Someone Got Blood in the Wheat! True Blood, S4, E11

Labor Day weekend meant the entire roundtable was off doing summery things and not thinking about Sookie and her foolishness. So by the time a few of us dragged ourselves away from summer and back into school/work/life, we realized the usual level of snark was off this week. Our slimmed down roundtable has no cross chat – and a bit less bite. But don’t despair – we’re planning something huge and ridiculous for the finale. Until then, Kendra and Amber join me to poke at the plot emerging from the randomness that is Alan Ball’s plot chrysalis.

Vamping it Up

Latoya: This is what PMS used to feel like? I got a mani-pedi at four? This is the True Blood I signed up for! Marnie has officially flipped a shit.
Kendra: I have to agree with the sentiment of “fucking Sookie.” I think it sums up what we’ve all been feeling for the majority of the season, and will choose to believe that’s the writers understanding our gripes.
Latoya: Oooh…the fucking Sookie comments set Jason off. And he’s attacking the menfolk. Jason is a great brother.

Case of the Missing Baby, Redux

Latoya: Wow. Judas!Debbie does have some kind of a heart left. She essentially said to Marcus, “I was just fucking you homes, I was gonna get right back.”
Kendra: Drug addictions cured by children? Marcus’ logic is… questionable.
Amber: Tell me about it. I didn’t think Marcus had coward in him, but Alcide called it from the jump. He’s managed to murder, kidnap, and homewreck all in a matter of hours–that may be a Bon Temp record. If he can flee the scene of the crime (with Debbie) I’ll give him a standing ovation.
Kendra: Oh hell, did one of those bullets just kill Emma or Luna? And I am loving that they’re actually using abjuring as it was from the books.
Latoya: Damn, this was a rough ass ending to their story. That poor princess baby.
Amber: That was a rough ending. When Emma hugged Sam I realized that no one considered her when they decided how to deal with Marcus. Although they won’t miss him, Emma really will…always. They’ve changed her life forever.

Pam’s Snatching Chains Like It’s the 80s!

Kendra: Pam, I would have just done the same thing. You get yours, honey.
Latoya: Damn.
Amber: Ruthless! Although, I also would have stopped an execution for vintage Cartier. Why ruin it with vampire innards?

Dealing with a Devil

Latoya: That spell is seriously great business. Wow, they will really kill themselves for Sookie Stackhouse. I’m amazed at this. Sookie is just gonna sit there and cry.
Kendra: I’m going to need someone to explain to me why Erik and Bill would have just agreed to this deal. One would think that at some point the draw of wheat and sunshine wouldn’t be so strong. Pam knows what’s up though.
Latoya: Pam called Sookie Bo Peep! I thought she was a bit more Miss Muffet myself.
Amber: How did Sookie become more important than the great vamps of Louisiana? How does sacrificing both of their lives for Sookie make any sense at all…? I need someone to explain it to me too because right now it just seems like machismo BS. “Look at me Sookie…I love you more!”
Kendra: I can’t quite put into words how I feel about Marnie’s reasonings behind her actions. She’s not a woman scorned, but a woman ignored. I almost wish we had more backstory on her because at this point she’s just unsympathetic to me, and nowhere near as fun as MaryAnne. Thoughts?
Latoya: She’s like that kid who was bullied in school, and becomes a petty asshole the first chance she gets.
Amber: Marnie’s drunk on power. Overnight she was able to demand attention and respect from those who previously ignored and hurt her and it’s gotten to her head in a very dictatorial sort of way–you know that whole “the end justifies the means” trope. Even if the “end” is motivated by selfish desires.

Faerie Business?

Latoya: Evil Faerie lovin’? Damn, Andy can’t catch a break this season. And why is he just having impromptu wood sex?
Amber: This faerie lovin’ woods romp is so random and I have a feeling it’s going to get Andy into trouble. I really wish he woulda asked himself if sex in the woods with a supernatural being was a good idea before just making oaths to “the light” and gettin busy.
Latoya: After an E.T.esque finger touch. Why in the world do faeries want to have sex with Andy?

And Alcide Reaches The End of His Rope

Latoya: Alcide is not playing. Debbie is too into freaking Marcus during this fight, and Alcide just snapped his neck. And those werewolf divorce rights? That sounded serious. We need something like this for marriage and divorce procedings. This one goes out to Alcide:

Amber: Poor Alcide. Debbie done went and broke his heart. That was actually the most intense break-up ever. It was just as dramatic as a vamp invitation rescindment. So final. That was also one of the few times we’ve seen Alcide a really shaken this season…he’s been so cool this entire time.

