links for 2011-05-04

  • Chi City QPOC

    I’m surprised that you all linked the MSNBC article… I have come to expect more from Racialicious than to link an article that spends half of its time talking about “Israel’s arch-enemy Iran” and the need to collect this relics to further the political aspirations of the State of Israel. This article shows the real tragedy of using the horrors of the genocide of World War II as a way to further Israel’s colonial project in the Arab world. Hopefully next time you will link something a bit more informative or analytic instead of one that does the PR work of the Israeli state.

    • Evan Carden

      Okay, there’s one paragraph that mentions Iran, reproduced in full here:

      “Recent attempts to deny the Holocaust, particularly by Israel’s arch-enemy Iran, have refocused Israeli efforts to collect survivors’ testimonies and relics.”

      Exactly what is your objection to it? Whichever nation you agree with (if you have an opinion) I don’t think anyone denies that Iran and Israel are enemies, or that Iran’s political leadership has engaged and continues to engage in Holocaust denial.

      The framing of this piece as anything other than an attempt to collect historical documents related to Yad Vashem’s core mission was MSNBC’s choice and hardly reflects ‘the PR work of the Israeli state.’