Spellbound? More Like Sexbound: True Blood S4, S8

I was really about to title this roundtable “Fuck the Pain Away“, in honor of Sookie and Eric’s quest to have sex for the rest of the season. But that wouldn’t be fair to Skinwalking Tommy, the Marcus-Luna-Sam triangle, or Lafayette’s new drama. Kendra, Joe, Jordan, and Amber, join me to keep poking at True Blood plotlines.


Latoya: Just rewatched last week’s ep – did anyone else hear the gunshot right before Jess opened the door?
Kendra: If I did, I’d forgotten. Whoops.
Joe: Yeah, I assumed it was Jason shooting that idiot guard or Jason being shot at running to protect his hot ginge. And you know, just to blab some more: Reflecting on about the ending of last weeks episode, it reminded me of a quality of television not unlike Six Feet Under. Which, as we know, tends to not be true with this show. Message to Alan Ball: Schmaltzy pillow talk: bad. Drama, like this: good. Speaking of–

Jessica and Jason? Oh Boy…

Latoya: Oooh starting with Jess!
Jordan: Oh look, he got her. Jason pulled a nice save on that.
Kendra: They couldn’t possibly leave us hanging after last week!
Latoya: Jason Fucking Stackhouse. Oh wait – once again, bad plan.
Amber: This is sad. Hoyt is such a great guy and he’s inevitably going to get screwed over by the love of his life and his best friend. WOMP.
Kendra: Good intentions… just always forgets to think things through. It’s a constant with him, even with how much he’s matured. (Speaking of, I keep forgetting they jumped ahead a year.)
Latoya: Marnie and them had some serious timing when they stopped the chant. So wait – Jess didn’t die and Jase didn’t die…so the suspense continues.
Joe: Aaaand the only vampire that’s died so far is black. How very Black Dude Dies First of you, TB.
Kendra: Well, I officially support this relationship now, despite how badly this will end.
Latoya: Will someone please think of Hoyt?
Jordan: Back in the silver I guess
Kendra: The SFX makeup people are really making their money this season.
Latoya: LMAO
Jordan: indeed. bless jason’s heart. He’s really trying to do the right thing by him. Boy code in action
Latoya: And damn, does this mean Jase killed the guard outside?

Pack Problems

Latoya: And all of this is getting really morally messy. And the new pack leader is kinda hilarious
Kendra: “No you wouldn’t, you would be dead.” Most sensible person on the show, TBH.
Jordan: Hmmm… new pack leader seems a bit smarter than I gave him credit for
Latoya: Right? Marcus is the first sensible person I have seen on this show yet!
Amber: Agreed. I am very impressed with his speech. Maybe the pack won’t be so bad for Alcide and Debbie after all…at least dude is not trying to get anyone killed.
Jordan: The speaking sense mantle has been passed
Latoya: Debbie is boning Marcus, isn’t she? If she hasn’t started, she will.
Jordan: I love how Alicide towers over all of them
Kendra: Alcide is on his way to First Mate status in the pack.
Jordan: Debbie can’t handle it, she needs her men a little rougher around
Latoya: Nah, you know he’s about to throw it all out the window for some sweet sunshine and spoiled wheat.
Jordan: Ahhh.. back to Sookie
Kendra: Staying away from Sookie is generally the best way for anyone to stay alive.
Amber: And yet no one has learned that…except maybe Tara? But I have a feeling she’ll be running back too once it’s all over–if she doesn’t end up dead, that is.
Latoya: Debbie needs to just stop.
Jordan: Oh, and that sound was their relationship dying
Latoya: You keep bringing up another woman, and see what happens…didn’t her momma tell her anything?

Later, after we discover Marcus is Luna’s Baby Daddy…

Kendra: Uh oh. That’s his daughter? Snap.
Jordan: Whoops, forgot about this whole storyline
Latoya: Oh shizzle
Jordan: This just got dirty, we’re bringing parole officers into it..
Amber: That’s how it has to be sometimes. He walks in tryna run shit…Luna had to remind him to fall back.
Latoya: Now I wanna know how she got with Marcus.
Joe: Or… why. I’m guessing rebellion.
Amber: Marcus has too much damn energy and a bad temper. I know Sam was a bad ass in the past, but I dunno. He just got himself involved in some mess…again.
Kendra: I love how this is about 10x more interesting than all the vampire business.
Jordan: Yeah that doesn’t seem like it will end well
Latoya: Right. Marcus is overly buck for no reason. I’m glad Alcide is skeptical.

Sam and Luna Discover Tommy’s Little Secret

Jordan: Awkward… can’t imagine having to explain to someone I’m courting about killing my parents and then having my brother take over my body. What do you day after that… my bad
Latoya: Seriously. And I love princess baby. Cat barbie is her other side.
Kendra: Yeah… in a way I’m almost glad they’ve sort of glossed it over, because I really can’t think of any realistic way they discuss and get over that.
Amber: Well, Luna’s no stranger to shifting and skin walking so I’m sure even though it’s SUPER awkward, at least it’s something that she totally understands and has experienced. On date one with a non-shifter though? That’d def be a deal breaker.

Latoya: Tommy is freaking me out
Jordan: What they hell? dammit Tommy. “Really nice bitches”
Latoya: He’s going for the oil cash.
Kendra: “You’d think.” I’m choosing to read that as a comment on Sookie…
Kendra: Tommy!Ms. Thortenberry is a hot mess.

