.
Latoya: Yeah, like ecstasy, PCP, and wheat…oh and sunshine.
Jordan: I would find a way, distasteful as it is to make those six pack abs passable for the rest of my years
Joseph: Soocide? Alsook?

Worrying About Tara

Jordan: Tara no
Joseph: Please do NOT kill tara
Kendra: Maybe this is when she gets herself killed.
Amber: Tara needs to turn around and go get her gun before entering that house.
Latoya: And because Tara hasn’t had enough trauma
Kendra: Oh snap, Jesus is definitely dead.
Latoya: Black folks can’t have nothing on this show
Amber: Not a damn thing.
Jordan: Well, that answers the Jesus question. Sad to see him go
Alea: Yeah, I was totally wrong about Jesus.
Joseph: “Aint nothing scary about faeries” FORESHADOWING
Alea: Lol.
Joseph: is it weird that this actress in the faerie suit gets prettier as the season progresses?
Kendra: No, she definitely has. I’d noticed too.
Alea: Ditto.
Jordan: People have become quick on the uptake in BT it seems
Latoya: @Jordan – It only took 4 seasons
Joseph: Its about time
Kendra: haha, Wiccan first aid.
Alea: I love that Tara’s giving her the side-eye.
Jordan: I guess a couple brushes with death will do that for you
Amber: In Bon Temps you have to stay ready. Holly’s learned a thing or two.
Kendra: She’d get along with Sam and Dean…

Bilekie’s On Fire – Bill and Eric’s Bogus Burning

Kendra: “I liked you better when you were brain damaged.” You were the only one, Bill.
Jordan: HA
Latoya: LOL – wait, how did Marnie!Laffy!Brujo overpower Viking Eric?
Alea: That’s my question. And did Maffy build that set up without being noticed? Otherwise, did Bill and Eric just hang around waiting for her to build something to chain them to.
Amber: @ LP @ Alea None of that matters. This is Bon Temps–sensible inquiry has no place here. Lol.
Kendra: …Holly may be my new favorite.
Amber: Yes! Mine too. She’s been on point all season! She never lets her nerves get the best of her.
Kendra: She had better not die.
Latoya: Right – she’s just rolling with the salt like ain’t shit happening
Alea: She’s gotten pretty chill about handling shit through this season. Compared to everyone else, she’s pretty much an adaptational genius.
Kendra: God, will it be Laffy or Tara. I can’t tell.
Latoya: This just got epic
Joseph: im so engrossed i forgot about roundtableing. lol. thats a switch
Latoya: They done brought Gran out of the grave
Jordan: We broke out the big time magiks
Latoya: And Antonia!
Kendra: LOL, Antonia…
Alea: Is there some kind of universal translator à la Star Trek in this universe? I’ve always wondered how people can understand Antonia. Did she pick up English in her 400 years between worlds?
Latoya: DAMN GRAN!
Amber: OK…I see Gran wasn’t playin around.
Jordan: Wow everyone is back
Kendra: Okay, they stole SPN’s ghost graphics for that shit.
Latoya: She is such a gangsta.
Alea: Seriously. She just reached in and grabbed Marnie as easily as I can imagine her swatting little kid Jason with a wooden spoon.
Latoya: Can we skip Marnie’s speech? I don’t give a shit.
Kendra: IKR? This character inspires zero sympathy.
Jordan: Yeah… she’s not going to get to stick around
Jordan: wrap it up chick
Alea: [cue Oscar music] Yo, the sign is real simple, B. It says wrap. it. up. Wrap that shit up, B. Ya done!
Latoya: Get the Apollo hook!
Amber: Seriously, Sandman needs to escort her off stage already so that we can go check on Laffy.
Latoya: Jesus ain’t get a damn farewell speech. #bitter
Alea: Rightfully so. Jesus gets a Pokemon quip and a knife in the chest. Marnie gets to throw a tantrum and walk off into the light. If any POC had done all of the awful shit that Marnie did, I’m sure that Ball would have come up with some kind of extra terrible way for that person’s character to die/leave.
Amber: Complete with a looooong and drawn out torture scene.
Jordan: peace? I don’t think she’s going to the place where that is granted
Kendra: Maybe Laffy will be able to communicate with Jesus. I don’t think he’s gone for good.
Joseph: cant they just… come back?
Jordan: Maybe. Laffy is going to be a sad sack when he gets back into his body
Alea: He’s going to be so hurt and guilt-ridden. Jesus was murdered in the house that they shared using Laffy’s hands. That would fuck anyone up but good.
Amber: Laffy and Tara can’t have anything but sorrow. They are always overcoming something. They can never just be happy and living life.
Latoya: Come on Sook, what is Gran gonna do?
Alea: She’s always looking everywhere but in a goddamn mirror for someone to save her.
Kendra: Sookie I do not care about your tears either.’
Jordan: Yeah… not loving this
Amber: Yeah I’m over this. Gran go back to from whence you came. Sookie will be fine with her three male swooners and trusty side-kick.
Latoya: This feels like the end of a really corny movie
Joseph: it is the end of a really corny movie…called season 4 of true blood
Latoya: I didn’t need the magical granny scene – but Laffy is alive!

