Barely Alive, and Only Alcide was On Fire: True Blood Roundtable S4, E4

This episode was fairly short on plot – most of the crew agreed that this was an episode designed to move the plot forward. However, there was one thing this episode had a plenty – fanservice! Joseph Lamour, Kendra Pettis, Jordan St. John, Alea Adigweme and Amber Jones join me to shake our heads at Sookie and start our support group.

On the rape and rescue of Jason Stackhouse…

HotShot Women

Joseph: Man, a two episode rape arc? This is worse than SVU.
Kendra: @Joseph, Should we really be surprised? Tara had practically a full season rape arc last season. For Ball & Co. this is old hat at this point.
Latoya: Will someone please save Jason?
Jordan: brother husband?
Alea: Eek.
Amber: @Jordan Right?! They are killing me with these familial titles. The writers keep overemphasizing the incest that takes place within Hotshot…you know, just in case we forgot about it since last season or something…
Jordan: ewwwww… on a number of different levels
Latoya: Jason is being gang raped ON TV!
Alea: “Next.” Called it last week. Jason’s being “married” to all the ladies of Hotshot.
Joseph: I wonder if the writers have a “Big Book of White Trash Stereotypes” they dig into when these Hotshot people need to speak
Latoya: @Joseph – Yes, clearly.
Amber: @Joseph OMG they definitely do and they keep it on the bookshelf right next to “Upholding the Cult of True Womanhood: A Handbook” and “On Screen Torture Using American Slavery References.”
Alea: Absolutely. “White trash” equals incest. That they’re werepanthers attempting to preserve their bloodline is a thin cover for what is otherwise a pretty cheap narrative move.
Jordan: Oh I think this might be a new chapter though…
Latoya: Never did I think I’d feel so pained for Jason. He’s trying to help this girl.
Jordan: I know. Jason is practically saint like and wise this season
Alea: I feel pained for nearly everyone involved. Rape is endemic in Hotshot culture and Jason, by entering the community in an attempt to help people, became “fair game” to be a victim of the same abuse that women in Hotshot endure. And I love that Jason is the one giving the “your first time should be special” advice. Didn’t see that coming in the first season.
Kendra: @Alea I think it’s more than the rape experience inspiring the the wise advice? That’s definitely part of it, but I think the wise thing started a bit last season during that whole miniarc with the football player and the V. He had a whole bunch of sage advice for that Quarterback, even if it was fueled by a bit of jealousy.
Alea: Also, if they’re all breeding with the same man, how’s that going to help the genetic flaws caused by incest in the long-term?

Jason is released and manages to escape…

Joseph: Seriously
Jordan: Run free!
Latoya: I couldn’t take another rape scene
Jordan: I know… too much… too much
Alea: Becky is in deep shit.
Joseph: BrotherHusband, UncleDaddy
Alea: Dear god. Felton is a creep and a half.
Jordan: Ohhhh.. I’m going to need them to elevate this hot shot group soon. This is just a little too much
Joseph: MotherSecondAuntTwiceRemoved
Jordan: Is there no one half way sane of the whole group… reallly..Joseph Lamour: I think the trashing and incest happens after puberty?
Latoya: Seriously – this SisterNiece rape-incest thing is just….no.

Jason survives his showdown with the Werepanthers…only to collapse on the road.

Latoya: Okay, again. Will someone please save Jason?
Joseph: Well ain’t that the worst way to pass out, Head all in the road
Latoya: Oh God. Vamp, Were, Fae Jason?
Alea: I was just thinking that. It seems like trouble or, at least very least, a recipe for something completely unexpected and plot-twist-y. Also, Jess totally was lit to look like an angel. I wonder what that means for her relationship with Jason.
Kendra: We haven’t confirmed that Jason’s Fae blood does anything, have we?