Ekie Continues

Kendra: Back to the real stars of the show now…
Jordan: Oh yeah… He’s been a sweetheart.. since that woman he killed… Don’t Sookie
Kendra: Sookie is going to let him feed from her, isn’t she.
Joe: Of course she is.
Jordan: Don’t be that stupid
Amber: She’s ALWAYS that stupid.
Kendra: My God. She is a moron. Eventually he’s getting his memory back and you’re back to having those dreams…
Latoya: “Now you know my blood is special…” ummhmm, wheat and sunshine.
Jordan: Eric seems more concerned for her life than she is…
Joe: I mean, her grandmother even warned her from the great beyond and she didn’t listen. Sookie would miss a “Eric Northman Killed Us” ticker tape parade if he was speaking romance novel to her.
Amber: Ugh. Right?! She hightailed it out of Marnie’s shop when gran told her to, so why can’t she remember that part two of that message was heavily anti-Eric?
Jordan: It’s wrong to hope he kills her, isn’t it
Amber: @Jordan Naaaah, I’m also on the “please relieve us from Sookie” bandwagon.
Latoya: He’s sniffing her like some wine. Shouldn’t he swirl her first?
Kendra: Sookie. No.
Latoya: LOL
Jordan: Ummmm… IDIOT
Kendra: I hope this is a dream…?
Latoya: This scene is making me gag. When two become one, spice girls style? They are really laying Ekie on thick.

Jordan: Oh… more marathon sex
Kendra: Excessive feet shot? I didn’t know Tarentino was directing this episode. Though, that would also explain the head-desk bashing.
Latoya: This shower scene is so not exciting. Chip Eric does nothing for me. This would have been awesome last season.
Jordan: I know. Real Eric would have worked some magic with this
Kendra: Are they high?
Joe: He’s high on her fairy, she’s high on his vamp. That spells healthy love right there.
Amber: This scene is lasting entirely too long…NEXT.
Jordan: So she’s wheat and sunshine and he’s snow?
Latoya: Oh, they’re dreaming. In fanservice. Sookie wants to fuck while glamping. Frolicking, frolicking, in the snow!
Joe: I’m gonna geek out. This scene is supposed to be. so. much. dirtier. Like marching toward the Spice channel. I’m upset.
Jordan: If I was Anna Paquin, they would explain to me why I had to spend yet another episode naked
Joe: Let’s be honest, I could use some love and affection as much as the next singleton, but if this were happening to me I would NOT be able to stop laughing.
Amber: @Joe Ha! Cosign. They are overdoing it with the sweet and innocent. From moonlit meadows to snowy sunshine? They’ve totally become a cheesy romance novel.
Kendra: They’re still in their Narnia snow palace?
Jordan: HA
Latoya: Eric, snow doesn’t melt on your skin – you’re dead! Fanservice blows.
Joe: Please- two episodes- no two SCENES like this per season. And never back to back. Lordy.
Amber: Seriously…how long ‘til they snap back to reality?
Jordan: I don’t remember his blood doing this to anyone. And between which thrust did they fall in love exactly?
Joe: The very first, Jordan. The very first.
Latoya: The whole house (Toya, Boyfriend, Renina, Goldy) just sang “Loving you….ooooohhoooohoooohooohooohoooo!”

Kendra: …hoooow are they still naked?
Latoya: Right? We are 2/3rds through the show. Wait – was Sookie high on V? Like Jason’s first chick, dreaming of balloons?

Kendra: She had more this time than the last, and this time it wasn’t to heal, so maybe.
Latoya: Sookie is a damn fool.
Jordan: Sookie seems to have remembered she cares about someone other than herself and Eric, of course that person would be Bill and not say one of her family or friends
Latoya: …Is she trying to encourage him to fight for BILL? Sookie has no morals.
Kendra: I don’t understand her motives.
Amber: Yeah her staying in Bon Temps to fight (for vampires???) doesn’t even make sense. She’s so self-righteous and I don’t even think she fully understands why. She just comes up with crazy ideas and thinks she always right.

Hoyt and Jessica, Ending, Take 2

Jordan: She messed Hoyt up…
Latoya: OMG, and with Jason at that.
Jordan: Ohhh… she messed his head up…
Kendra: This is going to end with her glamouring him, isn;t it?
Latoya: Don’t glamour him! Don’t glamour him!
Kendra: Wait. WHAT
Jordan: What?
Amber: DID NOT see that coming! * clutches heart *
Kendra: Okay, THIS is the dream.
Jordan: Ummm… what is going on now. Yeah ok we are dreaming
Latoya: Whooooooooooo Hoyt.
Kendra: Donor’s dressed like she get a spa day afterwards.
Jordan: I know… neck looked nice and pristine too
Latoya: LOL

Andy is Still a Hot Mess

Jordan: Oh Andy…. andy no
Kendra: Everyone’s Bubba!
Latoya: Jesus Tits God America! Andy has the best lines right now

King Bill Lives Up to His Name

Jordan: That is a lovely suit if I do say so myself
Kendra: “Because we all know each other.” Heh.
Jordan: very dapper for primetime
Amber: Right? Bill is totally working the southern charm. I’m captivated.
Kendra: The lower half of Mrs. Thortenberry’s outfit is killing me.
Latoya: Wow, they are laying it on thick over here. And the excessive glamouring.