Rene Returns!

Jordan: Oh Eric. [Wait,] Oh Arlene
Kendra: Oh shit. You done let the shit out of the bag now…
Latoya: AAAH, RENE!
Alea: Oh, fuck.
Joseph: rene no
Amber: YIKES. I’d totally be scared shitless if I saw him walking around.
Kendra: LOL
Joseph: is she also a medium?
Alea: I think dead people are just walking around for all to see today.
Kendra: No, i think all this stuff just got let out because of Holly’s spell.
Jordan: Damn, your serial killer ex is WARNING you about another dude, that’s deep
Amber: Truth! Arlene is already crazy and paranoid. This is NOT going to help matters.
Latoya: What was that, a prayer cheer Arlene just sent up?
Kendra: @latoya It was the song the minister was singing when they came to he house, i think?
Alea: It is. Arlene is hilarious. “Praise, Jesus.”
Amber: That was perfect. LOL.
Latoya: WTF. Rene is a devious mofo. Now, I’m doubting Terry!
Alea: At first, I thought he said that he met the ghost of Terry’s parents. I had to replay what he said, like, ten times before I understood that he said that he meant the ghosts of Terry’s past. I forgot how goddamn thick his accent was.
Joseph: all this in the first 40 minutes? isnt there like…. 10 minutes left?
Amber: My thoughts exactly. There sure is a lot going on and very little feels resolved.
Alea: They’re throwing a lot of shit in here last minute. What is Ball thinking? There were already too many storylines this season. Shiiiiiiit.
Kendra: We still don’t know why that faerie all the sudden felt like sleeping with Andy either.

Jessica, Controlled by Hormones

Latoya: Jess is looking like Lil Red Ridinghood…wait are they playing IN THE PINES?!?!?
Alea: Where the sun don’t ever shine. I would shiver the whole night through.

Latoya’s Note – This is an American folk song, and the most famous version of it – pre-Nirvana Unplugged – was Lead Belly’s. The lyrics are usually a variation on “black girl, black girl, don’t lie to me…” but Kurt sang “my girl” on MTV. People throughout the ages varied the lyrics.

Jordan: Ummmm… Jess…. seriously
Alea: Oh, lord.
Kendra: Oh, this wasn’t the nudity I wanted D:
Latoya: Jessica – please go sit down. See this is why everyone needs to go through dating in high school.
Amber: Word. Jess is getting on my nerves. She needs a good long talk about consequences. The problem is–I don’t know one person in Bon Temps who could give it to her.
Kendra: I’m sure we could convince Hoyt or Holly to do so. They know what’s up.
Joseph: mmm bloody popsicle
Alea: I can’t believe he’s holding an unwrapped popsicle to his eye.
Jordan: Did you hurt [Hoyt]? Isn’t that a crazy question?
Amber: Does she really care about Hoyt’s heart…?
Joseph: good LORD
Latoya: Oh Jason – couldn’t help yourself. LOL Kendra…..
Joseph: LMAO Kendra
Latoya: Why aren’t they playing #1 Crush in this scene? I’m saying though.
Alea: Maybe they couldn’t get the rights. [I….love that song so hard. I still think the R+J soundtrack was genius.]
Latoya: Word. I still bang that like it’s 1997.

Jordan: I guess [Jessica] got over that virgin thing
Latoya: Aww, Jason got his feelings hurt. If you don’t wanna hurt anyone, sit your hot redheaded ass down Jessica. Fuck someone at Fangtasia.
Amber: Right?! Whhhhhyyyyy Jason??? Poor decisions!
Alea: Seriously! Is no one teaching her anything about how vampires do what they do? [But, damn, she’s so effing hot.]
Kendra: I like how they left the cape on.
Alea: +1
Jordan: Yeah… then again Jessica is pretty much just acting her age
Joseph: you know how actors say sex scenes are awkward and not at all sexy? id love to know this firsthand. preferaby on this show…. when is casting? lol
Kendra: Okay, Jess. You know what you want.
Jordan: If you didn’t like it, I can take direction. Jason tries
Amber: I’m sure he’s used to being the one who decides to leave first.
Joseph: Miller lite modesty pillows. not such a fan of that
Jordan: This moment of modesty brought to you by miller lite
Alea: Left the cape on, but took the necklace off?
Latoya: Jason, a part of you has always been missing. It’s your brain. Don’t worry so much.
Joseph : this is the sweetest fuck buddy relationship that has ever existed
Alea: Eh. I don’t know. It’s so grating. I mean, I dig the sex positivity of their relationship and that they’re talking candidly about experimentation, but this is so goddamn twee that I can’t really stand it.
Kendra: I imagine this is what sex scenes with Zooey Deschenel are like. But without fangs.
Amber: I still think if Jess just wanted something simple she could’ve hooked with someone else and left Jason alone. His friendship with Hoyt is ruined.
Kendra: Wait, I just remembered that even with the vampirism, isn’t Jessica signifgantly younger than Jason?
Latoya: Man, I wish I could fast forward half this damn episode.
Kendra: Yeah.
Joseph: shes 17. hes 29. soooo. yeah. Wait shes 18. skipped a year.

