Racialicious Hero: Australian Minister Penny Wong

By Sexual Correspondent Andrea Plaid

Scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard, I saw this video of Australian Minister for Finance and Deregulation Penny Wong having to give her white male colleagues a snaptastic what-for.

Transcript after the jump.

Minister Wong: …a number of points. The first is there’s a witness list, which is–

Panelist: (interrupting) –which is prepared by Treasury–

Minister Wong: If. I. Can. Finish. Now.

(Audience gasps. Members of the committee says, “Mmmm mmm.” Colleague David Busby meows. Yes, Racializens. Meows.)

Minister Wong: (sarcastic) Oh yes, Why don’t you meow when a woman does that? That’s a good idea–

(Panelists cross-talk over her)

Minister Wong: You know, it is…it is just extraordinary. The blokes are allowed to yell. But if a woman stands her ground, you want to make that sort of comment. It is that kind of schoolyard politics, right?

Panelist: We just want to ask if the Secretary of the Treasury if the Treasury–


Minister Wong: I’m talking!

Facilitator: Order now!

Minister Wong: (disgusted) It’s just extraordinary!

(Panelists overtalk)

Right on, Minister Wong!