links for 2011-06-04

  • "Much like City Journal did six months ago, the Times takes a broad look at the Korean deli phenomenon, which started in the '70s and spread far and wide in NYC, often providing the only source for fresh produce and food in low-income neighborhoods. They sometimes provided racial tension, too; in 1990 black demonstrators boycotted the Family Red Apple store on Church Avenue in Brooklyn because they said the owners had been "hostile" toward them.

    "And unlike other immigrant groups, the second generation hasn't generally taken over the family business."

  • "Years before Jamie Oliver did his thing, East Ayrshire, Scotland launched a pilot program called Hungry for Success. That program went far beyond boosting nutrition. It also focused on nutrition education; trained cooks; put organic, local food in school meals; and made the cafeteria a cooler place to hang out.

    "So how'd it go over? A Worldwatch Institute report says 67 percent of the town's children said school meals tasted better.

    "It was later adopted nationwide, and elements of the program were later picked up by the UK."