• dersk

    It does seem a bit prickish to be bitching to his colleagues on air rather than to his editors, though.

  • vee

    It seems their laughing at CNN’s filler-fluff-feel-good stories, rather than Don Lemon. I mean, him preferring the interesting stories with actual impact on the world is a good thing from somebody who works at a news station.

    Watching this one would hope he’d get to do more of that stuff, less the fluff pieces. But I guess with 24 hours of news to fill..

  • Morenaclara

    How dare Don Lemon demand professionalism in this workplace!  Oh, Stephen Colbert made a reference to this in this clip. http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/393272/july-27-2011/difference-makers—patrick-rodgers

    • Anonymous

      ^ What a great clip!  Dan Rather was in it, too. XD

  • dersk

    I think this was the same episode that had the long interview with Juan Williams. I had had no idea that his whole ‘when I see someone dressed as a Muslim on the airplane I get nervous’ was followed by a whole bit about how it’s not acceptable to act based on those gut reactions. Wow, NPR really did wimp out and screw him over.