Oh, Pam

Jordan: Say PAM
Kendra: “Precious fairy vagina” THANK YOU PAM.
Alea: Pam is, like, the one person who will tell the truth about Sookie. Her name is fucking stupid.
Amber: I <3 Pam. It is about damn time somebody said it! “I’m so over Sookie and her stupid faerie vagina...” COSIGN. +10,000 Jordan: Awwwww… I love PAM I am starting to love this vapid woman too. She’s perfect
Latoya: Pam explains all of our angst. We can go home now, kids.
Joseph: pam is basically our voice
Amber: Right? We should totally invite her to the roundtable. Lol.
Kendra: LOL

Laffy and Tara, Still Together

Latoya: Oh God, Laffy AND Tara have been possessed. They both lost their loved ones.
Alea: fuckingalanballwon’tletblackpeoplehaveanything. [/corner muttering]
Jordan: See this is heartbreaking
Joseph: so now lafayette is a brujo in addition?
Latoya: Tara, don’t leave him alone
Amber: Tara needs to post up in a rocking chair in the corner of Laffy’s bedroom for the night.
Kendra: But, Amber, that’s not where she wants her rocking chair! It’s gonna be on Sookie’s front porch remember, *snrk*
Alea: Lol and +1.
Kendra: Please don’t let him try and kill himself.

The End of BilEkie

Kendra: bill’s on the other–
Joseph: sookie
Kendra: yep, i knew it.
Alea: Fucking Anita Blake-type bullshit. There is something so unappetizing about this scene. Matching bathrobes, maybe?
Joseph: seriously
Amber: I can’t stop rollin my eyes.
Latoya: Ewwwwwww
Jordan: Really… i guess they learned to share
Latoya: BilEkie returns
Joseph: Billerisookie
Latoya: Is this why she couldn’t take Alcide? She ran out of wrists?
Alea: Lol.
Kendra: They’re about to get naked, aren’t they?
Latoya: Throwing up in my mouth again
Jordan: They should really all have sex together
Alea: Nooo. Too much like LKH.
Kendra: (also, lol those robes. twinsies)
Jordan: That would actually be the best solution
Amber: They really should just get it over with. Why can’t they have a polyamorous relationship? Eric and Bill should learn to share. Apparently Sookie has.
Latoya: Wait – is the fangs retracting the vamp version of a bonerkiller?
Alea: Yes. That part was kind of funny.
Joseph: bill and eric in matching robes… i see a lot of fanfic starting with screenshots of this.
Latoya: Eric is such a shit.
Alea: And a giant. Every time he stands next to Bill, I can’t get over how effing tall he is.
Jordan: Hybrid Eric is not worth watching
Alea: He’s so goddamn creepy.
Amber: And needy…where is that coming from?
Kendra: Man, by season 5 Bill is going to look OLD…
Latoya: BARF! And no they are not getting the Erykah Badu tribute for this bullshit. Love of My Life is staying in the box.
Joseph: “i know [you love me].” SHUT UP sookie. lol
Latoya: OMG, how much more talking is gonna happen around shit I don’t care about? Oh wait – she’s breaking up with both of them. Are she, Tara, and Laffy moving to NOLA?
Amber: NO. They need to leave Sookie behind. The drama will just follow her to NOLA and Tara and Laffy will NEVER have peace.
Kendra: NOLA– shit, I had forgotten about Tara’s GF. Will she be back next season? Can we get some vengeance for the Black Girl?
Alea: Oh, yeah. Her. What was her purpose again? To show us that, after the trauma of last season [all the seasons], Tara was now an ass-kicking, name-taming, lady-loving, MMA-fight-winning…Mammy Lite character who would always sacrifice her time, energy, and physical well-being for Sookie instead of running the hell away to have amazing sex with her good-looking girlfriend?
Jordan: Ummm Are we going to cut to her waking up with Alcide?
Joseph: “[Breaking up with you will] free me up for love interests next season” is what she should have said
Amber: @ Joe Lol.
Kendra: Damn, I wish I had sookie’s life. The hardest decision in her life has been choosing between two ridiculously hot men?
Alea: Platinum problems.
Latoya: @Jordan – right! This ish should be in Cosmo. Though I would kill to read their vamp sex tips manual…I’m surprised some enterprising ad agency hasn’t jumped on that.
Jordan: Really though… couldn’t she have both. I can’t wait for the vampire diaries to return
Kendra: YES! I am too excited for TVD.

Farewell to Jesus

Latoya: Jesus is so channeling James Dean at this moment.

Alea: How does he manage to still be sketch as hell even though he’s dead? He’s almost too blasé not to be hiding or plotting something.
Joseph: i mean
Latoya: What the shit? I had to listen to hours of fucking Marnie and Sookie, and Jesus gets 16 bars? If life in Bon Temps was fair, he’d have been able to pull a Bogey-in-Casablanca.
Amber: Oh, c’mon. We could’ve gotten a little more tenderness between Jesus and Laffy. Jesus did just sacrifice his life for him. I want a do-over!
Kendra: At least it seems like he’ll be back?
Alea: Oh, I think he’ll definitely be back.


