links for 2011-06-06

  • "'The Smurfs do not have private property; their leader is Papa Smurf who shows very authoritarian and paternalistic characteristics.'

    "Bueno, 33, also makes the connection that the little blue men's biggest enemy, the magician Gargamel, seems to have a Jewish background–citing similarities to the anti-Semitic images of the World War II era.

    "The writer also claims that the Smurfs do not just resemble Nazis, but are sexist Nazis to boot, with Smurfette — traditionally the only woman living in the Smurfs' village — allegedly meeting the Aryan ideal of beauty with her blonde hair and refined features."

  • "To Smith, this key issue is sovereignty – who gets to define tribal identity.

    "'The real question to me is who makes that decision: the federal courts, the United States government or the Cherokee people,' Smith said. 'That is the most inherent right of sovereignty.'

    "But Velie said it is a matter of illegal discrimination.

    "'It is inconceivable and painfully ironic that at a time of the first black president of the United States of America that there is a place in our society that a government has legislated its people who derive their citizenship based (from) former slaves cannot run for office, cannot vote, cannot receive the same equal rights as the majority,' Velie said."

  • "Queens, a district of New York, is to regulate foreign language signs by requiring English translations.

    "Two Republican councilmen, Peter Koo from Flushing and Dan Halloran of Whitestone, are planning on introducing the controversial bill.

    "When the new law is enforced, shop owners are forced to change their signs so that at least 60 percent is written in English. Some streets in areas like Flushing are expected to go through major changes, as their appearance today is not so different from those of Seoul."

  • Kaivalagi

    How is an English requirement on signs at all legal/constitutional? They’re private businesses, right? Can’t you name them whatever the hell you want to?

  • Carmen Sognonvi

    “I can’t be Smurfist! Some of my best friends are Smurfs! And I’ve even Smurfed a couple Smurfs before. I dig that blue sugar, know what I mean?”