New Anti-Abortion Campaigns Emerge In Two More Cities

By Arturo R. García

After being seen in Chicago, and Los Angeles, the anti-abortion push targeting women of color has spread to Atlanta and Oakland.

The latest campaign, headed by The Radiance Foundation has “no political reason at all,” according to chief creative officer Ryan Bomberger. However, the new billboards – which say “The 13th Amendment freed us. Abortion enslaves us” – was timed to coincide with Juneteenth, which celebrates the emancipation of U.S. slaves Bomberger told The Huffington Post:

“When you look at what abortion has brought to the black community, it can’t be typified to anything other than present-day slavery. Roe v. Wade used the 14th Amendment–which finally gave humanity to African Americans—and contorted it to give someone the right to kill an unborn child. It’s just like slavery, because you have a class of people who are considered less than human, and therefore they can be treated like property.”

Another 60 billboards went up around Oakland saying “Black & Beautiful,” in a campaign run by the Issues For Life Foundation, an offshoot of the Radiance group. According to KGO-TV, Issues For Life held a press conference in Oakland Saturday accusing Planned Parenthood of racism:

“I had an appointment with death,” one woman said. “My mother’s name was in a book. There was an appointment time for me to have died, and if God hadn’t broken that appointment, I wouldn’t be here today.”

While Issues For Life told KTVU-TV the billboards, currently scheduled to be on display thru July 10, were intended to “create a dialogue,” district Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) has already voiced her opposition to them.

“They stigmatize African-American women, they’re not a positive message,” Lee told the station. “All women should have a right to make their own decisions without anyone interfering with those personal decisions.”

The director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau told the Post it had taken note of the Radiant campaign.

“Comparing abortion to slavery certainly raises major concerns,” said Hilary Shelton. “Women are not forced to have abortions the way they were in servitude. Slavery was about not having the right to make any decisions. Women were actually bred to produce children for the purposes of profit. This is so far removed from that, that if it weren’t such a serious issue, it would almost be laughable.”

  • MsGray

     I find these ads are becoming increasingly asinine.  Having an opinion is one thing, public discourse is also one thing, but making unfounded comparisons is just ridiculous.  Slavery?  Really now?  It is clear that these ads are meant to appeal to people’s emotions and override any logic that may be called for when it comes to the sensitive and very personal issue of abortion.

  • Anonymous

    So once these children are born, what is going to be done to help them if they’re in need?  The attraction of people of color in this society decreases exponentially the further they get from the womb. 

    These people are so hell bent on forcing women of color to have children, and once they’re born and grow up, they’re hell bent on marginalizing them.  

  • Celle

    The last image seems like a response to one of the anti-abortion billboards in downtown Atlanta that were liberated by some activists last year:

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