Where’s the Trueblood Roundtable?

Sorry people, we ran out of time this week to finish formatting the final roundtable. (And y’all know we were yelling our heads off at the finale.) Tune in next week for the last roundtable and a couple surprises. Until then, chew on this:

Inside TV – “Rutina Wesley talks last night’s shocking finale and the future of Tara

In your mind, is Tara dead?

Well I mean half my head is missing. I’m just gonna keep saying that. You know, it’s True Blood. I feel like anything is possible. If anything, it is the golden hour though. If she is able to be saved, it’s like she’s got 20 seconds. It’s not a lot of time. I’m curious to see what they’re going to do with all of it. I hope I’m back. But again half my head is missing [laughs].

Maybe Tara will just wear a lot of hats?
Yeah I mean yeah she can wear a lot of hats. Put some gauze on it. But people are going crazy! [Laughs]

It was crazy! Are people approaching you?
Well my phone has been blowing up. I talked to Nelsan and his phone was blowing up. He was like, “People are about to start a riot over you.” I think that’s so sweet to know that people out there are really upset and some people are like, “I’m not watching the show anymore!” I’m like, C’mon guys. But it’s not over. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings. I’m just gonna take it one day at a time. As I said, I haven’t seen any scripts from next season, but I know that I’m involved — I just don’t know in what way.

Are you signed on for a season 5?
Yeah. It’s out there that Alan has already said that he has big plans for Tara. But things change. I don’t know exactly what they have in store for me and how long that will be. It’s tricky. And if I did know, I’m just not going to say. [Laughs]

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  • Chany

    One of the things I don’t like about the idea of either Bill or Eric saving Tara is that she will find  herself attracted and drawn to whoever gives her their blood. I don’t want to see her desiring or pining away for someone that doesn’t want her, because I don’t like seeing her being rejected.  I hope she’s not turned into a ghost, or a vampire, but I do hop she gets saved by some fairy magic. It would be nice to see Tara get saved by the person she (almost? ::crosses fingers::) dies to protect.

    And seriously, after all the Jesus/Laffy love, all he says to him is, “Dude, I’m dead”? That seems out of character for him since he would have done anything for Laffy and was so in love with him. I hope they focus on Laff and his pain AND his recovery. It happened so quickly and they left little time to digest the scene, but his hands killed his love. He wasn’t in his right mind of course, but ultimately they were his hands. Wow. That’s so much deeper than the other story lines that they keep focusing on. Grr.

  • Breadprincess

    I can’t wait for the roundtable, I’ve been refreshing Racialicious all week to see if it was up. This episode had some AMAZING one-liners (“You can’t trade magic like fucking Pokemon cards!”).

    • http://twitter.com/HierKommtAlexis Alexis A.

      My college was brilliant enough to have the finale on the big screen in the on-campus theater and EVERYONE DIED at that line. Jesus’ ghost better be around a LOT. Also, “Fuck Sookie and her fairy vagina!”

  • Anonymous

    I was very angry to see Tara go out like that. I mean if she had to come close to death could it had been in her own right? Not jumping in to save Miz Sookie. When you dun know Sookie never would have done the same

    On a lot of blogs there is a lot of hate for her and it is just annoying even trolls have invaded the Tara fans forums. I mean it seems in fantasy fandom Black women get a lot of hate. The excuse for the hate is all the same, “She is so sad all the time”
    “I liked her before when she was sassy.”
    “She needs more sass like Lafayette”

    The black best friend trope anyone.

    I also disagree that Tara is still victimy, how? She was very pro-active this season defending herself and her girlfriend. She got a bunch of people to join the circle to kill the vampires.

    They better bring her back with a big vengence, probably Lafayette will do something maybe tap into his powers

    • Breadprincess

      The “sassy” comments piss me off. She has been raped, kidnapped, possessed, etc. how many times all in the past, what year and a half? She has every right to seem sad, or defeated, or feel however the hell she wants to.

      • Mickey

        The reason why those in the fandom churn out the same tired excuses about why they cannot stand Tara is because POC characters are not viewed as 3-dimensional human beings with many complex layers. You have two women in similar circumstances. One is black, one is white. Who do you think will receive all of the sympathy and none of the criticism?

        • Adrianne

          perfect explanation mickey.

