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  • Blaqdiamond2k7

    The parody is GREAT!!!!!


    OMG! REALLY????

  • http://rvcbard.blogspot.com RVCBard

    Well, The Richards Group told Adweek that the ads were not intended to be racist (or sexist). Now that White men and their experts have explained it for us, I guess that settles it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Pruitt/1401545216 Linda Pruitt

    Can we expect  a similar  hand “talking P”  in a Viagra ad?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Pruitt/1401545216 Linda Pruitt

    Ads from the aliens in “V” ?   Resistance is futile, Earthlings.

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  • http://azizaizmargari.wordpress.com/ Margari Aziza

    WOW! The first one was just silly. But was it me, or wasn’t it the same voice actress doing the Black vagina and Latina vagina?  I’ve never heard  any Black or Latina woman sound like that.  Both were such ridiculous caricatures from a misguided marketing team. I mean, really?

  • Anonymous

    God I wish we could post Gifs because I cannot even type the ick I am feeling.

  • http://molecularshyness.wordpress.com jen*

    Why do I need to see a “talking v”? Why do they need to be caricatures? And why am I seeing the long-form top commercial in front of HP7.2??

    I couldn’t possibly choose just one thing to pick on for these commercials. They make me want to hurl my phone from the excess stereotypes through to the silly talking lady parts, also known as hands. Or maybe they just make me want to hurl. I love my iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    The first commercial was almost okay for me, but I feel the scene with the Asian actors and actresses was something out of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I couldn’t view it as realistically as the jousting scene and female Pharaoh standing before her kingdom. The first scene gave off a Lion King vibe and I was unable to really place it. But it was mighty colorful, I’ll give it that much.

    No and no on the other two commercials. The Latina one was especially bad. Oh my god, my mouth caught quite a few flies after the handgina said “ay yi yi.” WTF?

  • Eva

    I didn’t think the first one was that bad, but the other two were just silly.  I don’t know, it seemed to be silly, harmless fun.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=586343910 Shannon McEwen Knight

    I love how there’s an option to “Watch More Talking V.” Because… why??

  • Kristen Reese

    Sigh! I’m not able to form a coherent response to any of these commercials. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish watching the Latina one after I hear the “ay yi yi”.  Just a total and complete mess and creepy to boot.

  • Kristin

    We don’t get these in Canada I don’t think.  I don’t even know what to say about a talking handginas.  We can’t say the word vagina in a commercial but we can simulate a talking vagina with a hand? WTF?

  • Enter Name Here

    LOL is it sad that the  reason why I liked the first commercial is because they had a darker-skinned Cleopatra?

    Doesn’t make the commercial less terrible. The other two scare me because I don’t want to see my “vagina” talk to me especially not with “attitude.” 

    • http://rvcbard.blogspot.com RVCBard

      Inorite! I first saw the top ad in a movie theatre (for HARRY POTTER, btw), and I thought, “Oh, cool! They’re doing something awesome with Egypt on The History Channel!”

      Then, as the ad went on and I realized what it was, I felt so . . . betrayed.

      • kim

        “I first saw the top ad in a movie theatre (for HARRY POTTER, btw)…”

        ick. this is almost as disturbing as the commercials

        • http://twitter.com/ilovebeachmusic Kristen Strater

          Yeah I saw it at the HP movie too.  There were plenty of moans and groans from the audience.

        • http://twitter.com/ilovebeachmusic Kristen Strater

          Yeah I saw it at the HP movie too.  There were plenty of moans and groans from the audience.

  • http://twitter.com/gs1303 gs1303

    Who TF was the consultant on these, Seth McFarlane?! The black vajayjay sounds like “Black woman in hindsight” Wilona from Good Times.   I really don’t know which is worse… cooning cupcakes from Duncan Hines or this shuck n’ jive vajayjay. Get it together summer’s eve.  It’s already a douchy to market a product with no real health benefit or purpose, reinforcing stereotypes in the process is just a straight-up dick move. 

    • http://twitter.com/DYomoah Doreen Yomoah

      Hehe, “douchy product”.

      Tami wrote about this yesterday. I am just going to keep believing this is a spoof.

  • http://chaosthethird.wordpress.com Kermit

    I actually think the first one’s good – I mean, not only is it inclusive, but it implicitly presents the marginalized – but well supported – argument that the ancient Egyptians were Black. Gotta say I’m feeling it.

    Check out the extended version:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxW_ZCd64tgThe other three are a disgrace, to the point where I have to wonder if the same person or even team was responsible for all of them.

    • http://twitter.com/DYomoah Doreen Yomoah

      Really? I’m not a fan of how they’re advocating men fighting for our vaginae as though they’re some kind of commodity to be won, and we don’t actually have the right to make a choice as to with whom and when we will sleep with people. And it’s super heteronormative to boot.

      • http://chaosthethird.tumblr.com Kermit

        But men do that. Heh. Silly barbarians that we are.

        As for heteronormativity, well, yeah…but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a commercial that wasn’t. Not to excuse it, but to keep things in context.

  • Anonymous

    Wow that was bad…like epically bad. I don’t even know if I can do any serious analysis because I’m still overwhelmed by all the neck-rolling, gum-popping chicas and girlfriends I’m supposed to take away from this.  Major fail!

  • Vej

    I’m uncertain as to whether I should laugh, or cringe. Maybe both?

    • Anonymous

      I sent around an email to the R crew (well, everyone except Arturo) to see if our respective Vs ever hit us with a sistah-gurl mmm-hmmm. Carmen and Thea were trying to figure out the Asian equivalent of the sistah-girl. Laugh because it’s ridiculous, cringe because someone got paid tons for this mess.

      • http://chaosthethird.tumblr.com Kermit

        Oh come on, the Asian equivalent would be easy! Obviously “she” would “love you long time” for using Summer’s Eve!

        I…suddenly feel very dirty. Excuse me.

  • sporkfoo

    While I was ranting about this post to my husband – the Hail to the V one came on TV!