On the Eric/Sookie/Alcide Fanservice…

Sookie and Alcide

Jordan: Sookie is really not dealing strongly in common sense here
Latoya: I’m stil amazed at Sookie’s nonchalance about her godmother being eaten
Jordan: really sookie… really
Latoya: Eric is reaaaaallly weird.
Alea: Eric is really schwasted.
Latoya: Eric and Sookie are officially a thing
Alea: He’s pinching her ass. They’re totes a thing.
Jordan: ummm… have we forgotten the woman he just killed? Remember her, the woman who was trying to help Sookie? Who he just drained…
Latoya: @Jordan – Girl, we have no time for sympathy – it’s time to hit skins!
Jordan: hahaha
Joseph: I’m still holding fast to the notion that those aren’t actually her fairy relatives
Jordan: I love Eric as much as the next woman but a moment of silence.. a pause even.. would be nice
Alea: Sookie’s incredibly self-absorbed. Once that faerie died, Sook pretty much forgot about her.
Latoya: @Joe – Evil faerie clones?
Joseph: The ugly side seems to be the real version of what they are
Latoya: I miss evil Eric
Jordan: Not digging the defanged Eric… all the power, none of the sense
Amber: Me either…he’s so neeeeedy. I miss the sass and his all knowing sexy-eye. Sookie is totally eating it up and loving it though.
Joseph: Haha I think he’s precious. Like a baby lion.
Alea: Ditto. So. Effing. Cute
Jordan: I wouldn’t keep a lion in my house
Latoya: Now I see why Alcide is on the Sookie side of the ads. Sigh.

Show your true colors red ad
Alea: That’s a lot of eavesdropping going on. I wonder how this ties into the mind control theme we’ve teased out in the first three episodes. People dishonorably getting access to information that they’re not supposed to have, I guess.
Kendra: Have we talked about/linked to the ads yet? I hadn’t paid ANY attention to them until I was standing in front of an MTA bus the other day and realised that one of them has Lafayette, Tara, and Jesus all united and in white, and then the other one completely corresponds with the ownership theme we’ve talked about– all three of the men have their hands on various parts of Sookie like she’s just a thing.
Alea: Interesting. I haven’t seen any of the ads for this season, but that’s definitely something to talk about. [Just googled them: it’s all “POC are doing it for themselves” and Sookie as owned meat.]
Amber: @ Kendra @ Alea In the ads I’ve seen it’s Sam in the ad with Tara and Lafayette, not Jesus. I think that changes things a bit.


Eric spits game to Sookie…

Latoya: Boyfriend said “Eric is not a happy vampire, he’s a smug vampire.”
Jordan: Eric still has some moves in him
Latoya: “You want the Eric who doesn’t feel…” Damn it. That is what Jacob should have said to Bella, but I AM NOT WATCHING TWILIGHT!
Amber: Oh yes, now Eric is turning the game back on. “If you kiss me, I promise I’ll be happy.” I’ve missed that deadly sexy gaze and flirtatious grin combo.
Alea: Lol. Little Boy Eric is smoother than Evil Eric.
Jordan: Eric has a plantation?
Latoya: The plantation in Barbados. You know what, Fuck all y’all vampires.

Alcide and Eric fight for Sookie, thrilling the fans…

Latoya: This is just straight up fanservice
Joseph: I do like this naked actor theme however.
Jordan: Yes… I am on board for that
Alea: Hallelujah. Drunken, bewitched Eric is hilarious. “Come! Come play with me!” He’s frolicking.
Latoya: “Fuck you, she wants me here!” THIS IS FAN SERVICE
Alea: Lol.
Jordan: They should have fought for her in the water… that would have been my choice
Alea: Why would they not cover his head? “I don’t want to go back to the dark” — that’s just sad.
Joseph: Oh god, I’m getting Tara as Sojourner Truth flashbacks
Amber: @ Joseph LOL