Unleash the Brujo

Jesus Demon

Kendra: It looks like we might have all been wrong in our suspicions about Jesus’ motives. We still have an episode and a half left, but so far he’s still alright. I’m also so pleased that Lafayette continues to be unimpressed and unadapted to all this crazy mojo.
Latoya: True. Jesus seemed shady but he’s really been a stand up dude through all of this. And yes, Laffy is the most reluctant medium ever in life.
Amber: Jesus does seem to have good intentions, but I’m still a little taken aback whenever he steps up to the plate and somehow just knows what what to do when supernatural ish goes down. I still don’t think he’s been completely honest about the magic in his family and in his background. Apparently he knows it’s there but has chosen to reveal it to Laffy and those around him little by little. Maybe he’s hoping baby steps won’t completely scare them off.
Latoya: “It’s some brujo shit, and it’s gonna get ugly.” You know, sketchy bits aside, I love people with plans on this show.

Stackhouse Down!

Latoya: Wait, Jason almost got murked thanks to Pam. There are too many bystander casualties in this fight. And clearly, Hoyt’s about to get his heart broken.
Amber: I was rooting for Jason in this episode. I was genuinely concerned when I saw him there all blown up. :( One thing about Jason (that skipped Sookie apparently) is he is one loyal dude, or at least he’s trying to be. I don’t know how he’s gonna avoid ruining his friendship with Hoyt though, cuz Jess isn’t helping on that front.

BilEkie Aftermath

Heart Juice Box

Kendra: Not to harp on this or anything, but is Erik really choosing Sookie over Pam, his child of over two centuries or so? I’m more than pleased that Erik has his memories back, but apparently his sense of judgement has yet to return.
Latoya: Wow, theis scene with Eric and Bill talking to each other but not talking to Sookie feels like a hell of a shift. They still ran to save her, but yeah…the wheat is spoilt. However, when she was gonna die, I must admit, I did feel some concern for old Sook. Guess I still care about her character after all.
Amber: You know, I still wasn’t that concerned about Sookie. Maybe I’m just cold? * shrug * It was interesting that neither Eric or Bill went to Sookie after saving her life. I dunno what that says…but I don’t think the wheat is that spoiled. Maybe they’ve come to some sort of understanding. Also, I dunno how Sookie would want to deal with either of them after Eric merciless murks and Bill shoots Marn She still has them both.
Latoya: Can we pause and say Tara just called a white man an Uncle Tom? Lulz.
Kendra: Oh, is that a piece of spine and heart? THAT is the Erik I know and love. But in all seriousness, that was… a very human death Bill chose for a season full of supernatural craziness.
Latoya: He sucked on that heart like it was a juice box.

And Introducing Marnie!Laffy

Latoya: What is with this top knot thing in bed? I do love the pillow talk. This was a hard one, so I am glad the folks are processing. Wait, WTF?
Kendra: Laffy… always getting the short end of the posession stick.
Latoya: Black folks can’t have nothing on this show. Not even a little piece of happiness.

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Written by:

  • Nakia H.

    This is such a thorough and thoughtful reflection on the episode. Sometimes my attraction to Alcide blinds me to common sense but I really enjoyed your breakdown of what Debbie might have been feeling and the impetus for her subsequent actions.

  • jvansteppes

    “She’s like that kid who was bullied in school, and becomes a petty asshole the first chance she gets.”
    This seems to be a consistent theme on the show: people reacting to abuse or oppression by acting rashly or in the least sympathetic manner possible. Obviously there are people who respond to victimization by becoming
    extremist, but like the X-Men movies, True Blood sets up this trope in
    a very shallow way. Tara is the most obvious example, responding to innumerable incidents of violence with  poor decisions. I think much of the fan hatred toward her is of the ‘oh no an angry black woman’ variety, but the plot doesn’t do her any favors. Having her follow Marnie after promising an allegedly empowering season for Tara was a major let-down and only continues to serve the stereotype of the foolish/bitchy victim who probably deserved the abuse and deserves more.

    • Mickey

      I totally agree. And the reason why Sookie is given a pass for all of her foolishness is because many people feel that because she’s the main character, they are “suppose” to like her, despite her numerous flaws. God forbid something happen to “Sookeh” or else all hell will break loose, both in the show and in the fandom, which should be more like “fan DUMB.”.

    • house

      Um, the only reason she decided to follow Martonia was because Pam had just threatened to stalk her for the rest of her life until she was dead. What else was she going to do? She obviously needed protection from the vampires, and from what she had seen Antonia do to Pam and Eric, the witches could offer her that protection. I mean, who else was she going to turn to? She hasn’t done anything to deserve any abuse, it just comes her way. She wasn’t being a bitchy victim (which in itself is an oxymoron) this season. She was just a woman who was tired of all the crap vampires had done and continued to do to her, so she fought back. How is that foolish? Look, I do think that the tb writers could treat Tara a lot better and give her much more interesting story lines, but I have to at least give them credit in that every decision Tara makes, whether I agree with it or not, actually makes sense! It’s not too contrived or unbelievable. I can’t say the same about all the other story lines (e.g. Jason/Jessica “romance”).

