links for 2011-07-31

  • "The New York Times Co. is not attending the National Association of Black Journalists convention next year. "We are supporting Unity," Desiree Dancy, vice president, diversity and inclusion, told Journal-isms on Friday.
    "We're disappointed in the fact that NABJ pulled out of Unity and yet this is a time where the organizations are needed to come together more than ever," she said."
  • "The report presents a number of obvious yet unsettling statistics: 70% of hybrid owners in California are white, even though Californians of color are more concerned about air pollution than whites; 20% of hybrid owners are Latino and even fewer are African-American–even though the overall state population is 60% non-white. An impressive 92% of residents who buy EVs in the state have an income of $75,000 or higher…. For many of these potential customers, it's not about a lack of income–Latinos, for example, increasingly represent California's middle class. Even though 39% of California residents are Latino, the group makes up just 19% of hybrid buyers."