On Marnie and The Spanish Inquisition…
Marnie and her witch
Latoya: I am so curious about the Spanish Inquisitions they are referencing.
Alea: Yeah. Why did that one powerful witch have a good reason to go after vampires?
Kendra: From what Nan said, it definitely sounds like there’s a history between the vamps and the witches. I inferred that not only did the vamps have something to do with the Inquisition, but also Salem.
Amber: Agreed. I rather enjoyed that exchange between Bill and Nan.
Alea: “Puritanettes.” Sounds like a cheerleading squad.
Jordan: Ha… true that what happens to an ex king?
Joseph: @Latoya Yeah, this is the second or third time they mentioned it. I’m curious too.
Jordan: Ahh… no one expects the Spanish inquisition
Joseph: @Jordan: Usually wooden bullets or a beheading
Latoya: My first though on seeing a person twitching under a blanket: “Oh please God, don’t let it be Tara.” I officially have post third season stress syndrome.
Amber: @Latoya Yes! I immediately thought the same thing. Gaaaah. We need to start a support group ASAP.
Jordan: I am getting another buffy the vampire flashback though
Latoya: I feel like Marnie should have watched the Craft.
Amber: Right?! It would have saved her from the inevitable downfall that awaits her. At this point the coven needs to compile a required list of “dos” and “don’ts” (as heavily influenced by The Craft).
Joseph: Mmmhmm
Jordan: the scooby gang at the magic shop with the books…
Alea: Exactly.
Latoya: lol
Latoya: …Was Sookie trying to sneak a peek at Alcide…
Joseph: @Latoya: Wouldn’t you? LOL
Amber: Oh my, I’ve been patiently waiting for Alcide to take his shirt off. * Fans self *
Alea: Heck yeah. He’s….preternaturally ripped.
Jordan: Of course she was… she is human.

And the teeny tiny scenes featuring Jesus, Lafayette, and Tara…

Jordan: Oh… the headwrap and the jacket on Laffy…
Alea: He has a fondness for “Asian-y” things this season, it seems [I hesitate slightly to label Laffy an Orientalist, but…there’s some evidence]. He looks like he just walked off the set of Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon.
Jordan: I am captivated
Jordan: not sure how I feel about rape being the theme of this season
Latoya: Lord, Tara. “And Rape.” #P3rdSSS
Joseph: Yeah I was gonna say. At least they’re calling it rape now.
Alea: Now.
Amber: @Joseph Truth. I picked up on that when Jason was clear about being raped in the beginning of the episode. All of a sudden the word isn’t taboo–it’s like a new buzzword for the season. I don’t think it was the same at all last season with Tara’s storyline, even though now she’s very vocal about her abuse being rape.

Tommy is in trouble…


Jordan: oh… she did not leave that man
Alea: Nope. “Well……I did………….I left him.” Her face is priceless.
Latoya: Oooh…did his mama escape an abusive relationship? Or did she kill him?
Joseph: …Someone killed their husband…
Alea: Killed him.
Amber: Totally killed him.
Latoya: LOL. Tommy is so tragic. He just needs love. A wayward, illiterate child.
Alea: Ehhh….I don’t know about that. He’s not really a child and I don’t see him as being any more tragic than any of the ten million other tragic characters in the show.
Latoya: Oh snap.
Amber: A theme I picked up on and thought was pretty interesting was the emphasis on “Loyalty, Obedience, and Family” as it relates to the poor whites on the show. There are definitely parallels between Tommy and Melinda and Joe Lee and the HotShot clan on this front. When Joe Lee had Tommy in the chain hold (poor naive Tommy) he yelled that he was going to train him and dropped the “loyalty, obedience, and family” line. The HotShot clan seems to emphasize these same qualities–bullying members of the clan (especially women) to do as told and ask no questions for the preservation and survival of the family–and both of these families are portrayed as poor and uneducated. I’ll be looking out for more connections between these themes in future episodes…especially since Tommy has been kidnapped, which interestingly enough seems to be a part of the HotShot clan’s M.O. as well (Oh, Jason…glad you made it out).

And Sam discovers Luna’s secret…

Luna, Sam

Alea: I thought girlfriend was hiding a sexy-time thing, given her outfit, but she’s actually hiding a mommy-time thing.
Amber: Secrets, secrets, secrets! A kid? I definitely didn’t see that coming. Luna just gets better and better.
Latoya: I love this kid.
Kendra: True Blood knows me. Hot men with tiny children? Gosh! And this is not a character pairing I want to be shipping, because I’m still mad at Luna’s casting.
Joseph: TB needs more kids… and not evil babies
Jordan: I was hoping she had a husband though…
Alea: Yeah. Maybe there was one. I wonder why she was looking over her shoulder before closing the door. Like she’s expecting someone to be watching her and digging up dirt.”

