Looking Good in Leather: True Blood S4, E10

This ep is called “Burning Down the House” – and if it means that they are going to keep actually moving the show plot points along, then we don’t need no water, let the motherfucker burn! Jordan, Joe, and Alea join me this week for a surprisingly sad goodbye, post-breakup angst, and demented fantasy karaoke.

Slaughterfest Concludes

Jordan: When did Bill pick up these handy shooting skills?
Latoya: Oh Nan, that was really classic Buffy of you.  Pencil staking, ha!

Joseph: And Marnie just used the word slaves to refer to a race of people. Marnie, notsogood.
Jordan: Oh, the old Eric seems to be coming back. I wonder if he will show proper shame for the pathetic sappy creature he’s been the past couple weeks
Latoya: Finally, fairy powers re-emerge
Jordan: I know… Sookie really needs to train those up so they can be of some use
Latoya: And thank God, – I couldn’t take another week of baby Eric
Jordan: Call me a crazy feminist, but if I had powers like that in a place like BT, I would take some time to develop them. Seems like a more worthwhile investment in my safety than say playing house with one vamp after another
Latoya: @Jordan – right – isn’t there normally a scene where people learn to use their powers? In oh, every single superhuman thing ever.
Jordan: Then again, thinking about anything unrelated to her undead paramours seems beyond Sookie.
Joseph: I dont think I can take much more of The Sweet Kissy Corner Hour with Sookie and Eric.
Jordan: Wait I just saw a glimpse…ERIC!!!! The real ERIC! I love Nan always the PR Woman
Latoya: Right!  Let the glamouring begin!

Jessica and Jason, Post Hook Up

Jordan: Jessica, let’s not try to rationalize
Latoya: Jason is in leather.
Jordan: He’s turned to the darkside and has the wardrobe to prove it. We’re all grown up boys and girls here
Latoya: Oh lord, Jessica – Jason is trying to explain how important Hoyt is to him
Joseph: I think Allsaints must be sending them stuff.  Cause when I have half the wardrobe of a TV show, either I spend too much money or they have some sort of deal.
Latoya: Wait, wait, wait – Jason is asking to be glamoured, and she has the NERVE to get on her high horse?
Joseph: or both
Jordan: Oh yes, Jessica has taken flawed logic to the next level. If we are going to feel guilty, we’re going to feel it together dammit!

Farewell, Lil’ Mickens

Joseph: And it looks like Tommy is the dead one this season
Latoya: oooh – Tommy is looking like an alien is gonna pop out of his chest.
Joseph :.. or sam’s head? i wouldnt put it past TB…
Alea: Jesus fuck, indeed, Alcide.
Jordan: OH Tommy
Joseph: Nothing helps like a bar when youre dying of something
Jordan: My god, he’s just going to die
Alea: I can’t believe.  I really thought that killing off Tommy was too easy.
Latoya: So Tommy is choosing the true death.
Jordan: This is deep. I didn’t know Tommy had this kind of sacrifice in him.
Latoya: A last moment of brotherly bonding  – Wait, did he just say “people who have gone and come back?’  How many people die and come back in Sam’s world?
Alea: “He’s got a right to choose his time” is some pretty sage advice.
Alea: Alcide is kind of perfect [if a tiny bit dull].
Latoya: Ooh Tommy – going out all noble and shit.
Jordan: Yeah… this is heavy for all parties involved. Sam’s brother died for him and Alcide helped kill him
Jordan: Sam is going to lose it on Marcus
Latoya: “You were the best part of my life” – Yeah, that’s gonna haunt Sam a while.
Alea: Tommy’s so….Jesus-y here.  He’s rather zen about the whole thing in his own way.
Latoya: Godric-y? Jesus was a bit better behaved…
Jordan: Well then… this moment between Alcide and Sam is a little awkward in the aftermath
Latoya : Sam vs. Marcus. Boyfriend’s calling Wolf Pack Leader Alcide.
Alea: Yeah, Alcide can’t side with Marcus on this.  His code won’t let him.
Jordan: Yeah… guess he will take over after Marcus’ untimely death.  Sam is going to skin Marcus and wear him like a coat
Alea: Ha!  I’d like to see him try. *That* will be a pretty good fight.
Joseph: How is Luna going to feel that her boyfriend killed her ex husband who killed her boyfriends…I guess this show is upping the killing of main characters this season.

