• PatrickInBeijing

    I have always loved Maxine Waters, and she continues to demonstrate why.   I read so much politics, that I often don’t remember where I read what, but someone recently (around here) said something to point out that these are not just issues like “where should we put the stop sign”, but are, for a LOT of very real people, life and death issues.  The Tea Party folks are not just polite folks who have a slight difference of opinion, they are racist fascists, who have threatened violence, against President Obama, the whole Federal Government, and pretty much anyone who disagrees with them.  Go Maxine!!

    @OxG:disqus , um, just who exactly is her “horde”?  (Is that a political term?).  I would love to join, where can I sign up!

    President Obama is who he is.  For better and worse.  Any President will be criticized, but people should be held accountable for the tone and style of that criticism (and the substance as well).  There is a lot of weirdness in much of the criticism of  President Obama.  And even mental illness (the space aliens speak to me folks in full voice).

    Kat, it seems to me that we need to get the Federal Government to directly run some stimulus programs  (much like the WPA under Roosevelt), rather than throw the money down (block grants, are stupid, IMHO) to the states where it gets wasted by state politicians and siphoned off to their consultant buddies (mostly white).

    There is certainly lots that can just be done (the Feds could “green” housing through the department of energy and HUD).  Van Jones  (among many others) has done admirable work in talking about how to do this.  We lack the will.  But, the need is great.  I read today that the number of people on unemployment is dropping, the writer suggested that people are finding jobs, I think that their F*****ging benefits are running out, and the suffering (invisible as usual) will be great, and I am scared for my country. 

  • Anonymous

    Is Rep. Waters full of caca? Is it fair for her and her horde to criticize Pres. Obama? Why should Black Americans expect him to do something for them? Isn’t he the president of all people? Where was Congress (in particular the  black cauc folk) on this job issue and the system racism involved? 

    Are we as black americans just fooling ourselves? It’s the fucking system. Obama nor Congress can save us. Anyone who attacks the system, plays the race card to HELP black americans will get no where. White politicians can only do this for their white constituents. 

    We are (rather the poor/working poor blacks) are really lost as far as help and achieving true equality goes. There is no hope. The Civil Rights Movement and it’s accomplishments have been picked apart (especially affirmative action) for the last 40 plus decades. It is pretty much meaningless for blacks beyond them lynching us and blocking us from voting. 

    There is no hope.

  • Kat

    Question to everyone: How can local politicians (best?) help the economy in their district?  Earmarks? Stimulus money? Other ideas?

  • Logoskaieros

    See the Tea Party cry about someone being mean to them: http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/maxine-waters-to-tea-party-go-to-hell/2011/08/22/gIQAjgEeWJ_story.html

    And see some Rep dude compare himself to Harriet Tubman: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0811/61828.html (which makes Waters the Plantation overseer?  Which makes the Dem. party the plantation? Does that make the Rep. party the North? I don’t get how this analogy works.)

    • Guest

      Not just some Rep dude… Allan West!