Alan Ball Finally Gets Back to Showing Southern Stuff…and Bill Creeps Himself Out

Bill, plotting

Joseph: MONA!!
Alea: It’s fucking Mona!!!! Mo-NA! [/Tony Danza]
Latoya: Andy’s moms!
Alea: Andrew lives up at his grandmomma’s house?
Jordan: I love that she is putting this hundred plus year old vamp through quaint southern dating rituals
Latoya: Redbull is vulgar? I love this woman.
Alea: She is so incredibly genteel. I wonder if she’s secretly evil. That might only make me adore her even more.
Latoya: Such a passive-aggressive grandma
Alea: Yeah. She is so miffed. Debbie’s going to be trouble for Sookie this season.
Latoya: I missed these Southern scenes though
Alea: Ditto.
Joseph: Oh… I know whats coming…
Joseph: LOL
Latoya: OMG
Jordan: Ha… yep… that’s a wrap
Latoya: She’s Bill’s relation! Oh, HotShot comes to Bon Temps!
Alea: I know, right? “Incest: It’s not just for ‘hillbillies’ anymore.”
Joseph: What shall we call her? GirlfriendGreatGreatGreatGreatGrandaughter?
Jordan: hahahaha….
Latoya: LMAO

Poor Terry….

Jordan: I love terry
Latoya: Terry is the best man ever.
Kendra: @Latoya, please don’t say that, he’ll die next week!
Jordan: scary doll baby
Joseph: Oy
Jordan: what in the world….
Alea: Oh, shit. That’s the scariest thing I’ve seen in a while.
Amber: So, Terry Jr. IS possessed. Confirmed…?
Latoya: The baby was set up!!!
Alea: By the doll? I think they’re in cahoots.
Joseph: Now riddle me this, how can a serial killer and a neurotic waitress make a demon baby?
Alea: Magic. Also, it’s Bon Temps. There’s probably demon-making potions in the damn tapwater.
Joseph: Or at least, that’s where this is heading
Jordan: i don’t know but I am curious to find out

In which Pam is Robbed of her Flyness…

Oh Pam!

Joseph: What I wouldn’t do to get a tour of Pam’s closet
Alea: +1. I want to wear all of her everything.
Latoya: Lol. I kinda want to put Pam on that Tara and Laffy show. Just for some spice. Maybe she could be their big bad.

And after confrontation that leaves Pam decomposing…
Joseph: Allow me to speak for everyone when I say EW
Alea: Daaaaaaaaamn. That witch has a serious and powerful mean-on for vampires. Makes me wonder what they did to her [and what she would do if she happened upon a Catholic priest].
Jordan: Oh this woman is a BAAAAAd bitch
Latoya: LMAO – Clearly…Marnie’s witch is not to be fucked with.

