Warning: Comments Backup

Programming note: Arturo’s laptop is down, Latoya is at AAJA with a half working laptop. I didn’t get around to the comment queue until 11 PM yesterday, and the same holds for today through Saturday. We appreciate your patience.

  • Helen

    Hi,  my question is why can’t I see comments from old posts? Not to comment them but just  to read them, the posts from years ago or even from two weeks ago. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      You can, if they are still available. When we transferred over to Disqus, we lost quite a bit of the archives. So, random posts are missing comments. They are still somewhere in our hosting files, but it would take way too long to try to find and restore them on each post.

      • Helen

        Oh okay thanks miss for the information and fast reply! I thought it was the computer that I was using (I use a libraries computer) so maybe that was why there was a problem. I understand. Thank you again!