Jordan: Ha. I like his honesty – I wasn’t nervous, I was high
Kendra: damn, everyone in this town is lonely.
Jordan: Nice Andy. That was a good pitch…
Joseph: theyre like even perfect heights for eachother. theyre my new jessica and hoyt
Amber: I’m a fan of this potential match-up. Although I do think something’s gonna pop off because of Andy’s faerie romp–it was more than just a perfect ending to his V-hab.
Latoya: “I’m sober, I’m lonely, and I can be good to someone.” I love that the ET fingerbang sponsored that moment of clarity.
Alea: Best pick-up line ever. It was actually kind of hot..?

Luna and Sam, Cont.

Kendra: Nooooo, Luna.
Latoya: 9 mins left. Ball better bring it.
Kendra: I mean, this is probably for the best, because who raises a child in this town?
Alea: Nobody with sense.
Amber: Arlene–and she is an anxious mess.
Jordan: These people need to get the hell out of dodge
Latoya: It’s not God that doesn’t want you to be happy, Luna, it’s Alan Ball and the writing crew. POCs get no happiness girl.
Alea: +1,000
Joseph: can you IMAGINE what DC or NYC is like in this world?
Kendra: haha
Amber: Oh man…I don’t want to.
Latoya: Sodom and Gomorrah meets Dawn of the Dead. With some Blacula sprinkled in, for color.

Oh wait, I was thinking of Vampire in Brooklyn:

Alea: Sheer insanity.

The Plot Thickens At the Last Possible Second

Jordan: Russell!
Joseph: oh god they dug him out
Alea: Oh, shit.
Amber: Fantastic! Something to look forward too! After all the true death they dished out this season I should’ve been ready for Russell to make an appearance. Cement and silver chains can’t hold ‘im!
Kendra: Okay, so we just had to get through one season of a really shitty villain to get back to the good stuff.
Jordan: Thank goodness. I have missed him so

Latoya: Nan has gay Stormtroopers? Rrrow, put those fangs back in the box, boys.
Alea: Nan Flan is also looking fantastic.
Kendra: Bill is back to the kingly wardrobe.
Alea: That suit is a little ridic.
Latoya: “I refuse to be retired like a fat first wife!” – Nan
Alea: Lol. She didn’t get to be that old by being a doormat.
Kendra: Eric. You. Are.The. Best.
Joseph: holy crap
Alea: Are they fucking insane? Just because Nan called them puppy dogs, they have to kill her?! Is their collective masculinity still smarting that much from getting dumped?!? They could really have used the information she had.
Latoya: Girl, you know it’s bros before hos on True Blood. Powerful women die violently, powerful men are just dealt with.
Jordan: ha. I like the two of them working together
Amber: That was a stupid move. I would’ve loved a fugitive vampire threesome. It would’ve been waaaay more interesting if they were on the run with Nan along.
Latoya: What a bitch? I expect more from Eric’s wit. And I have a whole side rant about the overuse of the term bitch in urban fantasy, but that will have to wait for another day…
Jordan: They are angry puppies at the least
Alea: Fucking children who can’t control their own emotions. I bet they just made so much shit ten times worse for everyone involved.
Joseph: latoya, what did i say at happy hour?
Latoya: Don’t ask me to remember things that happen while I am intoxicated.
Joseph: LOL

Farewell to Tara?

Jordan: NO
Latoya: Motherfucking shit
Amber: Damn. And…there it is.
Kendra: Wow, I knew she might die, but I did not expect her to go out like that. Loyal to the fucking LAST.
Alea: Fucking. Bullshit.
Jordan: Dammit
Kendra: That was pointless as hell. I can’t.
Latoya: Well, let the asshole fan sites rejoice. Tara went out for Sookie. As usual. The ultimate black best friend.
Joseph: i dont think shes dying
Alea: I’m sure someone will be along to help her, but still…did she have to take a shotgun blast to the head for fucking Sookie?
Amber: I didn’t expect her to go out like that either. She had her life threatened so many times this season and she dies taking a bullet for Sookie? Really?
Joseph: im pretty sure shell get helped out by bill
Alea: Damn. She straight blew Debbie’s head off. That was…cold-blooded. Bang bang.
Latoya: Shot her down, bang bang…