      • jvansteppes

        I agree that Tara makes more sense than almost anyone else on the show, especially Sookie, but the overall message it sends, in my opinion, is that Tara responded to one kind of violence by joining an equally violent alternative. The ultimate message is that Tara was harmed by several members of a particular group and, in response, joined a villain who wanted to eradicate every member of that group, including those who hadn’t harmed her. It reminds me of X-Men 2, in which Magneto isn’t satisfied with preventing the destruction of all the mutants, he wants to kill all the humans instead, which is just as evil. I’m a Tara fan, but I think having her collude with Antonia (before she was held hostage) made her look like a vengeful extremist. Couldn’t she have gone to Mexico with Lafayette and Jesus instead? And brought along her lady friend?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I wasn’t on Alcide’s side at all. His devotion to Sookie is much more than mere concern for a friend. He’s hoping he’ll get a turn in her love harem. I’m not really looking forward to a relationship between these two because I just don’t see the chemistry and Sookie has been ignoring him and doesn’t seem to provide him much in return for his help.

    I feel bad for Debbie. I understood her reasons for joining a pack and I could understand that she doesn’t haven’t very many friends, Alcide is reluctant about participating in pack functions, and maybe Debbie doesn’t have many people she can confide in about her relationship troubles and desire to have kids.

    As far as I can see she didn’t cheat on Alcide, even though she might have been found in a questionable position with another man. But like a broken record she proclaimed her love for Alcide even if she was spending time with Marcus. Marcus was clearly trying to capitalize on the situation by both trying to obtain a new bitch and keep his daughter permanently.

  • Clara Shao-Tan

    I would just also like to LAWLZ at Tara calling a white guy Uncle Tom. This episode was unexpectedly full of zingers!

  • Clara Shao-Tan

    I would just also like to LAWLZ at Tara calling a white guy Uncle Tom. This episode was unexpectedly full of zingers!

  • Anonymous

    I have a nagging suspicion that Debbie is pregnant. She puts her hand on her lower belly during the abjuring scene. Also gives an interesting twist to her conversations with Marcus.

    • Anonymous

      I kinda think you’re right. That occurred to me as well.

  • Anonymous

    I really think that Andy is unwittingly helping to repopulate the fairyland that got destroyed by Sookie’s visit.  I’ve never read the books, but considering the way their time moves in relation to the human world and the fact that Sookie blew their harvest and let Eric eat Claudine, I think they needed to refortify. Remember, something had made mating with humans popular for them, and as they told Sookie, it was time to harvest(so her buddy Barry the Bellboy was stuck back there b/c he ate that light fruit).  I’m guessing that maybe fairies on their own are somewhat barren…

    I felt bad for Debbie because of all of the inexplicable Sookie love, but remember, last season she was nailing Cooter(and man, does Debbie get some hot men) and had dumped all over Alcide to run with the wild Mississippi wolves that worked for Russell Edgington.  So she created the situation that put Alcide on the Sookie bandwagon in the first place.   And I think she did it with that rat-faced Marcus.  I mean, Cooter was hot, but really, nailing Marcus because Alcide won’t have wolf babies with you. She should had laid back and enjoyed the ride…

    • Anonymous

      I’ve read most of the books and Alan Ball seems to cherry pick what he wants to use. In the books, Claudine is an Amazon that most people are attracted to and she has a gorgeous gay twin brother.  I was disappointed with what Ball did with her and the fairy realm.
      And after seeing how Ertic ripped the heart out of the one guy and the way they shot Marnie down, I don’t get what Sookie sees in any of the vamps. Not to mention how both Bill & Eric have threatened Tara on more than one occasion. Yeah I bet Debbie goes after Sookie then gets killed because precious Sookie must be protected. *rolling eyes*

      • Alexis A.

        Marnie and the guy who got his heart ripped out wanted to eradicate all of vampirekind AND DIDN’T CARE WHO THEY KILLED ALONG THE WAY.  They got some mercifully quick deaths if you ask me. Mass murder aint cool. 

        • Anonymous

          Oh please, the vamps’ hands are clean of blood either.

    • Alexis A.

      Yeahhh Debbie and Alcide’s relationship has been falling apart–Sookie (and Debbie’s persistent drug abuse/mistrust/cheating with whoever makes her feel needed) just sped it up.