  • Cb

    goodness i was shocked to see that happen to tara; it was so violent –  i’m  hoping that she becomes a vampire (perchance a lesbian one) or maybe she’ll be restored with some fairy magic? the fairies would be able to get there sooner than vamps..but please NOT a zombie that would be just too insulting.
    on another TB thing…i was disapointed in the way they handled jesus and layfayette saying good bye after j’s death  – all the anxt and drama and hand to brow emotion that is reserved for sookie and her mens ups and downs wasn’t there even although it was a totally loaded scene – i mean how emotional would you be if yr partner came back in spirit form  after you had killed them whilst possessed! its felt that both the queer relationships with the most screen time have been downplayed in contrast to the straight ones. tommy’s death was played for more tears (well it made me cry!) than the horror of killing yr own lover by ‘accident’.

  • Digital Coyote

    She’s telling us to wait and see.  I don’t want her, Nelsan Ellis, Kevin Alejandro, or any other PoC actors out of a job but I have a hard time finding motivation to watch the longer they insist on treating their characters the way they do on the show.  The response on the internet–mostly cheering Tara’s death and general hate for Ms. Wesley–makes me ill. 

    Tara gets raped? Stop blubbering!  Rutina is evil! Why was she expecting help anyway? Who does Tara think she is asking people questions: white folks are talking.  Why is she talking to [man that Sookie is linked to in some way]? They’re too good for her.

    Sookie breaks a nail? The whole of Bon Temps and srs vampire business depends on finding the right Lee press-on.  Don’t be mad at her: she’s just having to grow up faster in a terrible set of cirumstances and she’s just trying to help….herself.  Isn’t she the prettiest ever?!?!

  • EH

    Being the token black guy also means being the only person in the room who likes Tara and recognizes what she’s gone through as opposed to the sheer silliness that is Sookie Stackhouse. Although everyone seems to hate the whole Bill, Eric, Sookie love triangle fuck/innuendo fest. That seems to transcend race, gender, religion, political affiliation, AND socioeconomic status. Sookie needs to start dating a vibrator for awhile and keep the relationship private. At least for Season 5.

    But back to Tara. Had to admit I was pissed but not too surprised. After they killed Tommy and Jesus I knew they were setting the stage for a main characters death. They were important to plot and character development in regards to some of the main ones but these guys hadn’t been around from the start. And shooting Tara is BIG. At least to me.

    As for theories:

    1.  I suspect she’ll either be resurrected, most likely by Sookie’s powers.

    2. Feeling the sheer rage, grief, panic, and despair through their blood bond to Sookie, Bill and Eric will be there before you can say “whipped”. They do what they have to do with Sookie’s consent and make Tara a vampire.

    3. They have a drawn out sad funeral for Tara which is really just a backdrop so Sookie can have another opportunity to let people see her cry. Tara is no longer a character of the show (which would be weird because she’s signed on for season 5) Unless she’s dead and they make her a ghost, flash back char, or some new faux char with Tara’s body (These are very doubtful to me except maybe the ghost possibility)

    My Bet is on 2. And 3 sounds so bad it pretty much disqualifies itself. 1 would surprise me, TV Sookie has a lot less brain cells than book Sookie.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. So I only partially follow True Blood (and started to more lately due to hot Tara fics), but I followed the roundtables for it fairly closely and since I started watching this season, I’ve been anxious for them. And it has been painful to wait for the roundtable for the season finale. And doubly so to see it not up quite yet.

    I only got to watch half the ep so far (the best half apparently?), but some of the writing just hasn’t been making sense to me. Why do Eric and Bill seem like best friends, yet not really? I kind of don’t like it. And I’m really over them being so whipped for the “fairy vagina”. I’m most concerned about Tara though.

    It’s kind of disturbing that so many people can really dislike a character who does so much for her best friend? And not be useless and needy on her own? Maybe self-sufficient just aren’t in with people. I did sadly go out to look for talk of the ep and see a number of (blog/roundtable) writers and commenters hating on tara and hoping she was dead, but the wikia forum actually left me vastly pleased since people really seemed to like/love Tara and be rallying for her (and I’m glad it sounds like people are throwing a fit over what happened). Honestly, even though Tara hates vampires, I hope Pam is the one to turn her (and a lot of others are hoping the same apparently).

    The wait for the roundtable is going to be hard, but I have no doubt that it’ll be worth it. (I didn’t realize the wait for another season is nine months though. Seriously…?)