Jordan: Shit Sookie has had two people die on that floor… I’d say it’s time to get a new house
Joseph: uhhh – 2.5 at this point
Kendra: I hope– they all come running when she’s screaming like that.
Alea: I know she doesn’t own a cell or anything, but whatever happened to calling an ambulance?
Amber: I have a feeling any ambulance in Bon Temps would take a while to show up. I don’t think I remember anyone ever going to the hospital. Vamp blood is how they cure wounds.
Kendra: They took Sookie when Bill drained her in that truck, but that’s really it. I’m choosing to believe that Sookie’s just the only one with health insurance.
Latoya: Tara is missing a piece of skull. If she survives this, she’s a gangsta. But she’s the only main character to die. And someone had to bite it
Jordan: She shouldn’t survive… Death would be a release
Kendra: So many people to die by gunshot wounds this season. It’s like Ball was working out something personal.
Joseph: tommy and jesus both counted as main characters i think. maybe now and again she’ll pay attention to her
Kendra: Yeah, they were top of title credits, so I’d think so.
Latoya: Well, I guess the only way to solve this is to stalk the IMDB boards when they start filming again.
Jordan: I wish he would have killed off storylines as much as he killed off people. It would have been a tighter season
Amber: YES. There were so many loose ends and the ones they did resolve left me unsatisfied. I’m still a little salty about the Mavis storyline.
Kendra: Yeah, my main gripe is still the werepanthers and the faerie breeding (?)
Alea: @Jordan: Ditto. Kendra, that storyline took up way too much time — and made me watch way too much abuse — for not actually being any more than a way to Other poor, white, rural Southerners who were not the “good” poor/working class, white, rural Southerners in the show.
Latoya: I’m still pissed at the Faerie Armageddon that wasn’t.
Amber: Yep, Faerieland was definitely something else they hyped up but then never really developed.
Kendra: I know Jason’s bite will come back to bite him in the ass (lol) but to drop it off for like seven episodes and then a season break? weird planning.
Latoya: I mean, Ball got a renewal, not a fucking three season deal.
Alea: @Kendra: I’m wondering how that’s going to be brought back, if it’s brought back at all. He can’t be turned into a werepanther that way and it seems like his fling with Jess has helped him to, erm, process the emotional trauma.
Joseph: In the books, three blood drinkings and a vampire is married to their human. so…one more for jason and jessica
Jordan: Don’t get me started on how the books hold up to the series…
Joseph: …and theyll be picking out silverware that isnt silver
Kendra: That should get split up though, if the panthers come back.
Latoya: @Joe – I want to see a vamp registry.
Joseph: Bed Bath and Beyond the Grave? ugh i hate puns. and i just made one
Alea: I love puns and I think that one was great.
Latoya: The show brings out the worst in us.
Joseph: it really does
Jordan: I would have liked a little more with Nan. I think she and Pam would have gotten along…
Alea: Oh, absolutely. Ending her this way was a dick move and I’m actually pretty vexed by it. Not having Nan’s information and resources is a way too easy way to bank some extra drama for next season. It would have been a lot more interesting to keep her around.
Amber: Cosign. Keeping her around would have been way more interesting. As soon as she was stripped of her title and political power, Eric and Bill don’t think twice about killing her. That was so stupid.
Alea: That’s a really good way of framing. If Pam, the other power “adult” female vampire in the show, is ever truly stripped of her power, I’m guessing the same will happen to her. I wonder if that’s just the survival of the fittest ethos of the vampire power structure or if it affects women more than others.
Joseph: Pam needs a woman
Jordan: Also, really, the fact that Eric would ditch Pam for Sookie… madness
Kendra: I’m not too sad about Nan, if only because I think we all have to now relish every moment that Eric acts like Eric. They will be far and few between.
Latoya: Right? Pam’s grief is justified. Eric has lost his damn mind.
Jordan: Eric is indeed nuts and what I don’t like is they haven’t explained it. I would think that after 1,000 years a woman would need more than a couple fairy drops to leave you twisted
Joseph: or that someone would have met one in their neckchewing travels
Amber: Eric is not thinking. Old Eric was always in control–two steps ahead and always plotting. He’s gone crazy with his infatuation over Sookie. The only bit of old Eric we get to see anymore is ruthless bloodthirsty Eric. I miss the calculated, devious Eric.
Alea: Is it 1,000 in the book? Here, it’s only 100. If it’s supposed to be the former, I’m surprised she didn’t cry earlier.


