links for 2011-05-12

  • Anonymous

    “These children don’t recognize the flags of their home countries, Moore
    proudly noted at a 2010 conference”

    I am not even going to read the rest of the article. That little bit from the teaser is more than enough to make me sick.

  • Yeah

    I love how the comment section on the original article about the ban on foreign-language newspapers in Newham starts off with one dude making a very rational appeal to the duty of libraries to  keep people informed, and how the state has no business impeding that duty, but every single comment after that is racists talking about how immigrants are the reason the U.K. is going broke, how the government should never pay for anything that would benefit non-native English speakers and how anyone who isn’t culturally 100% British and doesn’t cut off all ties with their ancestral homelands should “sod off” to wherever they came from. Humanity never ceases to disappoint and depress me.