New Witches Versus Manon Marnie!Antonia

Alea: “Magic is not stronger than technology?”  Really?!?
Latoya: “I got some rage” – Tara, there’s an understatement
Joseph: Marnie is coming through!
Latoya: Oh lord. Antonia!Marnie is showing some cracks.
Jordan: Antonia is worried about putting her soul at RISK? Oh honey, I think you secured your southbound train the minute the bodies started dropping.
Alea: Definitely.  People filled with righteous indignation always seem to forget that killin’ is killin’ is killin’. And there’s not room enough inside of Marnie for both of them.
Jordan: Marnie is crazy
Joseph: Oh, thats a twist. I thought Marnie was the sane one
Jordan: Antonia is apparently the sane one
Alea: I…really would not have expected Antonia to be the voice of reason here.
Latoya: Uh. Marnie is still operating on psychopath logic. Her feelings are hurt = everyone must die.
Alea: Marnie mixed up an extra strong batch of Kool-Aid.
Joseph: wow, thats some way to convince someone Marnie
Latoya: Antonia – run!
Alea: Ha!  Where?
Latoya: Back to spirit realm? Inside Merlotte’s wiccan?
Jordan: Antonia is going to further damn herself… she needs to be easy.To say nothing of the fact she is still back from the dead. Guess she hasn’t though about where she’s going after this stint in Marnie is over…
Joseph: has she ever wondered what why she hasnt moved on yet?
Latoya: This is yet another abusive relationship
Alea: Yes.

Vampire Time Out

Jordan: “Dairy maid and her lightening trick” Ha Nan
Latoya: Nan, co-opting the civil rights movement since it started
Joseph: I wonder if the wardrobe people cry a little when a Chanel is covered with blood
Latoya: @Joseph – It’s just you.
Joseph : LOL maybe
Jordan: I wonder, do they really cover the Chanel in blood or is there stand in Chanel
Alea: Ah, the finger-pointing.  Bill and Nan are like petty children.
Jordan: I love all of them
Joseph: “True death for you” is the new “no soup for you.” You heard it here first.
Latoya: LOL
Alea: That scene was….hilarious.  Nan is so petulant here.

Rise of BilEkie

Jordan: What is this? Hybrid Eric? Real Eric putting on the Baby Eric show for one last romp in the snow (or the shower, or the woods…)?
Latoya: So now there are two Erics?  Can he kill and eat the other one? And where the hell is Pam? Freaking Bilekie drama. Sookie’s lines are making me barf.
Jordan: Yeah… he can’t be all the way back or he would have tended to Pam
Joseph: Alan Ball, shame on you for altering this storyline so drastically. This is like if Twilight girl ended up with the werewolf.
Latoya: @Joe – No, this is as if Edward and Jacob came with a tag team option.
Jordan: They could cut this whole scene and save it for an online extra. Isn’t this what HBO.com is for? PAM!
Alea: Hybrid Eric is kind of scary.
Jordan: Good question Pam. This is not the Eric we know and love. Pam should put this pale impostor out of his misery.
Latoya: Now, this tender moment between Pam and Eric is one I can get behind.
Jordan: Eric is broken
Alea: Yes.  Broken, unsettling, looks like shit will get heinous whenever he snaps.
Latoya: Tender Viking FTW!
Jordan: Thumbs down. I don’t like this new half Eric
Joseph: And that window is closed. LOL.
Latoya: Oh, Sookie remembered Tara’s in trouble? How kind.
Jordan: Yeah… annoyed they changed this from the books. Tara who risked her life for her… again

Vhab at the Treehouse

Alea: Busted.  Oh, Andy.
Joseph: Arlene’s robe gets me every time
Alea: Her entire wardrobe, really.
Joseph: yeah, maybe Mrs. Roper is her mother. Or her fashion icon.
Jordan: I know. It is a character by itself. What I really want to know is where they get her stuff from…
Alea: Lol.  @Jordan: Some Goodwill Bins in the Midwest? [Terry’s such a damn mensch.]
Joseph: Speaking of, they are not using Mona/Mrs. Bellefleur enough
Alea: No.  She appeared for two seconds and was gone.
Jordan: Brotherhood bonding retreat with the Bellefluers. Who packed smores? Oh, this is a Terry episode. Loving it
Joseph: “except the antipsychotics”
Alea: Yes!  Amazing line.  I love that Terry is so upfront about his mental illness and is also maybe the most well-adjusted character in the whole damn show.
Latoya: LOL – okay, I could watch the Terry and Andy show too
Jordan: Terry and Andy are hilarious
Alea: Terry definitely needs his own show.  He’s got the best lines.
Jordan: I like that they are spending this time developing these two a bit
Joseph: Like I said “The Terry and Arlene Comedy Hour”
Jordan: much better than more Sookie and her “who do I screw” decision
Alea: Whoa, they’re going deep here.  Terry called him out about living up at his grandmama house.
Latoya: OMG Terry FTW. “I only went into the corps to go to college, and now I’m too fucked up to go!”
Joseph: oh, so thats what it is
Jordan: Terry is really the best person in this town – may he have a happy ending
Latoya: (This was the fastest v-hab ever.  Terry should open a clinic.)
Alea: “Men without souls do not cry?”  That’s beautiful. Terry would make a great social worker.  Somone needs to start the “Bring Some Damn Social Services to Bon Temps” campaign.

