Coming Attractions: More Than Frybread Might Be Cooking With Gas

By Arturo R. García

There’s no official release date set for More Than Frybread, aside from “Summer 2011.” But judging from the trailer, it could be worth a look if it happens to be playing near you.

As Native Appropriations pointed out this week, Frybread looks like it’s been filmed in a mockumentary style not unlike Christopher Guest’s efforts. The film will follow some of the 22 finalists in the inaugural World Wide Frybread Association Arizona Chapter Frybread Championship, as representatives from tribes across the state converge to test their cooking skills. Right now my dark horse pick is young Buddy Begay, the Navajo finalist, who’s not exactly shy about his abilities.

“People come over and wanna by my bread and not their bread? Sorry Grandma, just how it is on the Rez sometimes,” Buddy smirks to the camera crew. “Somebody else’s bread is just a little bit better, everybody gets mad.”

Frybread is the latest effort from Holt Hamilton Productions, which has a history of producing Native American-centered films, and also runs a program for independent filmmakers. You can see the trailer for Frybread under the cut.