Next week’s preview gave us the more excitement than most of the episode…


Latoya: GODRIC! OMG!
Alea: Love Pam’s black lace version of Beyoncé and LG’s outfits from the end of “Telephone.” She wants to kill everyone in the diner, yo.
Jordan: next week looks good. this week seemed to be a lot of set up
Latoya: cosign
Joseph: The first few episodes in TB seasons seem to go for the slow boil
Jordan: true
Joseph: If that witch in three episodes melted Pam’s face and erased 1000 years of memories in Eric, we are in for some crazy spells
Latoya: Think she’s gonna possess Marnie?
Joseph: I think Marnie will be gone by the end of it. or mostly
Jordan: yeah… in over her head
Amber: Totally. I’m also not really feeling all the begging [to the spirit] that she does pre-possessed state. Get it together, Marnie, and show some dignity.
Alea: She’s totally Fairuza Balk in The Craft invoking Manon. Ending up in a straitjacket is her best outcome here.
Latoya: Any big themes from this ep? Think I’m going to have to pull some history for this one
Joseph: Rape, Incest
Joseph: that’s all I got
Jordan: yeah… sadly those seemed major
Alea: Cosign. I see all of the lying going on as a “softer” [less abuse-y?] form of the psychological abuse happening in the first three episodes [e.g. Hoyt/Jess, Jesus/Laffy, et cetera].
Joseph: Spanish Inquisition, probably to explain the backstory of the face melting witch
Alea: Yes! The face-melting witch who melts the faces of “corrupt, unsanctified corpses,” which is strange considering that she was “melted” by people who found her corrupt and unsanctified. Maybe the vampires in power during her time period pulled strings to get her burned because she was causing too much trouble for them and this is payback? [Also, poor Pam! I love that face! Though she should have had more patience and not stepped inside of the circle. And why the right side of her face? Symbolism?]
Joseph: I really want to see Laffy or Jesus cast a spell or (I hope I hope) Tara
Alea: I think that’s all coming. Jesus was looking a little power-hungry this episode.
Jordan: tara looked like she might make a smart decision and leave town
Joseph: I have the feeling her girlfriend is going to come looking for her before that happens
Latoya: Yup. I say they all stay in NOLA
Alea: The Episode 5 preview is probably too good to be true IRT Tara heading back to New Orleans. Depending on the writers’ whims, she’s going to stick around either to kick ass or to get her ass kicked. I’m hoping it’s the former. [Though I’m not so sure if the girlfriend’s going to be heading north to Bon Temps.]
Jordan: yeah she didn’t seem like the stay put type

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Written by:

  • Siri Cool

    Access Atlanta did a write up on the True Blood cast at Comic Con.

    “Alan Ball, the show’s executive producer, said an infamous shower scene
    depicted in the book series that the show is based on that involves
    Sookie and Alexander Skarsgard’s vampire Eric would be “weirder and
    dirtier” on the show. He also said his favorite moment of the current
    fourth season was the “ritualistic gang rape of Jason Stackhouse” by
    werepanther women.”

  • aphasia

    What about that doll?? I had thought maybe the doll was causing all the discord between Jessica and Hoyt and if they got it out they’d be okay– but now they can’t be okay. Even if Hoyt thinks they are. So sad.  But I think the doll is the villain here– I think that baby is just a regular little baby. Propably not though, just cause there are no regular person characters on TB. They’re ripping off BtVS SO MUCH this season (really? the scene in the magic shop? Really, Erik as chipped Spike and Bill as S5 Angel?) they should take a few tips and have a Xander character to fulfill the normal every-person role. I guess that’s Tara, but let’s see how well that holds up….

    And Sam, really? You thought he was sweet with the kid? I thought he was SO CREEPY in these last couple episodes!! First he’s so awful to Tommy (again!) (and really what is going on here? I never got the character motivation behind all this- what is his problem?!), then he tries to get with Tara, and no way was he planning on telling her about Luna until she brought out her girlfriend, and then, I don’t know. I just got such a creep vibe from him and Luna and mini-shifter’s scene. I came away from this ep thinking, wow, Sam is just not a good guy at all.

    Funny how Bill seems kind of beside the point these days. He gets less screen time than Jason! Fine with me though. I’m glad they didn’t portray Jason as forgiving Crystal– it’s too bad that it took it happening to a male character for rape to be taken seriously, but it’s nice to see sexual assault towards a male not treated as lightly as I feel it often is in pop media. I feel like the stereotype is that you can’t molest a male, that they’ll start liking it after a minute… all the old stereotypes of rape of women.

    I really feel like they’re backpedaling after messing it up so badly last season; you have the constant talk of rape, fang rape, etc, plus Tara talking about how traumatized she was, Laffy was, every few minutes (as well she should be, but it’s a pretty big change)– I feel like it’s fanservice as much as Alcide and Eric’s naked chest almost-bumping. And like that, it is fine with me!

  • hans anggraito

    on Alcide… i’m sorry, y’all. He’s hot and all, but he’s just soooo tooo supporting-actor-in-onelifetolive kind of hot, you know? another thng, so the series do NOT follow the plots of the books? 

    • Anonymous

      This, hans:

      “He’s hot and all, but he’s just soooo tooo supporting-actor-in-onelifetolive kind of hot, you know?”

      I feel the *exact* way about Eric, with his smedium-top wearing ass.

