Gawker Reports Mark Zuckerberg’s Engaged, Which Leads To A Discussion Of What’s Wrong With Asian Women, Naturally

By Guest Contributor Jen Wang, cross-posted from Disgrasian

Mark Zuckerberg is engaged! Maybe. Bill Gates seems to think so anyway, calling Zuckerberg’s longtime girlfriend, med student Priscilla Chan, Zuck’s “fiancee” in a recent interview. Gawker picked up on this, and naturally, naturally, a conversation ensued in the comments section concerning why someone like Cilla would be with someone like Zuck.



(P.S. Priscilla Chan is a Massachusetts native and therefore “American.” But I digress.)


What, no comments about gold-digging? Seems like a fairly obvious angle, pre-nup or no. Don’t you think Asian women love money, Gawker commenters? Huh? It’s like you don’t know us at all.

Oh wait.


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  • Anonymous


    And this is why I do not comment at Gawker ANY MORE. Ever. I used to go there for the commenters. Now the commenters mostly suck.

    The Social Network movie did a real disservice to Zuckerberg on this front, I think (even though I still kinda hate Zuck)–it portrayed his relationships with women as being stunted and his desire to start FB as partly motivated by the desire to get hot chicks to date him, a nerdly dood. In reality, he was dating his girlfriend before he started FB and they’ve been together since. I reckon the movie reflected Aaron Sorkin’s views about women and relationships better than it did Zuck’s. Though the guy seems arrogant and greedy to me, it’s clear he genuinely cares about his girlfriend/fiancee.

  • Gregory A. Butler

    When will we get to a point in this country when we’ll see a relationship like this and see a marriage between two PEOPLE?

    Love knows no color, folks.

  • Neo Griot

    I do read Jezebel, Gawker and Racialicious on a daily basis.  Yeah some people may think the first to are trite but to each their own.  I guess the same could be said about dating across racial/ethnic lines.  As an African American woman I want to believe that all people in interracial relationships are dating the individual and not what they may represent within mainstream society.  However, it’s hard to remember that when the prominence of “White is right”  in our society.  Considering how many people opt out of addressing social justice issues and looking at systems of oppression and how the affect everyday life I can understand where these biased thoughts come from.  It’s tough for me to separate each couple from the European cultural idealization narrative.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, ever since the massive redesign debacle alienated and drove away most all of the awesome and smart commenters, Gawker comments are basically a cesspool of this kind of shit. That’s not to say there weren’t fails before, but debate was much more robust and people were much more intelligent, called stuff out, etc. I don’t even read the comments anymore, sadly. Gawker’s dead to me now.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, this seems to be the consensus every time an interracial relationship pops up….if a white woman dates a black man, she’s trashy (and that’s the nicest thing they’ll say) and he’s “obsessed with white women.”  If an Asian woman dates a white man, she’s a gold-digger and he’s a creepy fetishist.  If a white guy dates a black woman, she’s also a stuck-up gold digger, and he’s somehow too “broken” to find a nice white girl.  Et cetera.  It reeks very much of “stealing OUR men/women,” as if one gender of any given race has ownership of all members of the opposite gender.  Sure, fetishists and people with obsessions exist, but these criticisms rarely seem to attack the idea of fetishizing other races, so much as they get mad that there is someone of their race (or acceptably attractive, really) they can’t “have,” even if there was no chance they’d “have” them anyway.  StevieRayHalen would never have dated Pricilla Chan, nor would clevernamehere would have dated Mark Zuckerberg.  But their comments still have an air of “I’ve been robbed” just because two people they’ve never met found happiness.

    Though clevernamehere has a point about “nice guys” like StevieRayHalen….his comments came off much more fetishizing and objectifying than Mark Zuckerberg’s choice.  She’s even remotely attractive, and yet she’s with a white man who isn’t him, so he must paint it as “Asian women love ugly white man” to justify why this stranger hasn’t made the choice between “Asian men” or “StevieRayHalen.”

    • Mickey

      As a woman of color, I always say, there is no place on my body that says “Property of (insert race) men.”

      • Anonymous

        Mickey, you just gave me a idea for a t-shirt: “Not the property of (insert race) men.”

    • Ladyguerita

       I’m attracted to tall nerdy boys and if I wind up marrying someone who is a different race and who happens

      respect me, love me, and  stimulate me on an intellectual
      level  that does not make me a sell out.

  • Ashley S

    This is one of the reasons I stay away from gawker and Jezebel. Nothing but crap like this.

  • Miss Browne

    so nasty, why this stereotyping??

    • Ladyguerita

       They have to use stereotyping since their brains cannot handle logic.

      • Lyonside

        I was gonna say, “It’s easier than thinking.”