Latoya: Okay, we need a eulogy for Jesus
Joseph: um… jesus… i have a feeling hes going to recur
Kendra: Well, I think we should just publicly admit how wrong we were about him, hah. Poor guy, we were giving him the side eye for half the season worried about him hurting our Laffy. But in the end? He was Laffy’s greatest champion.
Amber: Jesus we were only so suspicious of you because of how deeply we love Laffy, but you did good. Thank you for saving Laffy in the end.
Joseph: like bedside lovestuff and talking to laffy about brujo stuff
Jordan: Jesus died well and for good cause. I take back everything I said against him
Latoya: Same. I apologize, Jesus, for doubting your motives, howevr clumsily and suspiciously you were acting.
Alea: Jesus, you are still kind of sketch as a motherfucker, but you [seemingly] only had good intentions toward Laffy, and I’m sorry that Alan Ball took you out in such a piss poor way.
Joseph: Jesus wasnt even mad at him for Marlaffy murdering him.
Jordan: I know, he was also witty, even in the end. Who among us can forget his quip about pokemon. It was inspired
Amber: Indeed. So perfect.
Joseph: He may have been one of the only characters with sense
Alea: Him and Holly.
Latoya: He rocked the hell out of those scrubs, even in death.
Kendra: His death might somehow push along Laffy’s character development, which could be nice. Also, I bet Alfrie Woodard gets some more work out of it. She’ll be back when she hears her nurse is dead.
Joseph: Her nurse and son in law
Jordan: I do wish he would have taken a razor to laffy’s head as he departed and gotten rid of that hair but it is a minor problem
Joseph: HA! thats what i thought marnie was going to do
Kendra: LOL
Latoya: My question though is…where did the brujo go? If Marnie went to the beyond.
Kendra: Still in Laffy for next season, I’m assuming.
Alea: Yup.
Jordan: Yeah, that seems like it’s a keeper
Amber: Yeah. The demon is definitely there to stay.
Latoya: Wait, it just occurred to me that Tara chose to sacrifice Laffyette, but jumped in front of Sookie’s bullet. Now I’m pissed all over again.
Joseph: well…i think Holly (is that her name?) told them in the car what would happen probably
Kendra: I hope Holly’s still a regular next season. With Jesus gone, she posesses the most sense in town.
Alea: Cosign. That first aid kit was something.
Amber: Yes, I like her more and more with each episode.
Jordan: I can’t really be as upset about the Laffy sacrifice because Marne was going to kill all of them. That said, I think a scream to Sookie was warranted. That jump was a little much… wasn’t that the same chick that did you dirty a couple days ago… let’s not die over her when we just started being friends again… shouldnt’ there be a grace period
Latoya: Yeah…not so much with the thinking in BT. And in the moment, yeah I can see Tara’s decision…but again, why in the moment with Sookie do we say fuck it? Laffy is her cousin! He was the one nursing her back from the Eggs/Franklin drama while Sookie was hunting cold vampy peen!
Kendra: Not only did she say fuck it, she dove with the intensity of a secret service agent.
Amber: Seriously! Couldn’t she have reached for something to throw? She wasn’t thinking at all.
Latoya: *sigh* Final thoughts? all that fake barfing upset my stomach for real…or maybe it was that ending.
Jordan: I think I have spoken my piece on Tara and Laffy
Alea: Very few people in Bon Temps seem to have any sense of temperance or any ability to think critically after relatively little emotional provocation. Rash decisions driven by uninterrogated emotions got a lot of people hurt and killed this season.
Kendra: They spent a lot of time on characters I didn’t really give two figs about, and I’m a little sad Sam has gone through yet another love interest especially Luna. I’m a little worried that we left Alcide in that parking garage too. As for the major characters– well, I was expecting Tara. I don’t like it, but I’m not as upset as I thought I would be because we spent 13 episodes kind of expecting it.
Joseph: As devils advocate. cause i feel we need one of those. (even though honesly tara could have dove for her knees, WRITERS!)
Alea: [+1]
Joseph: Tara is the kind of person that wouldn’t want to see even the friend that uses her as a punching bag as of late come before saving that person’s life. It has been established that they were friends that were sweet to each other for most of their lives. Its only recently that one has been a vampire crazy jerk. Also, pushing someone out of the way of danger is an instinct, and much different than casting the right spell to safely extrude an evil soul out of your fabulous cousin.
Kendra: fair point– I’m sure there was a time when all they did was shop for sundresses and have girl talk.
Alea: I have such a difficult time imagining that.
Joseph: i would LOVE some flashbacks mr. ball
Latoya: Right? we did many of those in the first season
Joseph: this would even be the perfect time for it

Stay Tuned for Brown People Rewrite True Blood, dropping Thursday.

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Written by:

  • jvansteppes

    This has me wondering: is the fanbase living vicariously through Sookie really any different from that which lives vicariously through the Twilight protagonist? TB sells itself as an especially edgy show but the whole ‘innocent virginal (Sookie was a ‘virgin’ at the beginning of the series) white girl who is desired by supernaturally strong men who can’t live without her’ vibe is straight out of the Twilight playbook.

  • Big Man

    i’ve never watched this show, but after watching the clip i’m amazed that anyone can focus on the actual episodes with those accents… Good Lord.

  • Aphasia

    Yes I wondered about Rene’s accent too. Whoops! Too busy writing new storylines one after another to keep track of the old ones! Sheesh.

    Seriously, worst season ever. Yuck. The last 10 minutes of this episode (Russell and Steve Newlin) were more exciting than any part of S4, and how sad is that, that they flailed so badly they had to pull out all their old shit to try to get us to come back?? I don’t think Tara will die though- when Sookie screams for help, vamps come a runnin- they’ll rush Tara to the hospital or something. Logic be damned.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is that it is exceptionally cruel that the writers would kill off the only two people in Laffy’s life: his boyfriend and his cousin. Essentially, his only family really. I was so through when they killed Jesus. It was just unnecessary. But I knew there were too many POC’s on the show (sigh) and that some of them weren’t going to make it. The mainstream TB fans celebrating Tara’s death – well, white folks never surprise me. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. Also, why did so many women who to be grossly victimized this season (the witch who was raped, Marnie brutally gunned down, Tara brutally gunned down, Debbie brutally gunned down). The writers of this show have a real problem with women. It’s disgusting. If Tara’s dead next season (I’ll watch the first episode to find out), I’m done with this show. I can already see the writers are not going to let Laffy had any real power or any real importance in the show. The writers are about to turn Jessica and Jason into some cheap Vampire Diaries bullshit (and I can’t get over the fact that she’s supposed to be only 17years old – that’s just perverse). Like Pam, I am sick of Sookie’s fairy vagina. Alcide will be ever the idiot next season. It seems there will be no end to Bill and Eric’s violent misogyny. The only highlight is Russel’s return (I’m almost certain that Pam dug him up – the wrath of a woman spurned…Eric deserves it)  but I don’t know if he’s enough to make me watch.

