Signal Boost: Please Support Rising Phoenix [Culturelicious]

By Arturo R. García

For the past few months, our colleagues at Beyond Victoriana have been fundraising for the Rising Phoenix fund for Shelterbox. Yesterday, BV’s leader, Ay-leen the Peacemaker, announced Rising Phoenix had met its’ first goal, and was taking the next step:

Disasters don’t stop when a fundraiser ends, and considering the current tornado disasters in the southern and New England areas of the US recently, first-responder organizations like Shelterbox are important to help those in need immediately.  Thus, they are also in constant need of support.

So Button Me Up and Beyond Victoriana have decided to raise our fundraising goal to $3000 by the end of Labor Day Weekend.

Click after the jump for more info about how you can help meet our goal.

1) Buy a Button:

Each button costs only $2 USD each (and international orders can be taken too!) Click to order directly from Button Me Up:

Steampunk Sakura button. Click here to buy.

Moon Bunny button. Click here to buy.

Helping Hands button. Click here to buy.

Help Japan button set. Click here to buy all three.

2) Donate directly to Shelterbox:

If you want to give more than a couple of bucks, you can contribute directly to our fund via Shelterbox.

Donate and receive a complimentary set of buttons as our thanks to you.

And of course, donors have the option of being included in the Rising Phoenix Circle and enter to win our prize pack raffle– three prize packs, which includes the following goodies:

– Gorgeous personalized gift from Jake von Slatt to be unveiled later this summer

– Signed copies of Boneshaker from Cherie Priest

– Signed copies of Soulless, Blameless, and Changeless from Gail Carriger

– Signed copies of Jeff Vandermeer & S.J. Chambers The Steampunk Bible

– Signed copies & posters of Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett’s Boilerplate

– Signed comics from Phil & Kaja Foglio’s Girl Genius

– Poster prints from artist James Ng

– CDs from Vernian Process

& more to come!!


This weekend, Button Me Up will also be appearing at AnimeNext in Somerset, NJ, and Ay-leen will be selling buttons at this event:

Voyage To Dream Country
Saturday, June 11, 8-11 pm
The Way Station
683 Washington St.
Brooklyn, NY
No Cover

  • Ay-leen

    Thanks so much for the signal-boost! We’ve already gotten a great response from steampunk & anime fans alike with the fundraising. ^_^