links for 2011-08-19

  • "'There’s more than one cool now for black people,' Mr. Gumbs said on a recent Tuesday at the Bergen Street studio, wearing a slight wisp of a goatee and dark glasses that sharpened his round face. 'When we were growing up, it was just one kind of cool.'
    That was hip-hop, with its hegemonic style. But the men of Street Etiquette and their peers practice a deliberate elision of hip-hop style (except in the site’s early days, when the two were still shaking free of their Air Jordans). They even eschew the prim eccentricity of an Andre 3000, or the cosmopolitan flamboyance of Kanye West."
  • "'Looking at the dictionary it would appear that the term jungle bunnies is pejorative and is a racist slur relating to African-Americans.'
    "'Needless to say I did not mean to use any offensive racist term and was referring to the urban jungle.'
    "He added: 'As for the bunny bit it was originally 'animals', but I thought people might object to me calling fellow humans this so I chose something I thought was innocent and also cuddly.'"
  • "According to research by the Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), dealer markups will cause Americans who bought cars in 2009 to pay an extra $25.8 billion over the lives of their loans. Earlier research by the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) estimated that more than 54 percent of African Americans are charged dealer kickbacks, compared to only 31 percent for white customers – even after accounting for differences in credit risk.  The extra cost to a buyer was significant too: NCLC found that in Washington, D.C., the same transaction that would cost White customers $255; but Black consumers, $857."
  • "The NIH-commissioned study of 40,069 individual applicants between 2000 and 2006 reported that Asian American or Hispanic researchers were just as likely as whites to receive the new research project grants.
    "But it found that blacks were less likely to receive the grants, regardless of education, training, citizenship, country of origin and prior research and publication history.
    NIH officials were also disturbed by the small number of applications from non-white applicants. The study found that white applicants far outnumbered those of all other racial/ethnic groups: 28,456 whites (71 percent); 5,402 Asians (13.5 percent); 1,319 Hispanics (3.3 percent); 598 blacks (1.5 percent); and 11 percent were other/unknown."
  • "Obama deported 393,000 people in the 2010 fiscal year, with an overall deportation record that far exceeds his predecessor, George W. Bush.

    Some Latinos now have a message for the president: If deportations continue at high rates, he should not count on their votes in 2012.

    "We know that the people in the Obama campaign … are running a campaign that assumes that Latino voters will take anything over a Republican, including a Democrat that is worse than a Republican on immigration," Lovato said. "Our actions are to show that you're wrong."

  • Penguin

    Re: Latinos to Obama: Change On Immigration Or Else
    Recently, the DHS released a memo stating that DREAM Act eligible youth and other non-criminal undocumented people are no longer high priority cases for ICE. Information is here. People currently in removal proceedings will have their cases reviewed, and if they fit specific criteria, will be able to apply for work authorization. However, this is by no means a long-term solution. Legislation is still needed to address the millions of other undocumented people, and for those whose cases have been closed, there is no guarantee as to their future statuses. The DREAM Act still needs to be made law. 

  • Miss Browne

    That English MP knew exactly what he meant… it’s the same slur everyone used to use against west indians in the 1950’s/1960’s. they keep pretending that they didn’t know (yeah right); keep getting away with it… shitty behaviour

  • Anonymous

    Have you guys seen this shit??:

    Can’t stand most of the comments. I hate clueless white people, or frankly people who just don’t want to see racism.

  • Lyonside

    Re: The Telegraph…

    I love when people are SOOOOO creative, that they just HAPPEN to come across words in the English language and put them together in new unique ways they’ve never heard before, and that they just HAPPEN to be as well-known insult for a group they just HAPPEN to be talking about. Does this happen in other non-English languages, I wonder, or is the English language just that amazingly coincidental?

    I mean, there are a couple of options here:

    1) the 1000 monkeys typing turning into Shakespeare scenario… yeah, me neither.

    2) the politician had heard that phrase his whole life but never really knew what it meant (Jay using “porch monkeys” because his grandmother always used it, anyone?), in which case you should be too ignorant and mentally lazy to be in public office. Not to mention your social circle probably revolves around people who look exactly like you… in which case, again, you are ill-equipped to represent a diverse society of people.

    3) the politician knew full well what he was saying, and is now frantically backpedaling to find a peaceable solution, and instead of reaching for the more realistic if embarrassing Option #2, he’s choosing the “magical linguistic snowflake” Option #1.