    • Lyonside

      >so the series do NOT follow the plots of the books?

      Let’s put it this way: the show is… inspired… by the books. And then it goes wherever the hell it pleases. Sometimes this is good (Lafayette Lives! Godric isn’t a pedo! Tara is black and WAY more awesome!) Sometimes this is bad (re: the character assassination of Russell Edgington (sp) and the original Hotshot leader [went totes blank on his name], and the presumed erasure of Claudine from future plotlines).

      • Anonymous

        Godric’s a pedo in the book?

        I looked it up online and supposedly he was gay and a pedophile. So yeah . . . a rather icky stereotype to be found in Harris’ book.

  • Ocizthebiz

    In reference to Eric’s plantation in Barbados. Some of my family is from Barbados and they recently had a wedding there.  It was on a plantation. It was beautiful, a bit creepy but gorgeous.   Given the historical context about plantations I was hesitant about the whole wedding. It turned out to be a lovely which was weird. 
    I asked my Bajan family what the deal was with the plantations and no one had any qualms or hang ups about the history of plantations. Those from the states were the only ones that had some reservations.  And when I heard Eric had a plantation there, I wasn’t surprised they are prime and beautiful property. I think I just attributed it to his excessive and flamboyant nature.

    • ladyjo99

      I think the plantation reference is just reinforces my view of Eric and Pam as Massa and Overseer of Fangtasia, especially with regards to Lafayette.
      regards toLafayette

  • Hapa

    Ugh. Plantation in Barbados. It seems as if I’m the only one that’s never been into Eric. I didn’t care for him either way, but after seeing him diss the gorgeous black dancer in the minisode where Eric and Pam are hiring dancers… I was done. The plantation is the cherry on top.

    I think the baby is evil, and the doll may carry out what the baby isn’t physically capable of.

    I want to see a Tara and Lafayette show too! ^_^

    As for Alcide, damn. I’m primarily attracted to my fellow non-white people, but I have to make an exception here. Alcide is something else.

  • Carla Prada

    Once again awesome round table. You guys always have me cracking up :)

    My thoughts.
    What are they doing to Lafayette? Since the start of the season the only emotion he’s been channeling is fright! What happened to my ballsy courageous man? I know he’s more than the Aids burger scene but Lafayette does not do pussy cat well. I’m hoping there will be a major shift in his mood  once he realizes he’s the spark of all the magical madness.

    How many times has this same scene played out?
    “Sookie escorts Eric down into cubby hole, Eric makes move on Sookie, Sookie rejects Eric and climbs out of said cubby hole, camera lingers on Eric’s forlorn face as looks up at ceiling. ”
    Getting your cutest actor to look cute is well…cute, but cute does not equal engaging television viewing True Blood. Let’s get Eric out of the damn cubby hole pronto.

    Yep I’d like to run my hands over Alcide’s abs but otherwise. Yawn.

    The “Save our asses” sequence was funny but again it was out of Lafayette’s character I think. And I felt they threw it in because Lafayette is always “expected” to say something comedic.

    It wasn’t help by the following scene which was Sookie holding her red blanket and running behind doggy wolf Alcide. It was like Littlest Hobo meets Little Red Riding Hood. I laughed so hard.

    Ok things I liked. I’m LOVING Marnie! Fiona Shaw the actress who plays Marnie is amazing. I swear her face actually changes when she gets possessed. I loved the scene where she went all Latin Spanish Medieval on Pam’s ass. And when Pam peeled off her jellied cheek. Classic. 

    Nan’s horned shoulder pads. “Oh Bill power so hard.” I want to walk into work tomorrow and be that woman.

    More little looks between Tara and Pam. I’m tellin’ ya, something is gonna happen y’all.  😉

    Jesus is growing on me. He has some very endearing qualities. I think its because he’s taking action and is trying to resolve their predicament. I have good feelings about him now.

    Tara was a bit of bystander this episode. But her facial expressions during the scenes in the magic shop had me dying. Her facial expression basically sums up my feelings about the rest of the episode.

