links for 2011-06-02

  • "Michael Privot, director of the European Network Against Racism, suggested the cards are a 'subtle attempt to legalize ethnic profiling.'

    "'Would blue be referring to the stereotypical eye color of Finns and brown to the skin color of foreigners? While there are so many colors available, such a choice definitely raises questions,' he said."

  • "California is ranked 16th in the nation in the report’s Pedestrian Danger Index, and this danger is primarily shouldered by non-whites and people over 65. Hispanic pedestrians have a 97 percent higher chance of being killed by cars than non-Hispanic whites, and African Americans have an 83 percent higher pedestrian death rate than non-Hispanic whites in the state, according to the report.

    "The reasons for this imbalance are varied. In many cases, fatalities are blamed on poor roads and infrastructure, which is often a particularly pronounced problem in poorer ethnic neighborhoods. Nearly 40 percent of fatalities occur where no crosswalk is available."

  • "After the tornado struck Tuscaloosa on April 27, the Latino Knights of Columbus, a Catholic service group, set out to rescue Spanish-speaking survivors. Wearing neon green vests, members of the group’s emergency responder team headed into hard-hit neighborhoods. But most victims who were still alive hid in the shattered skeletons of their homes. 'They didn’t trust us,' recalled Fernando, one volunteer. 'They thought we were with the police because of our vests, and they were worried the police would take them back to their home countries. They were even afraid to get food.' An undocumented immigrant himself, Fernando said his community lives in heightened fear of Alabama’s pending immigration bill."
  • "'We have more to do,' Holder said in a statement prepared for a hearing held this morning by the U.S. Sentencing Commission. 'Although the Fair Sentencing Act is being successfully implemented nationwide, achieving its central goals of promoting public safety and public trust — and ensuring a fair and effective criminal justice system – requires the retroactive application of its guideline amendment.'" "The wire service notes that 'since the 1990s, advocates have complained that crack offenders are treated more harshly than those arrested with powdered cocaine. Many critics view the disparity as racial discrimination because black drug offenders are more likely to be charged with federal crack offenses and to serve longer prison terms than other offenders.'"
  • "[T]he rise in optimism is not linked to perceived end of discrimination.

    "'No one black who I talked to thinks we have arrived at a point where we are an equal opportunity nation,' Cose says.

    "Cose conducted two large surveys — one of black Harvard M.B.A.'s and one of graduates of A Better Chance, a program that sends kids to prep schools. He says he learned that for well-educated and well-prepared African-Americans, 'the sky is the limit.'

    "Cose found that a generation after The Rage Of A Privileged Class, middle-class African-Americans are finding themselves with opportunities that didn't exist before."

  • "For the most part, western concepts of beauty not only advocate a patriarchy that determines the worth/role/place of women in general, but for Black women in particular it is precisely such constructions that have been used to devalue and ultimately dehumanize them. Many people forget that the White Supremacy that accompanied colonization and slavery was founded and dependent on the academic work behind race and ethnology."