And We Just Lost Tara’s Common Sense

Latoya: Tara, wtf
Kendra: I think she’s starting to realise this was stupid.
Jordan: What exactly did Tara think she was signing up for?
Kendra: She knows killing them only makes them madder/stronger.
Jordan: Please – Exit Tara, stage left
Kendra: Oh. Or not. I read that last reaction waaaay wrong.
Latoya: ooooooooooooooooooh. Bill knows Tara is there
Jordan: Oh Tara… you are not thinking about the long run on this
Amber: She isn’t thinking smart at all. She’s scared and tired and just wants it to be over, but in my head that’s all the more reason to get the fuck outta town. I’m just sayin.
Latoya: Bill’s diplomacy is ringing hollow now – remember, if you will, the plantation where he refused to save Tara.
Joe: Yeah, where was that line? Tara needs to learn to give more comeuppance when its due.
Jordan: Also, what price is Antonia paying for staying in this body so long? And using that much power?
Amber: Word. I’m a lot less impressed with Antonia in this exchange with Bill and Tara. She’s angry and a bit erratic. She’s reminding me too much of…Marnie.
Kendra: They haven’t explained much of the mythology at all. And I have the feeling she just agreed to walk into a trap.
Jordan: I think Marnie is smarter than that but I wonder what she and tara have in store for Bill and company
Joe: I think Marnie may represent the endearing but completely blind religious devotee.
Latoya: I think we may be giving this plotline too much credit…

A Racialicious Window Dressing on the Ghost/Baby Plotline

Kendra: LOL. WHY do they still have that doll…
Jordan: Ha, they put up a mirror for the ghost
Latoya: Only Terry would think of that.
Kendra: Army training!
Latoya: And has anyone translated the french song yet?
Joe: It’s just a Creole lullaby about a baby. I know she keeps singing “mon bebe” which doesn’t bode well for anyone, frankly. Lafayette knows whats up.
Amber: I’m so disappointed. I was so hopeful for benevolence, but that look she just gave Laffy was downright sinister.
Jordan: HA. He just saw the ghost, turned and left. That was actually the proper response.
Latoya: “Fuck this shit.” Title of the roundtable.
Jordan: cosign
Amber: Perfect. And a perfect Laffy response.
Kendra: It might be nice if Laffy told them about the ghost haunting their baby though…
Jordan: Yeah… i think a heads up on that would be in order. Although.. how does one break that news to someone?
Joe: Uhh, “Some lady is haunting your baby.” It seems like something awful is bound to happen because no one is talking to eachother. Not to the baby of course.
Latoya: Nah, I want LaLa to focus on staying alive.
Amber: Yeeeeeah…I think Laffy is focused on his own life right now. I can’t say I blame him, especially after Brujo and Mexico. Also, maybe he hasn’t quite made the connection yet.

Later, post-possession…

Kendra: Laffy and I have the same hair wrap.
Jordan: What is the flashback. Dammit are we back to the rape theme
Latoya: Someone killed her baby?
Kendra: did she mention a sister or did I misunderstand?
Latoya: OMG. Wait. It’s mixed race drama. They killed their kid. Rather, he killed their kid.
Amber: Oh, this is no goooood. She’s a mourning mother ghost. Sigh.
Kendra: Yeah. Ooooh, Laffy.
Latoya: Forced possession is not the business.
Jordan: Oh well damn, inhabiting a body seems like the thing to do this season
Kendra: At least Ball knows how to keep with a theme? Non-Consent all the way.
Amber: I’mma need Laffy to figure out how to protect himself against possession. I need one of the POC to have some control. They’re all just being bullied around.
Latoya: Can the black characters have any damn peace in this series?
Kendra: …is possessed Laffy going to shoot this baby?
Jordan: Now does she just think this is her baby…
Latoya: What the shit? There can be no more of this foolishness.
Kendra: I’m wondering if she thinks it’s her baby, or if that man is related to the Belfleurs.
Joe: That sounds exactly correct, actually.
Amber: Cosign. I’m also thinking her baby’s father/killer was or was connected to a Belfleur.
Kendra: and she’s extracting revenge on Terry.

Jessica Learns Why Heartbreak (and Heartbreaking) Sucks

Jordan: Awwww… poor hoyt
Latoya: Oh yeah. You know this man is writing that check out of petty cash.
Jordan: he is breaking my heart
Kendra: better than getting his head smashed into a desk.
Jordan: Set him free Jessica
Latoya: Seriously. Hoyt deserves better.
Jordan: She wants to go on a “break” nice
Latoya: Yeah Hoyt! Tell me the truth!
Jordan: Nice
Kendra: Yes!
Jordan: Ouch
Kendra: …oh, okay. no, that was a bit far, Hoyt.
Joe: A bit? He just listed everything that’s wrong with her. Although, three things ain’t bad. Maybe that’s why he’s turning into a big pile of relationship pudding right now.
Latoya: Wow. Damn. Hoyt is going HAM.
Jordan: Although got to say, I forgot how much he gave up for her
Kendra: Granted, that line might have been to remind us of that, because I’d definitely forgotten about the virgin thing.
Amber: Yeah he definitely went in on her, but I’m still kind of feeling for him. Jess has been stepping out on him and she glamoured him. She’s been lying to him for a while now and dude is hurting. He gave up so much to be with her and clearly loves her to pieces.
Jordan: I would feel worse if there wasn’t the whole glamour issue
Latoya: That went way different than we could have thought. And he rescinded his invitation? Oh snap.
Amber: Right? An invitation rescindment is always so dramatic. I felt that one.