Return of the Magic POCs

Jordan: These gentleman wake up this dressed up? Oh… that robe
Alea: Laffy’s socks, whaaaat?!?
Joseph: that hair. I’m not sure how I feel about it
Jordan: Jesus’s hair, when did he get a chance to style it this morning?
Alea: Jason, at least, is smart enough to know that magic beats technology.  @Jordan: Jesus sleeps with product next to his bed.
Jordan: I bet he does
Alea: Before the robe comes the pomade.
Jordan: Like Tara who apparently has a flat iron in her captivity
Alea: I was just noticing that.  Her hair has been bothering me all damn season. And she doesn’t seem to be in any pain.  Didn’t her hand just get burned to shit?
Jordan: Laffy’s hair is killing me.
Joseph: oh sweet jesus… actually i was saying the name of our savior but it works on both levels
Latoya: Jesus down!
Jordan: Really, with all this power, she can’t sense Laffy and Sookie and Jason
Alea: Nope. That’s not her particular power, I think.
Latoya: Hmm…is this Marnie talking or Antonia talking?
Joseph: theres gonna be a lot of yelling
Jordan: It’s a latin thing…
Joseph: LOL good times
Latoya: El Brujo! Spotted!
Alea: Whaaaat?  What the fuck was that?
Jordan: Ummm… not sure what they are saying about what’s inside of Jesus
Joseph: I think Satan and a Lucha Libre had a baby

Debbie Wants to Pack Her Shit and Leave with Marcus

Jordan: Oh Debbie… you and Marcus are perfect for each other
Alea: Lol
Jordan: This is the most interesting seduction scene I have seen in a while
Joseph: How can you go from Alcide to him?
Latoya: Judas!Debbie is blowing me right now.  She’s gonna bang him.
Joseph: HOW
Jordan: I know Joseph… i know
Alea: Talking about breeding…is leading to sex.  I just want to make sure I got that straight. That….does not really work in the real world.  Right?
Joseph: maybe it works for wolves
Latoya: Now Alcide is gonna kill him on GP. Oh, Alcide is officially team Sam? Lord.  The boys are back in town…
Alea: Yes.
Jordan: Alcide and Sam make a lovely pair, both have this weird sense of logic and honor

Wait, We Were Still on Werepanther

Joseph: a demon.  a new species introduction!
Jordan: Ummm… Jesus has a DEMON inside him…
Alea: Huh.  I wonder how long he’s known that.  I knew he was keeping something back.
Latoya: Maybe I’ve been reading too much M.L.N. Hanover, but I’m not thinking all demons are inherently bad
Alea: Per Charmed, demons can sometimes be good people.
Latoya: For realz? Never got that far into the series.
Alea: Yeah, one of the love interests was half-demon and half-human; part of the storyline was convincing everyone that a demon could be something other than evil.
Joseph: Somwhere Tara’s mom says “Oh THATS a demon? I guess I was just an alcoholic then.”
Alea: lol.
Latoya: (Laffy is the Moor…oh hell nah Antonia)
Jordan: Oh… Jesus… Marnie is not the person to work with
Joseph:  she is going to KILL Jesus
Jordan: Ha, I guess Jesus is Marnie’s type
Latoya: Glad Jesus figured it out quick.
Alea: Seriously, or he’d be dead.
Jordan: Yeah… he side stepped that well. So they are just chanting in the back and no one has noticed?
Latoya: OMG, please Tara. Get it together.
Joseph: haha that takes some skill to be an Irish woman pretending to be a spanish woman pretending to be a southern woman
Alea: Jesus is so disappointed in Marnie.  He really believed in her.
Jordan: What is the world did they just start up?
Latoya: I call on the power of Rochelle, and every black girl that’s ever been set up in a horror movie, SAVE TARA!
Jordan: HA.  Tommy already played the martyr so maybe tara will be spared. She sure is trying though
Alea: Oh, hell.