    • Anonymous

      Did you also find it wrong that Hyot and Jessica were together? I mean, Hyot was 28 at the start and she was only 17. By now she’s about 18 and him 29, but still, pretty big age difference and she wasn’t legal when they started dating.

      • Anonymous

        Definitely. But Hoyt at least had the innocence-virgin thing that sort of mitigated it a bit. But I’ve always been put off about how sexualized her character is, given her supposed age.

        • Anonymous

          It is true that he’s definitely not like Jason. Although not without prejudice he doesn’t cross friends like that, from what we’ve seen. And I agree that it’s off-putting how sexualized she is. It’s like because she’s a vampire it’s okay, but we can’t forget her actual age. She’s still pretty young and inexperienced vampire or not. If I was in her position I wouldn’t be a happy camper with the selection of way older men. I would have liked it if she dated someone her own age like Tommy who, although a bit mischievous, was kind of on the same level as her as far as experience and maturity. But also she doesn’t need to be that involved in relationships right now. She could be bonding with more women on the show, like Pam and I guess Sookie.

    • Anonymous

      Did you also find it wrong that Hyot and Jessica were together? I mean, Hyot was 28 at the start and she was only 17. By now she’s about 18 and him 29, but still, pretty big age difference and she wasn’t legal when they started dating.

    • Anonymous

      Oops, I meant: why did so many women “have to” be grossly victimized….

    • Anonymous

      Oops, I meant: why did so many women “have to” be grossly victimized….

  • Kendra

    Re: Jesus– For me, it was that when he first showed up, he always seemed to have the answer for everything. Combine that with the fact that all new characters on this show seem to be up to no good, and that had me distrusting him from the start. I was convinced at first that he was going to use Laffy’s mother as leverage for something, and then when S4 rolled around I was convinced he was going to get him –or the both of them– killed on their little Mexican getaway. Getting involved over their head in spirits they’ve got no business messing with, and all that. (Holly is the only one in BT with any spirit dealing sense, it seems)

    Believe me, I was pleasantly surprised when everything turned out alright until the end!

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t even believe how fucked up the way this episode went down was. I wish that someone on this show would take a minute to produce something that resembles a real human reaction. I mean really, neither Bill nor Eric would express even the tiniest bit of displeasure when Sookie rolls up smelling like werewolf and, after spending quite a bit of time playing both of them dumps them summarily. Bill would have set Lorena’s face on fire for fucking with him like that. Magical vagina or not, I can’t imagine that these two vampires could simultaneously be so whipped they act like they’ve been acting all season, yet be totally chill when she decides on a whim she’s bored with them. It’s like all that possessive vampire bullshit only comes into Sookie’s life when she feels like dealing with it and magically never has any effect on her that is negative.

    It’s interesting how the obsessive, possessive standard vampire bullshit didn’t magically stop happening when it inconvenienced Tara. And interesting how their obsessive interest in doing shit for Sookie seems to vanish whenever it requires assisting Tara.

  • Nina

    As always, nice roundtable.

    I was alternately pissed off and thrilled by the season finale. 


    Return of Russell and Steve Newlin.  Yay!  Fun villains again.
    No more Marnie.   And no more stupid spells.

    Jessica and Jason.  I understand that Jessica wants to be on her own for a while and explore her vampy side.  No problem with that.  But doing it with Jason…that’s the problem.   As you mentioned, there are plenty of guys she can experiment with.  Why pick the best friend of her ex?  I feel worse for Hoyt than either of them.  And I fully supported his beating the shit out of Jason.

    Pam and Eric being on the outs.  Alan Ball doesn’t want ANY relationship to be stable, it seems.

    Sookie is the main character of the show, so everything is going to revolve around her.  I get that.  But the writing for her is so poorly done that it’s impossible to root for her.  Sookie’s an idiot.  She has no real redeeming characteristics or personality.   She doesn’t fight or work hard.  Her life revolves around whoever is between her legs.  She hasn’t had it easy, but compared to everyone else on the show, she lives in a bubble. 

    Then you have someone like Tara who’s been through hell and back.  Her life is one big suffering joke, and she’s not the only one.  That’s one reason why I was rooting for her and Sam to hook up; because hell, they could suffer together.  What’s troubling is that Sookie manages to bag every guy in Bon Temps with her wheat/honey laced vagina and Tara can’t have ANY sort of happiness.  The fact that she sacrificed herself to save Sookie is just a blip, imo.  Even Sam and his tragic self managed to get some this year. 

    Sookie might be on her own for an ep, but we know that Alcide, Eric, or Bill will be there to pick up the pieces.  Because it always works out for her.

  • Hello Gorgeous

    There are so many levels of wrong in Season 4 of True Blood.  The fact that they made sure to vilify witches, who represent a feminist history of resistance, and then victimize the people of color through their spiritual practices really speaks volumes about the show’s deep misogyny and racism.  

