links for 2011-08-02

  • Juan

    Had to be inevitable. A latino Spider-Man in the future (Spider-Man 2099), an East Indian in India, and whiteboys having a shitstorm just because Donald Glover imagined himself as the lead in Spider-Man 4.

    Hopefully Marvel won’t pull a full DC and axe him to bring back White-Man.

    Curious how he got his powers, but I’m quite pleased nonetheless. Fan response however is proving TYPICAL.I may just go ahead and pay the $5s for single issues out of spite rather than waut on a trade.

  • nicthommi

    I’m kind of annoyed by how people keep using “Latino” as if it is a race.    I have Latino friends who are white, some who are black, and some who are Asian.  Unless you know the race of the Latino parent, it just always sounds silly to me, plus people have this inability to realize how many black people live in Latin America, and how in a lot of those countries, they are the majority.  

  • miga

    I think it should have been George Takei:

  • Geek Mundo

    I am so happy about this change in Ultimate Spidey too.  I might add that the response has been disgusting.  Seriously?  People are calling this PC and racist.  The cluelessness is appalling.

  • Kendra

    While I am extremely pleased with this move in Ultimate Spidey (a book I’ve been reading since middle school, and I’m now 23) a small part of me can’t help but think that this is less motivated by the desire to change what’s “normal” in comic media than it is motivated by the business sense to know that there is a very large and very vocal group of comic fans that is extremely pissed off with their main competitor now because of their race and gender failings. What better time to make this change?