After Sookie, Jesus, Laffy, and Tara vanish…
Latoya: Hey – do you think they’re gonna bring back that weird farie alter-dimension and wrap that plotline up? Or is that in the graveyard with HotShot?
Alea: I wouldn’t be surprised if it was deployed in a deus ex machina kind of way and then we never heard about it ever again.   I don’t think it’ll be explored too deeply.
Latoya: I mean, Sookie should still have some connection to that world
Jordan: HA

Suit Up, Roll Out

The Fab 4

Jordan: Oh… Yes…. The dream team is here
Joseph: Well at least my favorite witches arent in there.  the rest are basically toast
Latoya: They just brought an RPG [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocket-propelled_grenade] to a magic fight.
Alea: That…is so hot.
Latoya: (boyfriend is petitioning for rap in the closing themes. He’s quoting Tupac. I like this one, but I cosign.)
Alea: RPG, Pam’s side ponytail, Jess’’ face full o’ blood lust…..I’ll be in my bunk, as Jayne would say.
Jordan: I like the fierce four. love that Pam has a launcher. It looks like the perfect accessory for her
Latoya: Right – finally, someone is acting like they run shit.
Joseph: SATC eat your heart out
Latoya: @joe – LMAO
Jordan: HA. No more whining, no sobby Eric and his feelings, just beat downs in well coordinated leather
Joseph: Also, I know they all look like lovely Spitalfield’s spokesmodels, but where are the other vampires? You would think they would have made a couple of calls, or something.
Latoya: No, because that would be logical
Alea: Bill wants to handle this in-house.  An illogical move that makes for better television.
Jordan: Yeah… i think this is a personal house call
Latoya: Did they leave Nan in the silver? Lulz if they did.
Jordan: They probably did cause Nan looks like she would fit right in


Latoya: Clearly, Ball is running a plotline chop shop – So what is actually going to happen in the next two eps?
Jordan: Jesus’s demon will come out and play
Alea: Yes.  The fight at the magic shop is going to take up most of the time.  I imagine that we’ll get some kind of plotline soup out of it.
Latoya: Since POCs can’t never have nothin, I’m going to assume we get no more clarity with Jesus’s brujo skillz, just a few more well timed flashes, like Sookie’s farie deus ex Ballina.
Jordan: Eric and Bill will come to some sort of blows over the rights to Sookie’s tasty wheat
Alea: I think Eric will do something that makes Sookie think twice about lurving him, giving Beel the lead. She’s already not too comfortable with the hybrid.
Jordan: I’m not comfortable with the hybrid
Latoya: @Jordan – do they really have time to fight over Sook? Or is she gonna get shot again and have another 3 way fantasy?
Jordan: They have to fight… whether it is an actual throwdown (since we may have that with Sam) or not. They have proved they can’t share
Joseph: actually {spoiler alert} a demon is the assistant to a king or something in the books. they might make jesus that person
Jordan: That demon was a little tacked on to me… that’s a pretty big thing
Alea: Ditto, Jordan.  They could have brought this in while we were in Mexico.  Give that trip some purpose.
Jordan: apparently since demons and faeries are specially opposite, they have opposite powers
Alea: There’s something super unsettling about hybrid Eric.  It’s the mixture of little boy lost and ruthless sociopath with the addition of him now being absolutely humorless.  There’s no joy, which both of the previous versions had going for them, though they took pleasure in very different things.
Latoya: Agreed. I miss the witty Eric.
Alea: I didn’t mind Chip Eric, but the hybrid is not my cuppa.
Joseph: He just had the worst version of “This is your Life” ever. In like one moment. and then he got dumped. lol.
Alea: Which makes me think of Lorne from Angel. He’d tell Eric and Jess all about their souls.
Jordan: Ahhh… Lorne
Alea: Eric’s going to be more brutal than ever before.
Jordan: Yeah, he’s got to kill the pain away
Alea: Lol.  It’s like Peaches, but not.
Latoya: Hmm…maybe Eric and Jess can go to karaoke. “Hoyt used to suck on my titties like he wanted me! Then he put me in the monster box!”
Alea: LOL – So harsh.  So true.
Joseph: All I can think of now is miss piggy’s rendition of that song
Alea: Of “Fuck the Pain Away?”  What?
Latoya: Oh girl – youtube
Joseph:its pretty much the funniest thing ever

Jordan: Love it
Alea: No. Fucking. Way. That was pretty brilliant.

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Written by:

  • Anonymous

    I was amused to notice that, after Sookie went “I can’t imagine a world with Beeel,” Eric started getting more and more like his real self. I loved him standing in the background, making snide comments as Sookie and Bill talked. I suspect that some of the “little boy lost” attitude after he got his memories back was faked, so that he could try and keep Sookie. Once she messed with that? Well, no reason to keep that up.

