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  • Thoughts on this critique?–AJP  

    "While Yang tries to balance the 'de-Asianification' of ethos and values in the former example with the latter, I see a common thread running in the argumentative function in both, which ineluctably serve as 'types of response to being Asian': the desire not only to be white but to be white men, that is, to be like the top of the racial-gender strata. There is no hint of questioning the strata itself. What we are left with is quite frankly a meditation on how to acquire white privilege, not the questioning of the value-system of privileging based on race and gender itself.
    "I don’t need Yang to be anti-capitalist or feign some quasi-Marxism. I just would’ve liked to see acknowledgement of the systemic nature of these very complicated and important issues that he’s raising. Instead, Yang opts for a burrowing deeper into his own lair, like the Invisible Man of Ellison’s novel."