So, Jessica runs to Jason…

Jordan: Oh Jessica… don’t
Latoya: And yeah, Jason, right on with the common sense.
Kendra: Oh, Jessica. Rejected from two houses in the same night…
Latoya: Damn – Jessica got kicked to the curb, TWICE
Amber: Whoa! Thrown out twice in the same hour? That has to cut deep.
Kendra: this is what happens when you abuse ish.
Jordan: Poor Jess, not her day, or night. That said, she didn’t meet the sun

And Cue the Dramatic Fight Scene!

Jordan: Nice trick Antonia
Jordan: Where did Antonia get that jacket?
Kendra: Pam’s looking better.
Latoya: Right! Guess those treatments are working.
Jordan: Same old Eric in there
Latoya: What? Who just got dusted? And Tara, damn it! Get it together!
Kendra: Alcide… what are you even doing here?
Amber: Is there a reason why Alcide is so stuck on Sookie? Fae blood should have no effect on him…so, why is he fawning after her like everyone else?
Jordan: Damn Alcide…
Latoya: He was so cool with that lie.
Jordan: Didn’t you just tell your gf you were staying away.. i mean he promised it to her face. Damn.
Joe: And not ten seconds later you’re protecting the fairy girl. To a wolflady, that’s gotta sting.
Kendra: Tara kind of would have deserved that, because this foolishness… I just can’t anymore. Why is she still here.
Latoya: No she doesn’t know why BILL! I can’t with this series
Jordan: Yeah, Tara deserved it on that one. She needs to go directly from his graveyard to a bus station. Find your woman. Leave this foolishness.
Amber: Agreed. The longer she stays in Bon Temps the likelihood of her getting ruthlessly murked increases.
Kendra: Oh boy, whose blood will Sookie drink first?


Jordan: Oh yeah, unfortunately Sookie will be just fine
Amber: Yep, no point in even acting surprised or worried. She’s not going anywhere.
Latoya: Right. Alicide. The Fairies. Someone will take care of her ass.
Jordan: Oh course
Latoya: Motherfucker.
Jordan: Yeah… Debbie is going to cut her to pieces
Amber: Poor Debbie. She was doing so well, but this is definitely going to put her back in a place.
Kendra: well, I’m guessing she DIDN’T just give Erik his memory back.
Jordan: sadly, no
Latoya: So Sookie almost died, Bill saved Tara
Jordan: now bill and tara are even though
Latoya: Debbie is gonna kill Sookie or sleep with Marcus or attempt both
Kendra: And Laffy has a baby.
Latoya: Wow. So, we’re supposed to feel concern for Sookie, are we?
Jordan: I think we are
Amber: I just can’t muster up any.
Kendra: Prediction: it’s an hour long episode about saving sookie where she probably goes through some dream/hallucination thing through the entirety of it. Every tv series has one of those eps.
Jordan: Sadly there is no chance they would kill her off . I love the shows that actually have the guts to do that
Amber: Yeah they can’t kill her off. The Tara haters/Sookie lovers would be pouring in the hate mail.
Kendra: We cannot all be George RR Martin, I’m afraid.
Latoya: Word
Jordan: I hope the ghost storyline moves along next week… i can’t stand an all Sookie, all the time episode
Latoya: @Jordan – seriously. I also want to see the Luna-Sam-Marcus plot come to fruition
Jordan: indeed… and the debbie plot
Kendra: I want to think that Marcus isn’t THAT bad of a guy, despite everything. Still reserving judgement on him…
Latoya: Luna did call him her psycho ex
Jordan: yeah… there is that
Latoya: Sick of Chip Eric. They need to do something with him. And I’m glad Jason didn’t betray Hoyt
Amber: I have a feeling we won’t be seeing chip Eric for too too much longer. I’m hoping Antonia’s spell spurs something.
Kendra: Well, Marnie may have.
Latoya: That would have been too much
Jordan: Jason seems to have really grown this season, being a cop suits him
Amber: How long before he gets with Jessica? I’m thinking another kiss if not more will definitely go down by the end of the season.
Kendra: In a way he had to. He’s on the force that, as far as I can tell, includes him, Keenyah, and a V Addict. Dunno where Keenyah’s gone, so someone had to take control. He’s had a front row seat to Andy’s spiral.
Jordan: yeah andy needs to pull himself together, he and the waitress could be cute together
Joe: I think she’ll probably help him through it. If she doesn’t pass in the war.
Amber: Yeah, God help Andy. His rich grandmother needs to send him to rehab.
Latoya: True dat. At this point anyone could die – I give Ball props for that. Knowing that little tidbit means we’ve been on the edge of our seats all season
Jordan: Anyone other than Sookie. She’s not going anywhere
Kendra: LOL, truth.

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Written by:

  • Bob Gordon

    “With Eric having lost his memories, she’s really just having sex with his body. . . .”  That point is valid even apart from moral objections regarding true consent.  Nuanced sex scenes can toy with alarming forms of transgression, but sex with an absent partner is objectification in the stupidest sense — particularly when the tone isn’t intended to be disturbing/ironic.  When she’s with Blow-to-the-Head Eric, Sookie’s a parody of fans who dream of imposing their fantasies on her zombie-compliant carcass or, alternately,  the female version of Dennis Nillsen making romance novel comments to the cadaver he’s anointing with oils and strewing with rose petals.