  • http://twitter.com/robinskull Meg

    Terry, bless him, continues to be a bright beautiful awkward beacon of hope and hilarity <3

    The fight between him and Andy, beyond being entertaining, was also probably the first time the show was able to talk about class issues without being mind bogglingly offensive, so A++ for that.

    I'm kind of pumped for next week, I really hope they go all out with the vamp dream team showdown.  Usually TB cliffhangers are such let downs, they're always super anti-climatic and are generally resolved with in the first 5 minutes.  So I'm hoping against hope that they buck the trend and give us fireworks.  Game changing fireworks. 

    Random aside, I realize I'm kind of slow on the uptake but I just realized that Marnie is Harry Potter's mean muggle aunt!  Mind, officially blown.

  • Lila

    Sookie: Hey Alcide, help me with some dangerous vampire stuff that I foolishly got myself into.

    Alcide: Sure, that sounds like a great idea, I’ll do it.

    Marcus: Hey Alcide, my wife doesn’t want me anymore and she’s trying to move on with this other guy; help me intimidate him so that my wife realizes she has no choice but to come back to me.

    Alcide: Sure, that sounds like a great idea, I’ll do it.

    [The wolves beat up Tommy.]

    Sam: Hey Alcide, help me get revenge on your pack leader for killing my brother, who raped my love interest but I’ve now decided it wasn’t Tommy’s fault.

    Alcide: Sure, that sounds like a great idea, I’ll do it.

    • http://www.lefteyelooking.wordpress.com ishtari

      Your commentary about Alcide is spot on and funny!  I agree with what you’ve said.

      However, I think Alcide is the typical guy who has the pickup truck who just can’t say no.  What do I mean?

      Years ago, a friend of mine was buying a new car and he really wanted a pickup truck but he decided not to get one because he had enough sense to see the outcome….future thinking.  He is kind of a pushover and he knew that if he bought a pickup everyone and their mother would call him to ask him to move their stuff. It’s true too!
      I thought he was being paranoid but it’s true.   Everyone I know that has a pickup gets wrangled into moving poeple’s stuff even when they are really busy.

      Alcide Herveaux  is the pickup truck.

  • Anonymous

    I had thoughts about the episode, but then I saw the Miss Piggy sing Fuck the Pain away and forgot most of them.

    Sookie is still incredibly frustrating. “Sorry Eric, but this fun was only guilt-free when I could pretend you were a different person that didn’t try to eat all of my friends and enjoy all the fun of your lovely and lanky bod without the risk of your actual personality and full mental capacities” would have been a better way to describe why she’s bailing than “I had more of Bill’s blood, and I’m so new on the V wagon I don’t know that’s why I think I’m in love with him again.” Watching her say the dumb shit from her threesome dream to an actual person was painful.

    I’m guessing that the fairies will pop back up and so will the werepanthers, kind of like how it was an entire season between Sookie getting her back ripped off in greeting from the maenad and us finding out what a maenad is and what she has to do with Bon Temps. It’s possible the fairies are pulling back because Sookie’s back on the vamp wagon, but now that she’s dumped Eric and he’s back he’ll probably give back the deed to her house and she’ll probably get some distance. Without the risk of being eaten in her front yard, the fairies are likely to come calling again. And Crystal went through too much hell to secure Jason and his non-related semen to just let him roll out forever without even paying a call. She’s probably just busy acting as matriarch in the absence of Calvin and Felton and putting off dragging Jason’s ass back until she has something good to lure him, like panther kids or the announcement she’s off V and totally sorry and not a vampire.

    • http://www.lefteyelooking.wordpress.com ishtari`


      “I’m guessing that the fairies will pop back up and so will the werepanthers,”

      I hope so!  I really want to see them put a conclusion to those 2 plots, it would be ridiculous to introduce something and not follow through with it. 

      And I know that I’ve said this before at the other roundtables, but I’m REALLY tired of Sookie and her braindead decisions, sick of Bill too.   Jason is tolerable because he’s adorably stupid.  Sookie is not and I think the reason why is because she’s a total narcissist and she has tendency to be self-righteous and use the “vampires are people too” racecard when it’s convenient. 

      Tara just needs to move to Canada or some other country and put her middle finger up in the rearview mirror. 

      As I said on some other roundtable post, if they made a spin off series with Pam, Lafayette, Jesus, Tara, Jessica, Alcide, crazy Debbie, Terry, and Andy….I would watch that show!  It would have high ratings too.

    • Lyonside

      >I had thoughts about the episode, but then I saw the Miss Piggy sing Fuck the Pain away and forgot most of them.

      That’s quite OK – because I’m thinking Fuck The Pain Away would be an absolutely AWESOME ensemble True Blood fanvid. And I’d never thought that before this moment, although I’d seen the Muppet vid before.