links for 2011-07-16

  • "The Social Security 'tweak' that Obama reportedly put on the table would change the inflation measure that determines whether recipients get a cost-of-living boost or not. But the bigger reason for the Democrats' panic and horror at the thought of this or any other change to Social Security is that it would spell even greater destitution for minorities. 

    "Two figures tell the devastating impact that any cut in Social Security would have on minorities. Nearly 40 percent of African-American recipients rely solely on a Social Security check for their income. One out of three African-Americans and Hispanics would sink below the official poverty line without their Social Security payout."

  • "In recent years, Black Pride has scaled back. This year’s event was smaller because the organization plans to host year-round events, but also due to less funding. Meanwhile, Capital Pride has grown in size and demographics.

    "So is there still a need to host a black pride event?

    “'I don’t see it as a separate thing as some people do,' Fowlkes says. 'But obviously, whether I felt the need or not, 300,000 people come every year to [black] pride' celebrations around the country."

    "Yet, Fowlkes says he still doesn’t see many people of color attending the Capital Pride festival along Pennsylvania Avenue."