    Hmmm I know the elder Mickens are not very popular but I do think the mother is a good actress. So I was happy to see her. I have a feeling they won’t be around for long though. Tommy is evil incarnate. He comes from a very terrible background but I feel very little pity for him. So I’m hoping he gets bumped off soon or least sees the error in his ways and switches up his behavior soon.

    PS. This refers back to Lafayette. Can anyone explain this? In season 3 Eric saved Lafayette from Hot Shot, bought him a fancy car, gave him some brotherly advice and even offered to make him his premiere V salesman. What happened to all that? Has Lafayette just stopped selling V? It seemed like he and Eric had a little relationship going. So why is Lafayette acting like the dungeon fiasco happened yesterday? I hate it when they leave past story lines unresolved.


    • aphasia

      Eric looking at the ceiling, really? I def thought he was watching her ass. And yeah, I feel a little confused about the whole V selling thing. (As does Andy apparently)

  • ladyjo99

    I loved the end! I have never seen the attraction of Pam.  She is just a wise-cracking sidekick in designer clothes; they aren’t usually pretty blondes, that’s all.

    She’s no Eve Arden or Thelma Ritter 😀

    She is also nasty, arrogant and cruel.

    Eric and Pam soo needed to be taken down a peg. After all, is Eric really going to be nicer when his memory comes back? Also… plantation in Barbados… I can just see them there…

  • RVCBard

    I’m sorry, but I have NO sympathy for Bill’s incest!squick toward Portia.

    Dude, you’re a 150-year-old vampire, and you moved back to your hometown, which clearly has a few old families around. If you, I dunno, had kids before you were turned into a vampire, wouldn’t you, I dunno, do a little genealogical research before dipping your wick in the local populace?

    There’s unfortunate, and there’s, “Motherfucker you had that shit coming.”

    • Anonymous

      There’s unfortunate, and there’s, “Motherfucker you had that shit coming.”

      ROTFLMAO! And, except for Lorena turning and raping him, Bill is a walking study of “Motherfucker you had that shit coming.”

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the “Spanish Massacre” is the same thing as the “Spanish Inquisition.” They seemed to put it around 400 years ago, which is at least 100 years after the Spanish Inquisition.

  • Charlie Kelso

    yes! you know, the baby turned black eyed on one episode and almost turned arlene too.

  • Maria

    Tara did call what happened to her rape at least twice last season. Once, when talking to someone and another time shown in a rape survivor’s support group.

    Also, Alcide doesn’t wear undies! He’s coming to Dragon*Con and I will be there!@!!

    • Anonymous

      You mean Alcide is *always* commando?


      • Anonymous

        I’m covering Dragon*Con! Oh my word … excuse me, it’s getting hot in here!

    • Siri Cool

      Yes! Dragon*Con!

  • Charlie Kelso

    I guess the baby thing has something to do with the black eyes orgy bitch that I don’t remember the name from the second season.

  • alea adigweme

    Another thought on incest in this episode: It seems like Ball has drawn a pretty strong line between vampires and werepanthers (all weres?).  Bill finds out that his fwb is a distant relative and he freaks out.  The werepanthers consciously create multiple immediate familial relationships between individuals.  I think it reinforces the idea that many vampires hold on to their “humanity” as much as possible, whereas the werepanthers explicitly flout the taboos held by the majority of human civilization against incest.

    • Lyonside

      It may also have something to do with their “other”/ magical/ non-human nature. Vampires are/were humans, but their real nature (as made mnifest when Pam was cursed by the witch) is as a dead thing. They’re static, to some degree, and that appears to influence behavior too, no matter how long they’ve lived.

      Meanwhile, the weres are humans who embrace their animal nature, at least some of the time. The Hotshot werepanthers embrace it more than most. They all mostly appear to be mammals too, in this verse, except the shifters. There really aren’t too many incest taboos in nature, although of course it would be good to NOT have a lot of inbreeding. But nature takes care of that naturally w/out social taboos. I mean, rodents will breed with whomever,  lionesses breed with the head lion (which is what makes The Lion King especially squicky for me), etc.

      Faeries in this ‘verse have proven to be manipulative, double-talking, projecting false images, and a bit malicious. One could argue that Sookie acting “out of character” is really more embracing of the “other.” the fae.