    Seriously, I’m still angry that Jesus’ grandfather revealed to Lafayette his “gifts” of being a spiritual medium, only to then  have those gifts screw him over. What’s up with that?! I was so excited that Lafayette, in the traditions of Vodun and Santeria – African religions known for gender-bending queer-affirming practices through deities/orishas possessing their devotees – was going to discover his powers, thanks to the help of his boyfriend. This was an opportunity for both black and Latino gays to relish in their spiritual powers and use it for some good. I really thought that both Jesus and Lafayette were going to take out Marnie/Antonia and humble the vamps.

    But NOOOOOOO!! We couldn’t have people of color triumph in a supernatural way, could we?  The nitwits writing for this show don’t have a clue how “black” magic works and so, rather than explore it in any meaningful way, they just chose to have the POCs become VICTIMS!  

    And don’t get me started with the wicca stuff.  Why have Tara make a pact with Marnie/Antonia, if she was not going to be empowered by doing so?  Obviously, they let Holly be the hero in this, but there was room for Tara to grow supernaturally too! Just… Ugh!  

    You say people of color can’t have any happiness on this show. That’s true. But what really irks me is the way they’re not allowed to have any supernatural power, or any power period.  I’m equally disturbed by the many fansites rejoicing at Tara getting her head blown off.  I tell you, the level of misogyny and racism combined in this country…

  • Moni

    I don’t Tara is dead. I think Franklin is going to come, and Sookie is going to have to let him in to save Tara…he might turn Tara, in fact….

    • Anonymous

      No, remember Jason shot Franklin with a wooden bullet and he exploded. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pam turns Tara-she’s been eyeing her pretty lustfully this season and this would be revenge against Sookie.  After reading the recap, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the show. My husband gave up on the series after the first 2 episodes of this season.

  • Moni

    I don’t Tara is dead. I think Franklin is going to come, and Sookie is going to have to let him in to save Tara…he might turn Tara, in fact….

  • Adrianne

    i’m so happy that you are as outraged as i am.  i have been dialing and hanging up with comcast for days feeling that cancelling HBO is my only real way to register my feelings  about this. Tara’s death was nothing less than an absolute travesty.  well, actually the writers have  been killing over and over and over with their demeaning and objectionable storyline, but then they shot my girl in the head like a thug on the street.  i took  that  kinda personal(ly).  and i dont feel that i want to watch the remaining bon temps broads be allowed to  live,breathe and love while she was never allowed to. jeez, even arlene has a relationship.  i just cant watch it.

    • Carl

      Here’s hoping Tara is not dead…and, again, NOT OK to just bring her back as a ghost; marginally less not-OK to bring her back as a vampire.

       Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette) warned fans they were going to be upset with the finale.  Chya.  I don’t have a problem with killing off beloved characters willy-nilly (I actually like shows taking risks in that Joss Whedony way).  I DO have a problem with shows torturing and killing all their POC characters.  Hollywood has a long ugly history of this convention and there is no way to dress it up — it’s institutionalized racism.  Somehow we never phased out this horrendous idea that white lives are just worth more than nonwhite ones (we can kill off the POCs and people will be sad but not TOO sad, right? We’re used to it, right? Wrong. Wrong.)

      I don’t know.  I really thought Alan Ball would be the one to give a fuck enough to buck this convention, but I guess not.  I think he grossly underestimated how invested people could get in Jesus (to say nothing of TARA!).  Look at how glib the show was about killing him.

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention how they shot the man she loved down like a mad dog. And neither Jason nor Andy lost much sleep over it.

      • Adrianne

        exactly Shazza! and then Jason is actually allowed to became a COP!  and everyone thinks that it is a good thing!!!

        worst part is…no real response from Alan Ball about this.  As Carl says, I do think that the popularity of Tara and Jesus were underestimated.  But in addition, for 4 seasons, Alan Ball has been saying that as a gay man, he too is disenfranchised. So I’m like, ‘Ok , Alan Ball, I’ll listen to your story, with empathy, if you will tell my story, with empathy’.  And then, at the end of Season 4, half of my story gets shot in the head!!! completely foul!! 

        • Carl

          Couldn’t have said it better.

  • RVCBard

    This is why HBO and Alan Ball need to hire me to write for this show, because this sort of race!gender!class!sexuality!fail would not happen every fucking episode.

  • L

    How is Lafayette supposed to go on? They killed his lover and his cousin in the same episode. Pam told the truth, why are all the male characters on this show so obsessed with Sookie.

    • Mickey

      I remember Steve Newlin asking the same question in the second season when both Sookie & Eric confronted the Fellowship of the Sun folks. I laughed my butt off when he said something to the effect of “What do they see in you?”

  • bst2111

    i was done with this show at the end of season 2 but came back hither and thither (usually by way of your roundtables) just to touch base and stay somewhat ‘in the know’.

    i’m OFFICIALLY done.

  • Anonymous

    Alea: Jesus, you are still kind of sketch as a motherfucker, but you [seemingly] only had good intentions toward Laffy…
    ::all sorts of dead::

    When I die, Alea, I want you to say my eulogy.