How you can help the victims of the Joplin and Alabama disasters

In less than a month, more than 300 people have died and another 1,700-plus injured in the wake of a rash of tornadoes that tore through the state of Alabama and the city of Joplin, Mo. Charity Navigator has a list of some of the bigger charity groups currently assisting the affected areas, so this time we’re going to highlight some more locally-based relief efforts.

Courtesy of MSNBC, here are some efforts taking place in and around Joplin:

  • Joplin Red Cross information line: (417) 624-4411 or e-mail to find out what supplies are most necessary.
  • Donation page for Missouri State Emergency Management Agency.
  • A list of major non-profits that operate regularly in Missouri can be found on the National Donations Management Network website. You can also call (800) 427-4626 for further information.
  • The Missouri Interfaith Disaster Response Organization is taking donations for longterm recovery efforts.
  • The Community Blood Center of the Ozarks is in need of blood — particularly type O. A list of donation sites can be found here.
  • 211 Missouri is helping organize volunteers in the affected areas. More information can be found by calling (800) 427-462.
  • Nurses or doctors looking to help can call (417) 832-9500 for the Greater Ozarks chapter of the Red Cross.
  • Health professionals can register to volunteer through the Show-Me Response website.
  • The “Joplin Tornado Citizen Checks (neighbors helping neighbors!)” Facebook page appears to be a gathering place for a lot of Joplin locals who are in need of aid or able to provide aid to others.
  • The “Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery” Facebook page is one of the bigger ones dedicated to aid efforts and contains a great deal of up-to-the-second information on where help is necessary.

Courtesy of Alabama Possible, here’s some of the many ongoing aid projects in that state. The site also has specific entries for various towns hit by individual twisters.

Picture courtesy of CBS News