links for 2011-07-28

  • dersk

    Yeah, that headline had Fox news levels of misleadingness.

    Cain’s apology is standard for this modern age – I’m sorry if you were offended. Not “I was wrong.”

    And Amsterdam’s far cooler than Brooklyn. Hell, Breukelen’s cooler than Brooklyn and it’s where Amsterdam yuppies go upstream to spawn.

  • Xeginy

    I enjoyed the article about Portland/Brooklyn. Having lived in Portland my whole life (26 years), I’ve noticed a huge shift in the priorities of the overall community. The city seems more interested in making sure that the young, bike-riding, white “hipsters” are satisfied while ignoring every other demographic, like people of color, people with children and, yes, people who need to drive cars because let’s face it, not everyone is able to ride a bike everywhere, especially if they’ve got kids or tools to tow around. Oh, and the poor are often ignored, and not the “voluntarily poor,” people who choose to be poor for political reasons, but people who are forced into poverty by circumstance and have little to no options.

  • Mister Elaine

    The Portlandia article obnoxiously tries so hard to be self-aware that it completely misses how self-indulgent and un-self-aware it is.