    Either way, the effect makes you yawn or wince.

  • Georgia Lingua

    Thinking that the text of the song might reveal Mavis’ background and relation to the baby, I asked a fluent French-speaking friend to translate.  She says the song is a traditional French lullaby and her reply is as follows: 

    “Fais do-do, ‘Colas, mon p’tit frère,
    Fais do-do, t’auras du lolo.
    Maman est en haut, qui fait des gateaux,
    Papa est en bas, qui fait du chocolat.

    Which means:

    Go to sleep (a “baby-talk” word for sleep), ‘Colas (short for Nicholas), my little brother,
    Go to sleep, you shall have some milk (another baby-talk word for milk).
    Mama is upstairs making cakes,
    Papa is downstairs making chocolate.

    She’s changed the first bit to “Go to sleep my baby, little one, go to sleep my dear little one.””

    From Joyce’s (my friend’s) response, I get that Mavis sees herself as the mother, else why change traditional lyrics from ‘my brother’ to ‘my dear little one’?

    Also, I asked her the questions that gets asked here all the time, “Where are all the Black characters in this southern town?”  She said that Lafayette was the only Black character in the books, so I guess Ball is attempting some diversity, but I agree, the Black characters serve to help Ball’s image perhaps, but they are still relegated to the background largely. 

    As for Tara, also, my friend who has read all the books says that even in the books, its all about Sookie and Tara is really only a minor, side character, for all that she is supposed to be Sookie’s best friend.   Eggs was also in the books and gets it in the end, only in the made for TV stuff, he is Black.   Interesting that when Ball chose to change the race of some characters, none were the major players really. 

    I want to read the books eventually.  I’ve almost given up on this series more than once.  The opening to this season almost pushed me away with the whole, “You ate my fairy Godmother,” bullshit.   Ball’s writing and Anna Paquin’s acting suck.  This series would not be so loved if Sookie was as awful on the screen as she is in the books.   I think I will like them a lot better.

    • Georgia Lingua

      In the last paragraph, I meant to write, “The series would not be so loved if Sookie were as awful in the BOOKS as she is on the screen.” 

  • Bob Gordon

    Two things: 

    1.  Apart from the stereotype of the imperiled blonde whose trampoline is the entire male gender and whose role default’s always always protag, people might wonder why it’s a problem that Sookie’s an oblivious character:  Why should the value of a story come down to the likability of the characters?  A: Because she’s intended to be “good,” just as Carrie was in that putrid love poem to the superego, Sex in the City.  Because she’s bad in uninteresting ways.  Because she says more about the writers’ unexamined values than the joy of smarter writers’ moral ambiguity.

    2.  I understand that vampire stories are susceptible to bad bad taste as well as good bad taste, and that part of the audience wants romance novel clichés.  But why would the most banal members of a vampire fan base want endless harmless sex from ep to ep?  Active fangs are an S&M prop, not flowers strewn on a white sheet.  Why is this fanservice when vampire fans tend to expect their sex to be rough?

  • jvansteppes

     So less sexual assault but now baby murder? Jesus Christ. And no Bill, using your authority to save her doesn’t make up for leaving Tara to be raped and confined.

  • Baisez toi

    I think Tara is still in town because she doesn’t have a choice. Think about it: when Eric gets his memory back, the first thing he’ll do is hunt down the witches and kill them. Pam is temporarily on a leash because  of Bill; the second he loses power or influence, Pam  will hunt down the witches, too. Plus, there’s no way Tara would leave Lafayette in danger. I can see Tara staying in Bon Temps to keep an eye on what’s going on and trying to form a plan, rather than running and potentially endangering others.

  • Kat

    Sorry, but I have to: It’s Bellefleur, not Belfleur.

  • Nina

    This episode was crazy.  I also think that Bill saved Tara because she’s Sookie’s friend, and because he owed it to her from the whole Franklin thing.

    Sookie and Eric in the snow was pure comedy.  I didn’t think it could get any worse from Sookie making Eric climax as she drank his blood, but damn, was I wrong.  “Can we make love on it?”  Are they serious?!?

    The rumor is that Alan Ball is deliberately botching the Sookie/Eric hookup because he really wants Sookie to be with Bill, so Sookie/Eric is fan-service.  Whatever it is, it has to stop.  I want the beastly Eric back, NOW.

    I hate to say it, but the woman who plays Mavis isn’t very convincing.   Her reaction to her missing/dead child was weak.  And I’m sick of her singing.

    Tommy’s on my shit list.  The first time he skinwalked was an accident, but this time was intentional. The dumb-ass kid never learns from his mistakes, and he’s dragging his brother down with him.

    • Lyonside

      >I hate to say it, but the woman who plays Mavis isn’t very convincing.  
      Her reaction to her missing/dead child was weak.  And I’m sick of her

      I thought the same – If I trusted the writers more (or rather, if the writing crew were more consistent), I’d say that Mavis is the epitome of the unreliable narrator. I mean, she seems benign, but she’s skulking around, she definitely isn’t trying to get Lala on her side initially, and she only gives her backstory to Lala in a dream to essentially soften him up for possession, it looked like. So either her muted reaction (I was expecting typical TV (and real life)  hysteria of trying to get into the house, etc.) is an effect of being translated into a human’s dream state (the way things that should really affect us sometimes don’t in dreams), or because SHE”S NOT TELLING THE TRUTH.

