links for 2011-09-02

  • I'm down with the cause, but this metaphor doesn't seem to fit…"Just to be really clear for those of you who might not be tracking the point I am making. I and the other people in Google+ who choose to have handles/nyms that are persistent and that we are known by but are being rejected by Google+ are Kunta Kinte and the Google+ name police is the slave owner whipping him until he submits to calling himself Toby.

    Metaphorically this IS what is going on. "Yes" I and other people who use handles and use nyms have a choice "not to use the service" – we are technically "not slaves" like Toby is. However we have already been using Google e-mail and other services for years with the names we chose – in changing the rules on the Google plantation they have undermined the social contract that it had with existing users. "