links for 2011-06-29

  • ms.g

    @a95e08d637f96f624c605fcb74fd1c30:disqus I agree…Geert Wilders is a freak!  I’ve been saying that since before I knew anything about his hate filled, racist politics.   So basically the strongest influence on propensity to crime is race/nationality??!! Rubbish!!  Basically he should say that they don’t want to risk losing their argument that poc are the source of all Holland’s crime woes. I find that reprehensible.
    Honestly though, I don’t think it’ll pass, but it’s still sickening that there are people in this country who can justify that kind of thinking. There isn’t enough protest now, but just you wait, it’ll only take 1 drop to cause the flood.  Time for all of Holland to get off their pedestal of privilege.

    As for the Chinese marrying Africans, in my view this is a just a natural occurrence when people are exposed to diversity, because no matter how people like to say otherwise, we are bloody well all people and everybody needs love regardless the colour that love presents itself in. I say go for it and I wish them all well.

  • dersk

    I sure am getting sick of the Dutch conservatives. First they change immigrant to “non-western immigrant,” then they realised the Surinam is in South America. Now they realise the stats aren’t what they want them to be, so they’re going to redefine the term. I wish they’d just be honest and call us (well, all the other immigrants who they hate) ‘brown people’. There are some signs of allochtonen getting fed up and fighting back in opnion columns, but it’s not much.

    Oh, and yesterday one of Wilder’s colleagues said that wearing a burqua or hajib should be illegal, because running through the street naked is illegal. Apparently, his thinking was both are considered outside of cultural norms. Man, sometimes I wish Amsterdam could secede from the country.

    And that native American report seems to have  a logical flaw in it. It goes straight from “American Indians are more likely than people of other races to experience violence at the hands of someone of a different race” to saying they’re the most targeted for hate crimes. Did I miss something, or is the article pretty much equating any inter-racial violence with hate crime?