      And since fire seems to be a theme with her (burnt baby doll, burning matches), I’m wondering whether there’s some Desiree’s Baby type murder/suicide shenanigans. But only if I trusted the writers. Which I usually don’t on TB.

      • Hapa

        I’m giving her a pass, because she’s beautiful. lol

  • EH

    I didn’t even realize I fast forwarded through pretty much all Sookie/Eric scenes for this episode until I read the round up. I don’t know if it’s me but the dialogue between Sookie and Eric is just cheesy and overdone.  And the sex scenes range from boring to bizarre. But definetely too many regardless.

    I have a feeling Tommy will be the one to bite it this season. Either that or be written off. I really don’t know how much more his character can offer.

    Even though I don’t care for her True Blood character anymore than Debbie Pelt in the book, I did sympathize with TBV Deb somewhat.

    I think Tara finally caught the stupid from Sookie. And I don’t know if Bill saved Tara because he threw her under the bus last season or because Sookie would get her feelings hurt and cry. Again. It really doesn’t make a difference why he saved her. Like a couple of others have pointed out, it came at pretty much no cost to him whatsoever. Threaten Pam and lend a helping hand??

  • Robin Mitchell

    Love reading your weekly comments!  Not sure how much I have it in me to keep watching this train wreck.  But here I am again.  I didn’t get all the words to the song but “faire dodo” means to go to sleep.

  • Sanoe

    The previous V-trips were cool but Sookie’s just had me laughing.

    Apparently, Bill is willing to help Tara when it involves not a bit of effort or cost.

    The ‘big fight’ in the end highlighted one of the weaknesses of show: it can’t handle action. You’d think with this being the second most popular HBO show ever, they’d be able to budget in a fight choreographer and some stunt doubles.

    • Anonymous

      Very true about Bill helping Tara. He clearly had authority over Pam. I mean, it’s easy to help others when you can threaten subjects with the “true death.” Regarding why Bill helped her most people believed it was b/c she was Sookie’s friend. But it could be a little of that as well as an answer to his inaction last season when Tara asked for his help in a very dire situation. It really doesn’t make up for him leaving her with Franklin.

      What is the most popular show on HBO? And I agree, I would expect more in terms of action.

      • Sanoe

        The Sopranos is the highest rated show HBO has ever had. It peaked at 13.4 million (S 04 E 01) while True Blood’s most watched episode managed 5.4 million (S 03 E 11).

        True Blood is HBO’s most popular current show though.

  • Anonymous


    Just have to say OMG THAT ENDLESS SOOKIE/ERIC SCENE WAS TERRIBLE! But I now believe that the reason it happened was because he did get his memory back at the end of the ep there, and it was sort of last hurrah/contrast thing. God I hope.Other than that…bleh. I thought this episode sucked. Except for the fight at the end…but at least Sookie’s injury will, hopefully, mean the reappearance of the fairy storyline.

    And thank goodness Hoyt is okay– they actually really got me that time.

    But I didn’t understand why anyone did what they did in this episode, at all. Except Tara, I guess; I feel like I do get what she’s doing- she’s not doing
    the smartest things, but she’s in a nihilistic, self destructive place,
    and is acting consistently. I actually think–well, she should’ve left town. But other than that, I totally get her- the wandering in the woods drunk, the hooking up with Marnie. She’s decided she’s done for, Pam’s gonna kill her, so she’s going down fighting, or just wanting to get it over with at least. Come and get me. Fuck it. I’ve been there. But now Pam isn’t coming for her after all…if they were going to be consistent, this should be where she has to rethink what she’s doing. Sober up, think seriously, am I really teaming up with a possessed lunatic?

    But Laffy, Sookie, of course; I never understand her, ghost lady (I do not even understand this whole storyline, and that flashback was just long and confusing to me– I mean, ok, he killed her baby, but… well I guess we’ll see), Alcide (???what is wrong with you???), Bill and M/Antonia (what were your plans there anyway? How was that going to end well??), Sam (why are you such a dick?), Bill again (glamoring the newscaster right in front of someday? are you nuts?), and can someone please tell me what the hell Hoyt was watching on tv?

    Where the heck is Jesus? He’ll see what’s up with Lafayette and fix this up, I hope.

    • Anonymous

      Hoyt was watching something from Sci Fi (now SyFy) about finding an old skeleton of a Norseman. It was a show on Sci Fi but I forget both that name and episode title. I believe it may eventually tie into something related to Eric. I forget the show title but if you Google reviews for this episode someone else may have identified it.

      The obsession Pam has with Tara makes me wonder if they’ll be interacting a little more next season. It could be interesting, though maybe a tad unbelievable given the goings-on this season.

      I’ll be glad when this amnesiac Eric/Sookie mess is over.

      And yeah, if Tara is on a self-destructive path I can totally understand where she’s coming from. Been there. Sookie, I really can’t stand her character as is. But it was funny when she tried to follow suit with Eric’s “My Liege” and kind of uttered an awkward “My . . . Bill.” That was a pretty funny line in my opinion.

