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  • "He told them people in Brisbane were 'racist as f—' and he was 'uncomfortable' and wanted to go home.

    "'I get this weird vibe,' he wrote.

    "Later, he added 'Im in Brisbane Right Now….They hate Niggas Out Here….' but added that MLBRN (Melbourne) 'was cool'".

  • "'What is an Arab?' Shaheen asks in the book. 'In countless films, Hollywood alleges the answer: Arabs are brute murderers, sleazy rapists, religious fanatics, oil-rich dimwits, and abusers of women.'
    "But Arab directors and critics in the Middle East are divided on Shaheen's thesis."
  • "Since the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, however, along with a subsequent rise of ethnic nationalism and race-related violence, an increasing number of Roma have migrated to the United States, but are still largely the least integrated ethnic group in America, along with Native Americans.

    "'In America it's more of a bureaucratic marginalisation. It's kind of a Kafka-esque process of racism on paper,' says Sani Rifati, president of the California-based non-profit organisation Voice of Roma (VoR), which promotes and presents Romani cultural arts and traditions to contribute to the preservation and education of Romani identity and culture. 'A Liberal Democrat will pitch tolerance, which is just really words in the air. In Europe, the racism is more out in the open.'"

  • "Mark Potok, one of the directors of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama, goes one step further, saying that the KKK is completely irrelevant in today’s society and the counter-protest event at Arlington further illustrates their currently decentralized leadership. According to Potok, nationwide membership is scattered, and Pierce’s 'Ku Klux Klan, LLC' is just one of many groups who refer to themselves as the 'one true Klan.'

    'Even the radical right just considers them a bunch of losers who have completely lost their effectiveness,' Potok said. “'They’re nothing but a bunch of pack animals snapping at each other, trying to establish dominance.'”

  • "this is partly why Kreayshawn makes me mad. The White Girl Mob media darling blowing up the interwebs whose potential deal with Sony is making waves makes me angry in a way I haven’t been in a long time. Her appropriative swag is yet another reminder (not that we needed any more this month) of how little black women are valued in our society, even in genres we co-create. In a moment where cool is synonymous with swag, a particular manifestation of black masculinity, Kreayshawn’s dismissiveness and denigration of black women animate her success.

    "'It’s like tumblr made a video,' said one tumblrite, speaking of the white Cali hipster aesthetics of Kreyashawn’s Gucci Gucci."

  • "Behind the polite, Southern veneer of this city of nearly 270,000, voters' angry voices rise up in the City Council chamber, linking modern political and budgetary issues to racial divides. "'You would think racial issues would be the last thing to cause tension because people would have learned from racial inequality through the years,' said Sharon Hightower, local NAACP board treasurer and a Greensboro resident since 1986. 'It's like we're going backwards.'"
  • "The organization seeks to highlight the historic moments in New Orleans’s struggle for racial equality and hopes to remind the public of the story behind the famous case. It was, Plessy and Ferguson said, a forerunner of the legal strategies and civil disobedience that took root in the civil rights struggles of the 20th century."

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  • jpatahearn

    Re:  Tyler the Creator.   Yeah, Tyler, racism sucks.  But you know what else sucks?  Misogyny, rape anthems, and homophobic slurs.

  • AngryBroomstick

    oh god. I had been seeing photos of Kreayshawn on Tumblr, but I had no idea who she was and when I clicked on the link, I recognized her face and tattoos. So that’s who she is?

    I already hate her. so tired of hipsters and their f–king cultural appropriation of others’ cultures!!!