links for 2011-06-03

  • "Psychology Today, the publication that recently came under fire for allowing a dehumanizing article to be published on its website two weeks ago, today stated that controversial contributor Satoshi Kanazawa – the author of the article in question – is no longer contributing to the publication and that they are taking the necessary steps to prevent an incident like this from ever happening again."
  • "Was spending a little time on Twitter earlier today when an erroneous tweet popped up stating that Andii Viveros was the first ever trans prom queen.

    That's true if you add the words 'in Florida' to that statement.

    "Stating that Viveros is the first trans prom queen is incorrect." "The first open trans prom queen ever in the United States was Crystal Vera of Fresno, CA."

  • "The manufacturer of Silver Bullet Gun Oil, who goes by the name Midnite Rider, contacted Hatewatch late last night in response to an interview request. In the brief E-mail exchange that followed, he continued his attack on Islam and refused to reveal his identity. 'I don’t have 24 hour full security detail like our president,' he wrote. In response to concerns the story raised, his only reply was that he hoped his gun oil would offend Muslims. 'It is designed as an affront to an entire belief structure,' he wrote. 'You have seen what the people this oil is designed for did to folks who draw simple cartoons or burn certain pieces of paper, right? Benefiting mankind does not exempt one from the wrath of the insane.'”
  • "The plan, which is expected to be completed in the coming weeks, has been criticized by refugee advocates and by opposition parties in Australia.

    "They point out that Malaysia has never signed the U.N. refugee convention and that, while it permits the United Nations to process migrants who request asylum, it bars even U.N.-certified refugees from settling in the country permanently. Many of the 94,300 registered asylum seekers and refugees in Malaysia live on the margins of society, prohibited from seeking jobs or sending their children to local schools. Some subsist in cramped quarters for years awaiting resettlement in another country."

  • "'There appears to be a disconnect between young people's actual experience on the street of the police and what the statistics say,' he said. 'There is a perception that the police are not on their side – on the side of law-abiding people – that the police are thuggish, that they're pretty much another gang, that they are abusing their powers of stop-and-search and that they are treating people and speaking to people with such lack of dignity or respect that …'

    "At this point the bishop's words were drowned out by applause. Once it had subsided he referred to the purpose of mentoring young people and how bad policing undermined this: 'On the mentoring side we are saying to people, 'You are someone, you can become someone.' And their experience with the authorities is, 'You are nothing, you are in the way.' I'm saying the perception is real and it really has to be managed.'"

  • "The ACLU is calling for an outside investigation into a shootout in the streets of Miami Beach early Monday morning, which ended in the death of one alleged gunman, but which also left three officers and four bystanders wounded — the latter possibly hit by stray police bullets. The incident comes as a grim conclusion to Miami’s tenth annual Urban Beach Week, a massively popular Memorial Day Weekend event that attracts racially coded criticism and police scrutiny in equal measure."
  • Jess

    I must also applaud Psychology Today’s decision, late as it is.

    Just for those that aren’t aware: PT is a mainstream outlet rather than a peer-reviewed journal, so odds are if it were the former Kanazawa’s work wouldn’t get in without a lot of criticism beforehand.

    Kanazawa is the same guy who said we don’t hate Muslims enough to “win” a war with them. (I always wondered what people meant by that).

    PT’s editors should be seriously hanging their heads in shame tho. Even though it’s not a peer-reviewed journal. A first-year science student could take apart most of Kanazawa’s work, and guys like him don’t do the field of psychology any favors. It’s guys like him that convince me that evolutionary psychology doesn’t deserve to be called a science (yet). Not as long as they keep handing out PhD’s to people that do that kind of shoddy research. (Who the hell was his advisor?) 

  • jen*

    I’m doing a little dance to celebrate Kanazawa’s exit from the PT blog. ::dougie-ing:: =)

    • Anonymous

      Lemme dougie with ya!! ::dougies::

    • Restructure!

      Wow, it’s been several years since I first unsubscribed from Psychology Today because of some pseudo-science article by Kanazawa. I never knew this day would come. *dances*