      I respect Jason for not taking advantage of the Jess/Hoyt break-up. I can understand where Hoyt was coming from but I still don’t approve of all that he said. But in a real break-up raw feelings and emotions, which tend to be non-PC anyway, do come out. But the eternal virgin barb . . . I mean seriously, how do you think Jessica feels about that? Being a virgin hurts a woman. I never hear a man complaining about a broken hymen. That shit hurts. But maybe it’s a mental wound that I’m not seeing in Hoyt’s case.

      I couldn’t believe Bill glamored that woman. With Hoyt’s mom right there even.

      • Hapa

        Hoyt calling her dead etc reminds of me how when some non-whites date white people, they’re bracing for the day their loved one calls them a racial slur during a really bad fight.

        • Anonymous

          Same here. Or even when men just come out of the wood works with misogynistic and homophobic slanders if their women walk out on them, sometimes for other men or women. Can go the opposite route as well, as far as women using homophobic slanders.

          It just made me think that maybe this might have been an example of “just b/c you’re in an interracial relationship that doesn’t make you immune to racism.”

  • Jesse

    I love the TB roundtable so much! 

    Two points to add from this French- and bastard-Latin-literate reader:

    1. The lullabye I recognize from French class, so it’s not just Creole. “Faire dodo, bebe mon petit” which is “go night-night, baby my little one.”

    2. The bit Antonia was saying to Erik was at least in some spots “servus” and “meus” so it seemed pretty clearly a “you will serve me now” kind of spell.

  • allburningup

    Here’s a version of the French lullaby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJQ60umsxLI

    “Fais do do” means “go to sleep”, but it’s a cute kiddy way of saying it, like “go beddy-bye”.
    Colas is short for Nicolas, but ghost lady sings “bébé” instead of “Colas”.
    “Mon p’tit frère” means “my little brother”, but the ghost lady sings “mon petit” instead.

  • http://lefteyelooking.wordpress.com lefteyelooking

    Great round table!  I love it!
    Where oh where do I begin?
    First of whoever writes Sookie’s character for this show has made her unsympathetic and she can’t be redeemed.  No, they aren’t going to kill her off, unfortunately.  However those digs that Tommy the skinwalker keeps getting in about Sookie and how he fired her, show that some of the writer’s find Sookie annoying….which she is.  OMG, she’s so annoying!  *jumps up, screams and sits back down*

    They also wrote Tara’s character as dumb and a glutton for punishment.  She needs to bounce!  Tara leave Bon Temps and find new friends….Sookie is NOT a friend.  Sookie only cares about getting laid and being the center of the universe.
    Tara needs to move to Canada to some peaceful community and see a therapist.  Writers, give her a break!

    The sex scenes between Eric and Sookie grossed me out.  Seriously, I had to fast forward through most of their scenes.  They were NOT amazing.  Baby Eric is nauseating and couple that with Mommy Sookie and I barf up my dinner.

    I love Debbie Pelt!  I could actually see her snap!  Crazy Debbie is back!!!!!   Alcide you are a retard for rescuing Sookie.  Let the girl take a bullet, it will help her develop some character. 
    I hope Debbie shifts into a wolf and eats Sookie’s feet! 

    I love the line from Debbie to Alcide,  “I made some new friends today, I met some real nice bitches.”  Hilarious and over at the io9.com site, they made of fun of that….’cause your a wolf, duh.’

    Yeah, who knew that Marcus would have some common sense.  But Sam could take him into a fight, Sam could shift into Velociraptor or a T-Rex or King Kong if he went to the wax museum and saw one to emulate. 
    I would like to see Sam shift into something other than a dog, fly, horse, or a rhino when he killed the Maenad.

    Why aren’t they doing more with Luna’s character??? You guys said it at the last roundtable.  Why is Luna a plot device?

    I agree with Laffy’s reaction to the ghost! 
    Are the Bellfleur’s related to that ghost lady?   Is the ghost lady going to have anything to do with stopping Antonia?Are they going to really explore the ugly history in the South of White men keeping Black women as mistresses and treating them cruelly and what they did to the children?  Is True Blood really going to go there?

    Ok did Bill save Tara because he should have from last season….OR….did he save her cause she’s Sookie’s friend? Someone explain this to me.

    I actually like the fact that Hoyt stood up for himself and he wasn’t needy like Jess had envisioned in her dream.  He was the opposite and kicked her to the curb.

    Jason= Bros before Hos, I guess.  The saying is wrong on so many levels and sexist but in this case, it kind of fits.

    Ok here’s my idea for the show.  I saw that the writers kill Sookie, Eric, Bill, Arlene, and Tommy.  Just kill them off.

    Start a spin off series with Pam, Tara, Laffy, Jesus, Debbie, Jess, Hoyt, Jason, Andy, Terry, Keenya, Maxine Fortenberry, and keep Alcide cause he’s hot.  I would watch that show!  That could be a 1 hour supernatural comedy, like Community, but set in Louisiana.  Just Pam, Tara, Laffy, and Debbie alone would make it worthwhile.

    And finally, finally what happened to Crystal Norris and the inbred Werepanther community?  Hello!  Where are they?

    Actually I would like to see Crystal and Debbie shift into Weres and chew Sookie’s legs off.

    A question, I’ve heard the Werepanthers are stronger and faster that Werewolves….is this true?  Someone please tell me, because if that’s the case, inbred or not, Werepanthers could be running Bon Temps.


