links for 2011-06-30

  • "Taken more broadly, more social sensitivity (whether female or male) and overall diversity may increase group collaboration and make teams perform better. For teamwork and group intelligence, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts—depending on the parts."
  • "If you don’t like the choices a woman makes about whom she sleeps with and when, you are more than welcome not to sleep with her. But to continue to judge single women for having the audacity to sleep with who they want to—something that single men are generally congratulated for—is to perpetuate an antagonistic dynamic between the sexes that has seen its day."
  • "Men are supposed to have ultimate power over all things sexual and intimate. Women are supposed to be submissive enough to allow a man to lead in the bedroom, unless of course he leads us to having sex on the first date. In that moment, we are supposed to gain the power to resist, then give in, then wait to be called sluts afterword. What fresh hell is this? There are at least 376 mixed messages that one can document in such an interaction. As with “dressing appropriately,” women who have sex are essentially considered sluts regardless of what they do or say, so they may as well climax at the end, right? "