links for 2011-05-19

  • "There are moments when I don’t like my kids very much, but I can’t fathom hating one’s child. But you know what I really do hate? The words we use to describe children like the one that Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he’d fathered. Children who didn’t ask to be born, and who most certainly didn’t choose the circumstances of their births. A Twitter friend, @JBeezy007, commented: 'Most people think of the word 'bastard' as a profanity, but back in the day, it meant a ‘Love Child’…It still does.' And vice versa, of course. Funny how Arnold Schwarzenegger has a 'love child,' but when poor single parents have children, they are labeled 'out of wedlock.' I know that the definitions aren’t identical, but 'love child' is certainly the more sentimental of the two. But there’s nothing sentimental about it when everyone knows it’s just a Hollywood way of calling a child a 'bastard.' And from a kid’s perspective, you just want to be a child, without any qualifiers."
  • "The Aryan Nations and its late leader Richard Butler once sought to create a 'whites only' homeland in the Inland Northwest. The group eventually was crushed by a Southern Poverty Law Center lawsuit. Its compound was obliterated. And its membership was splintered.

    "Now, an analysis of Census data demonstrates that its dream, too, is dead. After that legal victory against the Aryans, Stewart said, there was a rapid increase in the non-white population in North Idaho."

  • "Discovery is one of several media companies making presentations about their Hispanic properties during the 'upfront' week ahead of the 2011-12 TV season.

    "The growth of the Hispanic market, in spending power and population numbers, has become increasingly alluring.
    Discovery said that its Hispanic properties — two cable channels, Discovery en Espanol and Discovery Familia — would benefit from a significant increase in the money to be spent on programming for all Discovery channels.

    "(Discovery is also spending heavily on a joint venture with Ms. Winfrey’s Oprah Winfrey Network…)"

  • "'It is clear that Cesar Chavez is a fitting namesake for this fourteenth and final ship,' said the letter, which was provided to The Associated Press by Boxer's office. 'Any comments to the contrary reflect a total disregard for Cesar Chavez, who deserves our respect and gratitude for the lifetime he spent promoting the fair treatment of workers and equal rights and justice for all Americans.'"
  • "Meanwhile, the booming Latin population north of the border brings these same bands to the United States. As well as Caifanes, alternative Mexican groups such as Cafe Tacvba, Molotov and Nortec Collective all pack venues from coast to coast.

    “'Many Mexicans are in the U.S. out of necessity and have a hunger for their culture,' Hernandez said. 'In the concerts, I see a very strong energy. The crowd expresses a search for identity, a catharsis.'”

  • "The project has skeptics. Some see her as an artistic carpetbagger; before moving to Queens, she had never visited the borough, except for her own shows at MoMA PS1. Others say that her plans for social change sound naïve, and that her unusual living arrangement can be dismissed as a stunt.

    “'Being able to hit the eject button at any time changes the experience in a dramatic way,' said Andrew Friedman, co-executive director of Make the Road New York, an immigrant advocacy group in Queens. 'I tend to be kind of allergic to the heroics of it.'”

  • "But today, the French media was warned not to show such pictures because under French law, airing any image of someone restrained is illegal until they've been convicted, in an attempt to preserve presumed innocence, the Wall Street Journal reports. What's not frowned upon, though, as it is in the United States, is publishing the name of the alleged victim, whose life and family are now up for scrutiny in the French press (and on the internet). More inside Press Clips, our daily media column. "In the case of Strauss-Kahn, in which an African immigrant's word is pitted against that of one of the world's most powerful men, this concept of anonymity-as-equity should be more obvious than ever. "
  • miga

     If living as a poor person is art, then does that make every poor person/immigrant in the U.S. an artist?  And are they greater artists than her, who is only in this for a year and can back out whenever she wants?