    • Mickey

      I believe that Bill saved Tara for both reasons: to make up for not saving her from Franklin the previous season and because she’s Sookie’s friend.

      As for Ghost Lady, I think that she wants Arlene’s baby simply because she bought the doll as a gift for her child and it’s in his possession.

      And as far as Sookie is concerned, I looking forward to seeing her get her face broken when Eric returns to normal.  

    • Danielle

      “Start a spin off series with Pam, Tara, Laffy, Jesus, Debbie, Jess,
      Hoyt, Jason, Andy, Terry, Keenya, Maxine Fortenberry, and keep Alcide
      cause he’s hot.  I would watch that show!  That could be a 1 hour
      supernatural comedy, like Community, but set in Louisiana.  Just Pam,
      Tara, Laffy, and Debbie alone would make it worthwhile.”

      I like how you think. THAT would be an awesome show. I swear, these roundtables are better than the show itself. These Sookie/Eric scenes are freaking ridiculous. I was staring at my computer mumbling “What The Fuck??” every couple of minutes when they were tripping off each other’s blood. (And Latoya, you ain’t right for that 2 Become 1 vid. HA!

      So…I’m still waiting for this Laffy is a medium storyline to pay off. Because right now I’m getting impatient and wondering what the point of that excursion to Mexico was. And how the ghost storyline is going to play out.

      Also, did anyone else crack up at Luna’s ex when he was getting brolic with Sam? I’m going to need him to calm down, especially because he was the only person making sense in the first half of this episode.

      I’m also annoyed as hell at every man on this show being like, contractually obligated to fall in love with Sookie. She’s so stuck up her own ass it’s not even funny. I’m annoyed at Alcide’s obsession with her, like every other straight male’s obsession with her. Can’t Alcide hook up with Tara? Or pay attention to his own damn girlfriend?

      Uh…I need to end on a positive note. Um…Bill’s wardrobe has improved greatly this season. Not being with SUCKEH has done wonders for him.

      • Anonymous

        I thought Alcide had much more chemistry with Tara in that little scene of helping them escape the plantation last season. I’ve read most of the books and book Sookie is so much more level-headed than TV Sookie.

        • Danielle

          I was thinking of last season with Alcide and Tara. I thought for sure they were going to hook up and then…nada. Hmph. I haven’t read the books so I do wonder why the TV writers have made  Sookie so annoying. True, HBO has a long history of creating protagonists that aren’t very sympathetic but at some level, you still root for them. I’m not really rooting for Sookie at this point.

      • Hapa

        Laurell K Hamilton said she’s friends with Charlaine Harris. Maybe Charlaine took a cue from the Anita Blake series which was nauseatingly familiar in that every man and even a few women must fall in love (lust) with the female protagonist.

    • Sanoe

      “Is the ghost lady going to have anything to do with stopping
      Antonia?Are they going to really explore the ugly history in the South
      of White men keeping Black women as mistresses and treating them cruelly
      and what they did to the children?  Is True Blood really going to go

      The thing is, a White man with a Black woman in the South is not the same as an Anglo man and a dark-skinned Creole woman in Louisiana. Creoles are white or mixed race. It’s very possible that Ghost Lady has a blood relative who is as white as Baby-Killer Man.

      While I’m at it, I don’t think a Creole woman  of that time period would refer to herself as a ‘negress.’ 

      • Mickey

        “The thing is, a White man with a Black woman in the South is not the same as
        an Anglo man and a dark-skinned Creole woman in Louisiana. Creoles are white or
        mixed race. It’s very possible that Ghost Lady has a blood relative who is as
        white as Baby-Killer Man. While I’m at it, I don’t think a Creole woman 
        of that time period would refer to herself as a ‘negress.’  ”


        Very true. Creoles pretty much call/called themselves Creoles. “Negress” was
        a term applied  to pureblooded or nearly pureblooded Black women in Louisiana. I
        also wonder where they are going to go with this storyline.

      • Mickey

        “The thing is, a White man with a Black woman in the South is not the same as
        an Anglo man and a dark-skinned Creole woman in Louisiana. Creoles are white or
        mixed race. It’s very possible that Ghost Lady has a blood relative who is as
        white as Baby-Killer Man. While I’m at it, I don’t think a Creole woman 
        of that time period would refer to herself as a ‘negress.’  ”


        Very true. Creoles pretty much call/called themselves Creoles. “Negress” was
        a term applied  to pureblooded or nearly pureblooded Black women in Louisiana. I
        also wonder where they are going to go with this storyline.

      • nicthommi

        That might have been the old definition of Creole when people in Louisiana followed the Spanish and French’s complex racial hierarchy definition, but the Creole people I know definitely identify as black and at this point are no more mixed race than a lot of other black people.   There are cultural markers to be sure, but I have Creole friends with that ancestry who are brown like me, and they’d be very annoyed to have someone insist that they must not really be Creole b/c they aren’t “mixed” enough.  
        I’m not sure why everyone is so sure that her speaking French means that she is Creole.  Again, my Creole friends tell me of grandmothers or great-grandmothers who spoke French. It was the language of that region and that time period and the “negresses” would have spoken it too.  

    • Facebook User

      please, no more use of the word “retard”

    • Hapa

      Bahahaha! Good to know I’m not the only one that hates Sookie. I’d so be up for a community remix, though I absolutely love the original.

      Will community ever be roundtabled?