  • Nina

    Thanks for posting this.  I definitely wasn’t expecting her to get shot.   It’s clear that AB & Co. have no idea what to do with her, she’s been spinning her wheels all season.  That said, I’m all for Tara becoming a vamp.  It would be amazing to see what she could do with it.  And if her maker is Eric or Pam, even better.

    Even if she doesn’t end up as a vampire, she’ll probably be a ghost.  I’m pretty sure she’ll be back in some shape or form.  It would be really disappointing to kill her off in such a weak fashion, especially when they could have just let her go in the beginning of the season, when she was happy in “Nawlins.”

  • Hellok53

    In the books there is a character (vampire) who gets turned right as they die. However, because of this, the vampire is never quite right in the head like the other vampires are. They better not do this to Tara or I am gonna scream!

    • Lyonside

      I did have a serious fear that Tara would be the new Bubba, for sure. That said, I will probably watch anything this actress does in the future, or at least give it a shot… including a fifth season of True Blood! (LOL)

  • http://twitter.com/CoquiNegra Coqui Negra

    Tara is not going to die.  Sookie is going to remember that 2 vampires will do anything she says, she’s going to call Bill & Eric, Tara is going to drink (somehow) and will live.  This will be life changing for her since she really hates Vampires.

  • Agnes

    I’m holding out hope that Lafayette will save her the way he saved Jesus from the rattlesnake bite. *crosses fingers*

  • Sanoe

    I admit it. I’ve check  Racialicious about three times a day since Sunday’s finale.

    You might want to put a spoiler warning before the interview, however.

  • http://timjonesyelvington.com Tim Jones-Yelvington

    This is THE reason I have been compulsively checking my Google Reader feed all week.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/U3S4GBEUNJ64Z5Y6QGMGOJZEMY L

    She looks stunning in that photo. I’ve been dieing for a Tara safe place to talk about this episode.  I trusted Jesus until the end and I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t make more reappearances as a ghost.  And the Eric/Sookie/Bill storyline this season made me want to Barf.  How could Erica abandon Pam like that!

    • Anonymous

      I think Rutina is stunning anyway, much hotter than Anna Paquin yet gets treated as an invisible person. It’s like I’ve said before, Tara is quite a friend to Sookie. She tries to be there for her as much as possible yet Sookie never returns that loyalty. And sadly only Racialicious sees it like me. On the white blogs, there has been much rejoicing about this, one reason being ‘she was always blubbering’. I replied ‘oh it’s not like she has anything to blubber about-alcoholic mother, boyfriend getting killed by a childhood crush, threatened on more than occasion by vampires and least of all-raped and kidnapped by a vampire!
      Once I read the recap of the season finale, I just couldn’t watch it. And if Alan had such big plans for her, I shudder at the thought.
      **SPOILER** I’m wondering if Bill or Eric will save her with their blood then Tara becomes what she hates most (besides herself).

      • Mickey

        I also thought about either Bill or Eric saving her as well. Since she’s Sookie’s friend, I’m more than sure one of them would help her. And based on what I’ve read right  here on Racialicious about how much Tara hate there is on the other websites, I KNEW that they would be happier than monkeys on crack at the thought of Tara’s demise. If this is how they feel about a fictional black person, I can only imagine how they feel about real-life ones. But, as we all know, stupidity is a common trait among the degenerate. Can’t wait to read the roundtable next week!

        • http://rvcbard.blogspot.com RVCBard

          Since she’s Sookie’s friend, I’m more than sure one of them would help her.

          Let’s not forget how they rushed to save Tara in Season 3. Oh, wait – they didn’t.

          • Mickey

            Oh, right! My bad! Short-term memory on my part. Hehe. 

        • Anonymous

          Someone on another site had a really great solution. Have Pam turn Tara. Pam fucking hates Sookie and it would probably piss Sookie off to have Tara turned into a vampire. And of course, they gave us Lesbian!Tara and a lot of tension between Pam and Tara, so that has to go somewhere next season.

          • Roxie

            I don’t think this would be a good idea. Not for Tara anyhow. Considering how she and her family has been victimized by vampires, I don’t think she’d be happy becoming one.

      • Anonymous

        you should visit fangsforthefantasy.com they have a great review on the episode and a really good podcast.

    • Anonymous

      I know. It defies all reason that Eric would care more about Sookie than Pam. I swear, Eric and Bill get neglect father/maker of the year award. Poor Pam. You know Sookie was in no hurry to get the old Eric back but Pam was out for blood.