links for 2011-08-14

  • "Anyone can have [But I'm A Vegan problem]—white people, black people, women, men, Jews, Muslims, Christians, anyone. And though it sounds a lot like privilege, it's different. Privilege is a toxic yet unintentional default setting, whereas BIAV is willful ignorance. Privilege is what causes Moby, as a wealthy white guy, to think it's funny for black rappers to name-check museums; BIAV is what prompts him to snark at anyone who would dare suggest he is in the wrong. Privilege is forgivable; BIAV is inexcusable."
  • "Mark Kuller, owner of Estadio and Proof (City Paper's pick for D.C.'s "Best Restaurant" this year), set-off a shitstorm of debate with his comments in a recent Examiner story about Friday's city-sponsored youth event in Chinatown. The quote, as it appeared in the article: "[I]t’s a mistake to have a youth engagement event in this area. The police have tried to disperse the crowds in London, too. If you don’t think that can happen in the U.S., you’re wrong.”

    "The blog Greater Greater Washington even encouraged folks to boycott Kuller's popular restaurant as a result of that remark."

  • Check the visual. – LDP "Anti-racist activists snuck trick t-shirts into a music festival with a large neo-Nazi turnout; the shirts bore a crypto-racist slogan that faded on first washing to reveal a plea to reconsider "militant right-wing lifestyle."
  • "The relative cleanness of the characters—the white heroine is uncomplicated in her loyalty to black domestics, the matronly black domestic has unadulterated love of the white babies she raises regardless of her treatment by their parents, the “angry” black domestic who smarts off and has to find new work regularly finally cares for a woman with poor white roots who doesn’t see racial divides and learns to accept the authenticity of good white people—is both the appeal and challenge of this book for the women gathering to read it. "
  • PatrickInBeijing

    @kim, I agree.  I am a vegetarian, and Moby has never spoken for me.  Jay-Z is definitely right, here!  But, we should be careful here.  Frankly, most of the animal rights folks I know are NOT progressives.  They usually suck on all kinds of human rights issues, including of course, racism.  Many of them are actually quite right wing.  They just like animals.  Baaaaaaa!

  • kim

    I could never stand Moby. This just reaffirmed that. And besides Jay-Zs right. The white beauty standard is evident in just about every museum there is.